If you have plans around the area You’re gonna want to pay attention Because it’s looking more and more likely that we’re gonna have a very stormy holiday weekend Very exciting for the ski slopes is exciting just in general because we need the snow. Good morning guys It has been dumping all night long They said we’ve had about 14 inches in the past 24 hours 10 inches overnight But it hasn’t stopped since that meter and up higher. I’m sure it’s a lot more so it is gonna be a sick day Well, you’ve been rushing all morning. I’m a mess. Look at how much crap I have You know the point is we’re going up to ski And that’s that So after all that hustling lost again on the lift we’ve been stuck on Silverstar He goes a little bit and then we stop we’re probably about halfway up but we’ve been in smoke everyone else She’s been getting up the mountain and we’ve just been stuck on this lift I Already probably made it up here cube and still snow and hasn’t stopped Even when a dozen snow we still find fresh snow so I’m not worried one bit. I think in those trees are just gonna be Disgustingly deep if you’re an indicator, bro This has spent a sick day so far I have had the chance to pull my big camera out because there’s been a he’s just so many people up here and – it’s Just been snowing so hard. It’s finally like just starting to let off right now, but just all morning It’s just spent puking snow. And like I said, there’s a lot a lot of people where we were like Oh, he’s on the chairlift together so I couldn’t pull my camera out and it’s just really tough to film Wasn’t dumpin this hard It is tight, man It is just an absolutely epic morning this has to be one of the deepest days Like this year for sure spent a sick sick day figured I’ll let you guys know How it’s going but I’m sure as you can tell it’s a definitely doesn’t I think they’re all done for this day. We’ve just been absolutely ripping this as much as we can There’s no line anymore. We just went spinnin laps. It’s still been snowing still filling in but we just had a long day ski and POW but it’s just been absolutely so sick and definitely lived up to the hype of Like a foot of snow or whatever like it’s just been so deep everywhere Every single run is just sick this new set up from last vlog has just been awesome for stuff like this My feet are hurting there has been some hot spots mostly when I just sit on the lift, though Believe it or not like when I’m skiing they feel better, but right now like meeting some hot spots around my heels But for the most part this setup is just tearing this stuff up. I can just charge over How do you think so it’s always tough leaving that mom and especially on a Sunday when you got to go back to work? in the morning There is I gosh and I just stay out and just ski as much as I possibly can but just so far It was just you gotta have time for other stuff. I need to run a few errands So I got a call it here, but it’s just been a sick day even getting stuck on the silver side left this morning It’s all turned out to be absolutely awesome All right, we finally made it back inside my legs are just absolutely killing like my shins on my right foot or just Destroyed I think I had my sock on just like in an awkward way and just with those tight boots I think the key is to wear thin socks for those boots for now because there was talks were a little thicker and I had A little a little more trouble today with my feet but other stuff to do that just in a Sunday afternoon I just got this new closet here show you guys Just my new closet but there’s no hangers are not enough only the ones that are right there So I think I’m just gonna head the Walmart down the road and grab some things and then organize this guy So this is all set for the week ahead. I Really hate doing like these small menial tasks But if I don’t do them on a Sunday, I just want to him all week then all compounds and just gets worse Oh, I just need to get a few hangers I want any one of those either lint Rolly and used to get hair and stuff off my clothes But can’t seem to find it anywhere Found it roller I need Now it’s time to move all of this stuff out of there throw up all these hangers and rehang all of the stuff I basically just put all of my shirts and I put my pants and sweaters there I just enough about three ten pack of hanging here. So I think that’s gonna do it. I could use a little more But thank you guys again so very much for watching this episode. It was kind of like sporadic I wasn’t really sure like if I was going to try to film and vlog or not again It’s hard to vlog when you’re not with people who are filming and they’re like trying to lap really quick You just got to say you know What you go ahead and I’ll see you at myself or you have to try to do it makes it in between of still vlogging But doing it in like the rushed sense or whatnot. So anyways, thank you guys for watching. I’ll just see you guys next time Thanks for hanging out, please

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “DEEP POWDER DAY at PARK CITY!

  1. Lucas Catania says:

    We've been having a good season so far here in Park City! Thanks for watching! What do you guys think about the fusion camera??

  2. Livfiit says:

    I'm 16 seconds in and I already love it!

  3. Sofia Catania says:

    I loved the beginning of this w the voice over of the news cast- like a movie. Also I don't know how you ski thru the trees with your pole out like that 😂

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