Previously on Lifetime Travelmates People often asks us: “Why did you stay so long in Hyderabad?” “What did you see there?” “Is it that special?” Well, we hope this story helps you understand why. Hello Travelmates, how are you doing? Welcome back to our channel if you’re new here, let us introduce ourselves My name is Jordi and this is Hyekyong We are the “Lifetime Travelmates”, a couple who loves to travel. On this episode we want to explain why we stayed longer than planned in Hyderabad and who is responsible for that. These guys! And also these guys here! OK, Let me start from the beginning. We were in Hampi enjoying the amazing nature, temples and ruins and we didn’t know where to go next, So we sent a few Couchsurfing applications around. Soon enough, we got a reply from this lovely couple and decided to go to Hyderabad to meet them and stay with them for a few days. Konnichiwa! I’m Yuka, I’m Japanese and lived and worked in London before getting married to my husband. Namaste, I’m Sunil Kaushik, I come from the “Silicon Valley” of India, Bangalore. When Sushi and Sambar explained us their story we got so excited and felt so lucky that they accepted to host us. They are an Indo-Japanese couple who met doing what they love: Traveling So, as a multicultural couple like us, and with similar passions like traveling, we felt connected from the very beginning We all shared so many stories and learned a lot from each other They did some amazing bicycle trip along the Silk Road on two small foldable bicycles hitchhiking and knocking on doors asking to pitch their tent on local people’s yards to sleep there. While hearing all their stories, we also cooked together shared some meals and had the pleasure to try their Japanese and Indian home food. Here is Hyekyong and Jordi… cooking Indian food. What are you making? Eh…Chapati? Chapati…Let’s see! How she’s doing?
Jordi: “Chapatti to dip in hummus, in baba ganoush and… I’m not sure if that’s good. And then how Jordi is doing? Nice! They are cooking…Do you know?
All day today? Not ALL day!!
(laughs) Oh! good, it’s good. It’s a good skill. Yes. Oh, well done, well done. That looks good. Very good Okay. So, Hyekyong. Let’s see Show us your skill! Yes! Good! Very good And since we are all beer lovers we didn’t want to miss the chance to hang out and try some interesting craft beer in Hyderabad and experience a little bit of the nightlife in the Jubilee Hills neighborhood. So these two are not available.
We’re gonna try a “Bella Blanche” which is a Belgian Wit beer… A “Lourd Noir” which is an Irish dry stout, This “Triple Wit” with is a triple Belgian witbeer, and a “Hop Head” which is an India Pale Ale. And Hyekyong can’t try them because she had too much yesterday. Which one is this? IPA is really good Yeah? Yeah! Now, this one is a… yes, chocolate. And just if all those meals and beers weren’t enough, they took us out to try one of the best meals we had in India Even though Mandi is not an Indian dish but original from Yemen and popular around Arab countries, it is also found in the city of Hyderabad due to the big Arab community in the city. Mandi is a dish made of rice with a special blend of spices and usually mutton or chicken cooked in the tandoor oven which is a pit dug in the ground and covered with clay around the sides. Mandi is considered the stable dish served in special events, like weddings, the end of Ramadan and other feasts in Yemen and Saudi Arabia How is it? So this Mandi from Mandi 36. Choose the mutton Mandi, it’s maybe one of the best reasons to come to Hyderabad. So good.
They have three kinds of sauce Tomato, and garlic, and coriander. And which sauce is your favorite? Good question! I haven’t tried coriander! Mmm! Garlic is good! Garlis is very good. Tomato was very good, too. Hard to decide! Oh, it’s really…
Your way of eating it’s nice, a very Indian like! Coriander is also very good! Really? Very good. Oh my god! And then we need, also, to eat with the mutton. Oh! How is the meat? So tender! I never heard of this dish before coming but now it’s my favorite. Ooooh! Good! Can you describe how is it in Korean? In Korean?
Yes Now we are eating a food called Mandi. It’s veeeery delicious. I’ve never tasted anything like this. It sounds good!
How do you describe your food? Rice with almonds, cashewnuts and raisins. and fried onion, I think? Very aromatic. Three different sauces. And mutton meat, very tender. Well cooked. And you eat it with your hands. Because we are in an Arab restaurant. We came to a bakery that our Couchsurfing hosts recommended. One of the good things about Couchsurfing is that the hosts know more about the local life and can recommend more authentic and less touristy places to see and to eat. Falooda Our Couchsurfing hosts recommended us this Munshin naan It’s just a normal plain naan But it has special thing that it’s square. And it became quite famous and all around you can see like… fake copies But still, I guess it’s the same. We just tried the original one and we’re gonna post a little bit of the history of the place. Okay, check this. Oh, sorry! Enjoy your meal!
