Day 3 Highlights | Courchevel 2019

Day 3 Highlights | Courchevel 2019

Day 3 highlights from Courchevel. In
Men, a young man Andrei KUTOVOI boy of Russia delivered a performance standard at the
very highest level and skated a clean technical program earning a 198.06 moving all the way from 9th after the short to grab the bronze. Also
skating the classic and clean performance Aleksa RAKIC of Canada
earned 200.71 to capture the silver and Yuma KAGIYAMA of Japan
delivered two quad toe loops and skated clean the rest of the way for earning a
234.87 to take home the gold. In dance only nineteen 100’s of a point separated
fourth from third but in the end in Ekaterina KATASHINSKAIA and Aleksandr VASKOVICH of Russia earned a 151.65 to capture the bronze. In the
lead up to the rhythm dance Loicia DEMOUGEOT and Theo le MERCIER of France had the pressure of skating last and delivered a passionate performance
earning a 161.01 to take home the silver climbing on top of the
podium Elizaveta SHANAEVA and Devid NARYZHNYY of Russia were brilliant earning a 163.90 to take on the gold.

Antonio Breitenberg

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