Cute Surfing Dogs!

Jessica Gerke, I am the PR manager for Helen Woodward
Animal Center, and this is our seventh annual Surf
Dog Surfathon. This is kind of the original
surf dog event. We have thousands of people
out here, tons of dogs surfing, so many
animal lovers. It’s really incredible to see
how much we can bond with our animals in all sorts of ways
that we never knew we could. ANDRA LEW: Good girl. That’s my princess. Her name is Kalani. It means heavenly
one in Hawaiian. She’s four and a half years old,
and she’s been surfing since she was five months. I don’t know if you’ve seen her
antics out there, but she seems to get turned around. She’s very playful. Her tail is always wagging
back and forth. -Good job, girlfriend. ANDRA LEW: She does a lot of
different active sports. She’s a real agile dog. -Kalani! Oh, girlfriend! Oh, yay, Kalani! MICHAEL UY: Come. Come, come. Oh, good girl. I’m Michael Uy, and this is
Abby, the surfing dog. She’s a two time Guinness World
Record holder, and she’s an Australian Kelpie. She was a rescue dog. She’s six now. She’s been surfing for about
5 and 1/2 years. We got her as a pup, and she was
a sheltered dog, so we had to rehabilitate her,
and we took her out to the water a lot. She just picked up the surfing
thing on her own. She is the best dog
partner ever. We’ve done surfing together,
paragliding, we’ve go mountain biking. Climbs trees with me. We go hiking. She does everything. So she’s just a great outdoor,
adventure loving dog. We try to have fun. Abby’s favorite thing
to eat is rabbits. She’s probably like,
why did I get stuck with this crazy human? [MUSIC PLAYING] -Good boy, [INAUDIBLE].

Antonio Breitenberg

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