Happy naan! We left the house of our previous hosts And now we moved to this neighborhood and we are waiting for our next Couchsurfing host Apparently they are a kind of old couple and they are legends here in Hyderabad because they hosted more than 50 couchsurfers. And it’s a very quiet neighborhood and I like it because we were too used to honks all day and dogs barking and traffic. And here it’s quite quiet. And Hyekyong likes it very much here. Our second Couchsurfing couple knew a lot about the history of India and had many couchsurfers staying in their place Vani and Ashok recommended us some places to eat nearby and they even took us to some amazing chicken dosa, and a very special Ice-cream parlor with local flavors. They also recommended some places We should not miss in Hyderabad: Like the Salar Jung Museum, the Chowmahalla Palace and the Ramoji Film City. The palace belongs to the Nizams of Hyderabad and was their official residence while they ruled their state. The Khilwat Mubarak is the heart of Palace. The grand pillared Durbar Hall has a pure marble platform on which the royal seat was laid. Chowmahalla means four palaces. The word char, and its variation chau, means four and the word mahal means palace in Urdu and Hindi. Begun in 1750 by Salabat Jung, it was completed between 1875 and 1869. It is said to be modelled on the Shah of Iran’s palace in Tehran. Over the 100 years of its expansion it has absorbed Persian, Indo-Saracenic, Rajasthani and european styles into its architecture. We just visited Chowmahalla Palace. And we are on our way out. It was…
It was good, no? Yes, good. Pretty big. You can see the rich, all the wealth Honestly, I couldn’t really enjoy well. Because my body is still so itching I’m having this a allergc reaction from last week So, today I’m going to take a pill and hopefully I could get better from tomorrow This shows how your physical condition can affect your mood. No, it’s not a bullshit. It’s actually important so… Anyway, look at that! Yeah, it’s actually so cool! Aaah, itchy everywhere! Right now it’s lunchtime so we’re going to have some lunch I don’t know where, but yeah, probably some biryani or something. Yeah!
See you! Hmm? Good? Today Hyekyong is not feeling very well but we have this biryani that might fix everything! I’m feeling very very sick. I have an allergic reaction I have skin rashes all over my body and it’s itching and it’s so annoying And then my nose is running and I have a throat pain and I have a slight headache I think it’s not like I’ll catch you a cold and I think it’s an allergic reaction to I don’t know some kind of Insect bite or whatever. I hope I feel better after taking the medicine I got from the pharmacy. So today we came to the Guess what? The biggest film city in the world. Record Guinness! Later we are going to give you more information but let’s try to find the tickets! Today we are in a very special place. It’s called a Ramoji Film City, and it’s the largest film studios in the world it’s also a theme park full of restaurants shops and but we are very surprised because it’s only us around here. The bus dropped us and we saw some people around but apparently it’s like a ghost town.
Hyekyong: Yeah, We’re gonna explore a little bit more and see if we find something interesting to do or to see More than 1600 acres. Listed in Guiness Book of World Records as the largest integrated film studio in the world. 2500 films have been filmed in ths theme park at the rate of 200 per year. I’m going to the wild west. The park has replicas of airport, places of worship, railway station, airplane, markets, jail, courthouse, apartments, palaces, and more. We’re gonna take one train over there… The train station, but there’s nobody, it’s empty and it’s fake. 😜 At some point of the visit you stop and they offer you a few activities to do Among them, zip line, which is the one we chose They have like a rope course, you have some bungee ejection that you have to pay separately There is some paintball And…
I don’t know, some physical activities Now we’re inside the butterfly park. It’s full of butterflies.
So beautiful. Let me show you. The bird park.
Wow! Even though the Ramoji film city was so big. We didn’t find it that interesting Maybe because we were not familiar with the movies that were filmed there. Maybe because it wasn’t what we expected You should subscribe You should subscribe now! You should subscribe now! OK? At least we got to see some music and dance performance before leaving. That show at the end left us with a good impression of the theme park On the way back home we began to see a lot of traffic and people busy preparing the statues of Ganesha: the elephant-headed Hindu god. The city was getting ready to start the Ganesha Chaturthi: the celebration of the birth of Ganesha People place Ganesha clay idols at home or in public places with elaborate stages and celebrate for 10 days with prayers, chanting and offerings like sweets dumplings and flowers making the streets colorful and perfumed. Good morning everyone! We just took out two dosas for breakfast! And then we are just taking a walk, not a lot, just a little. We are just taking a walk around the neighbourhood. And we saw this amazing temple right at that corner I’ll show you! Actually, this is not a temple This is something that they made for the Ganesha day. There is this festivity where people build these Ganeshas. They paint them and everything and We heard in some towns they bring them to the sea! we heard some people complain about that because some of them are made of plastic and they drop them to sea… Anyway that’s another different topic. Anyway, we were gonna go back and show you a little bit, if we can, about this Ganesha Festival Ganesha Day. “Ganesha Days”!Honking honking! Honking honking!
Shit! Honking everywhere!
In the street, i’s impossible to have 30 seconds of silence. Let’s try 1 second with no honking 2 seconds with no honking 3 seconds with no honking 4 seconds with no honking 5 seconds with no honking 6 seconds with no honking 7 seconds with no honking 8 seconds with no honkingDid you hear? Anyway, Ganesha Day! It was time for us to continue our journey to South India. More adventures were awaiting and we were so excited for our next destination. So, we are leaving Hyderabad! We had a wonderful time! With, specially Couchsurfing hosts:
Sushi & Sambar. We planned to stay for just two or three days… This tells us our car and seat. We planned just two or three days,
but We stayed like almost a week. We had a wonderful time The food was great, and special thanks to Sushi & Sambar. Well, we need to…
Now get on the train. We found our car! We said goodbye to our friends in Hyderabad with a smile on our face and feeling blessed to know such inspiring people We know we’ll meet again somewhere, sometime. And if any of you have not done couchsurfing before I would strongly recommend you to do that

Antonio Breitenberg

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