[CS:S] Russian Micspam Surf (captions on)

[CS:S] Russian Micspam Surf (captions on)

Prepare for madness. Well, here we are. Have fun listening to the screams! [driving a car] [mating calls] [AAAAAAAA] Kid: Go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself! 🙂 [some inaudible singing] At least it’s quieter now. Kid: Dimon? DIMON?! [more weird singing] His mic also makes this awful cracking sound. [still singing] At this point everyone on the server tried to mute or ban him. [more mating calls] [being a monkey] [idk what even is this] Some player: Shut up, kid! Kid: [still doing his weird noises] Did he finally shut up? Awww, he didn’t 🙁
We’re only halfway there. [endround music, kid screaming (and crying?) in the background] Kid: Go fuck yourself! 🙂
Some player: Shut up… 🙁 Even my PC started to lag.
The screaming kid managed to overload it with his awful voice 🙁 [players in VC telling the kid to shut up] Player: He doesn’t have a brain! Agreed. What’s that? Silence? Well, no. He’s screaming again. Whoops. I was right below the bomb. Is it some newly discovered animal? I think he is trying to say something important. My PC needs a rest. [AAAAAAAAA] Player: Shut up, we are sick of you! Haha. You thought it was that easy? Player: Autist!>:( [driving a car again] Kid (in chat): OK fine, I’ll stop! It’s a prank! FInally. Nope, he is still trying to say something. Player: OMG, Hokade, shut up already! Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed. Because I didn’t. In case you want to micspam, do it on a private server with friends. Take care.

Antonio Breitenberg

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