(adventurous music) (upbeat rock music) – Everyone, it’s We are the Davises, and can you guys guess
where we are right now? – We’re at one of the
coolest places in the world? – What is that great big paw? What does that mean? – It’s how they built the building. – Yeah, with paws?
– Yeah. – Kayla, what is this place called? – Great Wolf Lodge! – Yay, we are at the Great Wolf Lodge, and we’re checking in right now, so we’re gonna see, the first time, what is in this hotel. Apparently, they have really
big water slides, indoors! There’s gonna be a huge water park, and it’s gonna be super, super fun! (Connie and Shawn chuckling) So… – Someone just tried to
grab the camera from us! – Someone just tried to steal my camera! But anyways… – You know, if it’s a cool
place, we gotta check it out, ’cause that’s just how we roll, right? – Yes!
– Let’s do it. – Ooh, and I cannot wait to
see this room that we got. The room that we got, you guys are gonna freak out! Actually, maybe not. You might laugh. – It’s probably the biggest
hotel room we’ve ever had. – [Tyler] Or, it’s probably
the smallest! (chuckles) – It’s like, mine’s at Disneyland, once you get inside the rope things. – I thought we were on the
cruise ship for a second, it’s so big!
(Connie laughing) – [Connie] Wow! – It smells funny! – [Connie] (exclaims) It’s so cute! It’s so cute! It’s definitely lodge-y looking. – Lodge-y!
(Connie laughing) – I know that’s not a word!
– I brought slime! – Making slime in the Lodge, huh? – I didn’t make it!, I just–
– You’re just gonna play with it! – [Shawn] Did you guys look inside there? The windows over there, did you see it? – [Connie] Oh yeah, the water park? Oh, my goodness! (relaxing guitar music) It’s a big water park! What do you think of that, good times? – Good! – [Connie] Now, let’s
go check out the room! (upbeat music) This is the longest walk
I’ve ever had in my life! I shoulda brought tennis shoes. – [Kayla] This is the longest walk you’ve ever had in your life! – We’ve got two other rooms. – [Connie] Oh, which door do we get? – [Kayla] I call this one! – [Connie] Okay, open it! Let’s see if it opens this one, too. – [Shawn] They’re connected. – [Connie] Ours is not
working on that one, so… – [Kayla] Oh, it did! – [Connie] (exclaims) We got two ways in! We get that way, or we get that way! Which way do we go? I see sardines in our future! We’ve got two different rooms! What’s this? There’s the bathroom, nice
and big, and spacious! Yeah, we’re gonna see something. Oh, look at the water
park, that’s outside! So, that’s the big toilet over there, huh? That’s what they call it? – [Kayla] It’s what I call
it, ’cause that’s what, that’s what the first one,
that I rode on, was called. – [Connie] Oh, wow! – Never going on that again. (laughs) – [Connie] So, we got this room. I thought he was… And then, there’s this room! So, we’ve got tons, and
tons, and tons of space! – [Shawn] Nope. – [Connie] Nothing! Those are bears. Hey, bears! – [Shawn] Alright, so should
we change into bathing suits and go play? – Yes! – [Connie] Oh, it’s time to go swimming! – I like being lazy, though. – We’re all ready, in our bathing suits, and everybody’s ordering Dunkin’ Donuts before we go out into the water slides! Oh, look at that! Would you look at that,
would you look at that? – [Shawn] What do ya want, K-Dub? – [Kayla] Glazed! – She wants a glazed, how about you? What do you want?
– Oh, my gosh! You know what, I should not do this. Not because I’m worried
about calories or anything, it’s just the gluten thing. But, we’re on vacation, so I guess I can probably cheat this time! I think I want a blueberry muffin. Dunkin’ Donuts inside
of The Great Wolf Lodge. So, as soon as we get our doughnut on, we’re heading to the water slides. – It’s a wave pool! – [Shawn] There’s a wave pool! – [Kayla] I’m going in the wave pool! – See ya, bye! – [Connie] (exclaims) Wait! So, the kids are running
over to the wave pool first! I don’t know if that’s the only thing they’re gonna end up on! We’re just hoping that we
get to see all this park! – Yeah, and they’re gonna let us take the whole pools and water slides! – Yeah! – I’ve always joked about that. – We gotta get ’em on the water slides! – I’m totally gonna do it. – We could just stay over here! And then, outside, I think
I showed you earlier, they have this great big thing, and we keep calling it the Toilet Bowl. I don’t know what it is. – You get flushed down
the toilet, basically. It’s huge. – Is it called the Toilet Bowl? – Yeah, if you’re used to
Jack and the Beanstalk, because the giant had a toilet, that’s what we get to go
down, and it’s pretty awesome. – You guys see the wave pool? So, this is body surfing? – [Kayla] I’ve been on
one of these before, but it’s been a long time,
so I’m really nervous! – [Connie] Are you guys
trying to actually surf, or are you only doing the body board? – You can only do the body board! Surfing is next, there’s
another line over there! – Oh, my gosh! – Over to that side!
