Crazy Things Africans Don’t Do – Ice Skating

Crazy Things Africans Don’t Do – Ice Skating

My name is Aureliarita Marcellus from Africa Web TV And today we are filming this wonderful series of Shit Black People Don’t Do, especially Africans We are here in Rotterdam and we are going to try ice skating or I’m gonna try ice skating ideally this could be a winter Safari somewhere in Austria, but Let’s not be very ambitious. So Hopefully, I don’t break a neck or a nose but Follow me. Let’s see how it goes. Oh Ok, I’m not between 3 and 12, but I’m 13 years and older. I don’t feel like an adult but okay, I have my shoes and they are all wishing me the best. Do you have any tips for me? Stay on the side and hold on tight! Let’s go. I am just curious to know like why are you doing this? Where are you from actually? We are from Surinam. But I was born and raised here in Rotterdam. Okay makes sense. No it doesn’t make sense. I haven’t been skating for like maybe 22 years or something. And my daughter saw this and she was like let’s go ice skating and I was like why? Well, you know, we got to teach her some stuff. So we went ice skating. It is the 3rd time we are here. She is really enjoying herself. Okay I mean like I’m from Kenya and okay, we have places like this indoors, but it’s not like we are exposed to ice from childhood. Mama I love you. I am about to go in and probably kill myself. No thanks! Let’s go. Aargh! I’m trying to figure out like how to balance as you can see. Yeah, hopefully I don’t fall. I’ll just try. Let’s go. You want us to help you! Oh yeah! Yeah. Okay, I am very heavy! So we are filming this series called Shit Black People Don’t Do! Oh! But we do! Where are you guys from? Originally from Curaçao but I live here. Oh okay. You? I was born here. I am Kenyan and I live here as well. Why are you doing this? It’s just for fun actually. This is fun? Hahaha How is this fun? If you know how to do it, it is fun. Okay You can’t just walk, cause then you’re not gonna go to the front. What you have to do is to push off to side on the ice. Okay like this? But I am going back! It’s one foot at a time. So one foot on you standing leg, Yeah. Your other leg you can push forward. Okay,. So stand on your right leg with all your weight on your right leg. Don’t let me fall! Don’t let me fall! Hehehehehehe Let’s go that way. Okay, let me hold you moving like this. I think you are off balance. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! You are not gonna fall and if you fall the snow is right there! Oooooh! Why am I not moving! What’s your name? Aurelia.And what’s your name? And you? Jasmine. Oh my god you guys so sweet! Okay, so Okay Like that, okay If you put two feet to the front, you are not going to go forward. Yeah, okay But how do you lift the other one? Because I feel like the other one is going oooooh. Okay, okay, okay, okay So Jasmine and Aki-nee Akenee I like your name. It sounds very African. It is. It is? From? Do you know? Swahili? It’s good that you actually got like a very African name. Yeah, okay Tempting Okay I just tried skating on my own as I’m going in circles. Okay, it’s a very nice feeling, if you know how to balance and whatever but I’m still learning I guess so. It’s really fun though. Let’s try. It’s okay. I’ll try by myself if I fall I fall. Why are you doing this? Its my son. Oh he wanted to come? Yeah. Oh, you’re so loved! He is nice too! I told him go and skate but on your own, he said no only if you come with me I will go and skate. Ooooooooooooooooooooh! Hehehehehehehehe. Ooooooooooooooooooooh! So one thing for sure, you need a lot of concentration, otherwise if you get to it till you fall and I’ll try not to hold steady So you need to really concentrate but also like try and maintain your balance at all the time. Wow, this is actually….. Ooooooooh! When I see someone coming close to me I think they’re gonna fall on me. Oh Go oldie! Go oldie! Go oldie! Oh ah, come on! You were doing a good job! Now. Tell me it’s not good enough? Ooooooooooooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hehehehehe! Okay, I made it, without falling! Apparently, shit Africans don’t do is shit Africans do. Like me, took me… it started really rough, but I think I’ve figured, kind of figured it, not enough to do like a winter sport but yeah, so What do you need a lot of concentration? You need to try and maintain your balance and I know some countries in Africa, we don’t have ice, but for the places that are there you really have to try this. Oh my god. I want to go back, just for the last time and from me to you be good to yourself. My name is Aureliarita Marcellus from Africa Web TV and, bye bye! Did you like the video so kindly Subscribe like us and leave a comment below if there’s something you to express. From me to you; be good to yourself.

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  1. ⵟⴰⵔⵉⵇ Tarek Hammou says:

    I'm African and I actually like Ice Skating 😅 But I didn't do it for years.
    And I've got German nationality and half Eastern European ethnicity

  2. Caroline Akoth says:

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  3. Bettina Ibouanga says:

    Whoever dares to dislike this is Satans child

  4. Bayo Fayemi says:

    Hahahahaha Guys I have a question was someone trying to dance Zanku or was she under the Holy Spirit because iyam not understanding what Aurelia done in ⭕️

  5. MsPrincessaj says:

    My best laugh for the day! :):):)

  6. Atomic Pressure says:

    Black girl magic

  7. Atomic Pressure says:

    But use the brakes at the end of your blades to push off

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