Day 13 – Sledding and a Giant Bathtub

Day 13 – Sledding and a Giant Bathtub

This is how we take up pop and Nepal people. We’re on the road to Katmandu. And love to be back on the mountain for short. Nothing too exciting happen. But when that happened.. Well, we’ll let you know. After being chopped to pieces by peaches mosquitoes days. That was most excellent. Mother nature never fails people. Yeah.. yeah yeah Soaring down now. Open for a petrol
station because it appears we’re almost out. But that’s alright Just to reiterate. This is awesome. How’s the drive block island down the
mountain is always so much fun. At the same time you never want to do this any
vehicle. sledding? Yeah, a neutral. That we were doing. Yeah, same federal. So, we just had our little foot brake. Yep, don’t want it doesn’t work very much. Well done.. Fun time. That was very fun time. Yeah, this isn’t already considered one
of the most beautiful roads in the world. It should be apart from the trash but
then now we’re going to pick up around our tuk tuk in East. Here we go again. Guy come on.. This is quite phenomenal, the painting yeah right. And the clouds it seems that
they put so many layers one on top of another. Mountains in the sky. Did you know also that clouds way at
least a million pounds? And they’re they’re just floating up there. Not a big deal here but you know if a cloud floats over Milan or in Philly and decide to crash. A much better an alien attack guys. Yeah awesome. Come on terrorists have you
ever thought about this? when clouds attack. How cool is the naval surges? People.. Weird a cloud Empire and we’re gonna country. Oh well, you’re gonna do. You some clouds
guess that’s what we will do. Hey guys yet your middle of fun. Now we get to work. Between two. So, cruelly mo just pulled some sorcery. And it’s all for you. This is a present for you. You guys would be very good on these kids. And convince them to go down the
mountain and pick up all the trash. Because we made it look fun. And they did it much quicker than we did. Well done kids. Guys in Marvel keep saving the planet ok We’re enjoing the hell out of that piece. Make it a game. Just make it a game people.

Antonio Breitenberg

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