(Connie exclaiming) Shawn is going to try the
surfing, on this wave! Do you see somebody comin’ down right now? He’s actually gonna try standing! It was a really long
wait, at the surf station, so we are going to try some
of the other water slides, right now, and then we’ll go back! (upbeat electronic music) – I’m ready! (Shawn exclaiming) Man, it’s… Two, one! (Shawn screaming) (Shawn laughing) Whoo, that was fun! (Connie cheering) – This place is so cool! It totally reminds me of
where used to live in Florida, right here. Look at these lily pads! (Connie exclaiming) We’re gonna get you like this at home? – Huh? – [Connie] Is it like our old house? – That one’s harder! So much fun, it’s more fun! (chuckles) – [Connie] Should I try it? – Yes! – [Connie] I’m scared! I don’t wanna get my dress wet! – [Shawn] Well, you better not slip, then! You better get it right the first time! – I know! – [Shawn] Yeah, she did it! – [Kayla] You did it! – I did it! And I’m still wearing my dress! And I didn’t get wet! (upbeat electronic music) Look at me, I’m the mom that stands back, while they go have fun,
and I hold all the stuff! It’s okay! I don’t know if I need to be going on that surf thing anyways! The mom holds everything! The fear on Kayla’s face! She’s not sure about this! That just totally happened
at the whole thing! We’re all surfing! (adventurous music) (people cheering) That was awesome! Go, Kayla! – That is so fun! – [Connie] I totally got you! I totally got you! There you go, baby! (Connie exclaiming) Yeah! Whoo! There’s Shawn! He’s surfin’! Surfin’ USA! – It’s like two rounds in one, baby! (upbeat music) – Look at it, look at it, look at it! (Connie exclaiming) – We all did real good today!
– Yay! – I’m proud! Yep, and if I was a little bit more gutsy, maybe I would try, but not this time! Did you have fun? – Yeah, it was a blast! – [Connie] You did really good! – Thanks, baby! (Connie laughing) I’d like to thank my fans, thank God! You know, there was no way
I coulda caught that wave, and did what I did! – [Connie] I know, we got it on, we even got it on photos!
– No way! – [Connie] Yeah! – Did ya? (laughs) – [Kayla] It’s in a bucket! – [Connie] You were right
there, I didn’t even catch it! Did you get it?
– Nope! – [Connie] Aw, man! Well, they do water dumps, right there! – I didn’t go under it, so– – [Connie] Oh, my gosh! Right, we’re at dinner. What did you guys think
of the water slide thing? Were you digging it?
– Awesome! – It was cool. – Surfing was the best, though. – Yeah, surfing was the best. – [Connie] Surfing was your favorite? – Totally. – [Connie] Tyler? – Yes, definitely surfing. – Surfing. – [Connie] Surfing, everyone said surfing! – We’re gonna wake up early tomorrow, so that we can go again. – [Connie] Nice! – [Shawn] We’re gonna go surfing, first thing in the morning, baby. – [Connie] And you guys
want me to come with you? – Yeah, absolutely.
(Connie laughing) – Everybody’s got dinner! (Connie chuckling) I think it sounds like everyone wants to do surfing again tomorrow. – But… You have to get there, at the hour, like the first hour it’s open, or else it’s gonna be standing. The last hour, when we’re gonna– – I am so proud that Kayla
wants to do standing. And you guys are also on
board with that, standing? – Oh, yeah. – [Connie] Standing surfing? – You gotta hit that like button, if you want Connie to do it, though. Smash that like button right now. 20,000 likes, 50,000
likes, Connie goes surfing. – [Connie] I’m a chicken. – When you hit the
ground, it doesn’t hurt. It’s like falling on a pillow. – [Connie] Oh, my gosh. – [Kayla] Like a giant pillow. I thought it was gonna
hurt, and it doesn’t. – It only hurts for bigger people, because we hit the ground really hard. – For now, what do you guys think? I think I’m like really chicken, actually. I wanna– – The first time, the first time I did it, I
was too scared to do standing, so I only did the board,
like the laying down, so… – I’ve tried surfing, and once I’ve done, I don’t even know if I’ve ever
actually stood all the way. – [Tyler] Really? Oh, my God, I think
I’m better than my mom! – I don’t know, I can’t remember now! I think I’ve done– – [Shawn] You went one
time without me, right? You went with a friend, did you? – Yeah, I just don’t think I made it up all the way on the board. So, that’s kinda freaky. I don’t know. – Your brother’s fallen, too. (laughs) – But, they won’t let me
do that the first hour. I’ll have to try
standing, which is freaky. So, I don’t know. It looks like everybody’s
busy eatin’ dinner now, so Kayla’s got her
meatballs, and so does Tyler, and Shawn looks like he’s got some crazy ribs going on there. – [Shawn] Yummy! – [Connie] And I got a burger,
and mine’s gluten free, so I actually do get to eat
that bun, which is good! – I’m so excited for you! That looks like a good bun, too. Like, it doesn’t look like
a normal gluten free bun. – [Connie] Yeah! Alright guys, so I don’t know, we might video more
tomorrow, but if we don’t, we’re gonna say good
night to you right now. – [Shawn] Good night! – Good to see you, everybody! – So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Like, subscribe, and share this video with your friends and family! Make sure you get this
video to 50,000 likes, so Mommy’ll go standing!
– Maybe. – 50,000 likes, surfing mom! – And until next time! – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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