Complete soccer  warm up

Complete soccer warm up

Antonio Breitenberg

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45 thoughts on “Complete soccer warm up

  1. Mohammed Hussin says:

    nice 😀 i need to join with you guys 😀

  2. don2face says:

    tried this today. my players enjoyed it a lot!

  3. Sergio Garcia says:

    Good excerise

  4. Dennis Edward Football coaching Drills says:

    Good drill for every age..

  5. JordiJVS says:

    exemple al minut 9 aprox

  6. Daniel Monteiro says:

    Muito bom

  7. myg ekokodje @hotmail .com says:

    Very good and great work for all teams and enyone on tell you can not football again thanks for training.

  8. Giorgio Clerici says:

    È molto interessante..

  9. Márcio Oliveira says:

    Muito bom!

  10. XZ Flaming says:


  11. marlon merino says:

    Great job with warm up.

  12. velu si says:

    Very useful for beginneei

  13. Ioannis Alexandridis says:

    πολύ ωραίο ζέσταμα, κάποιοι παίχτουρες κοροϊδεύαν, ελληνική ομάδα!

  14. Justus Punga says:

    I like this warm up good for any category

  15. Qualicare Scarborough says:

    Way to go, Chris, You done a good job , Hawks really proud of you

  16. Manoranjan HANSDA says:

    nice warm up like this…

  17. surmala chanu says:

    very interesting worm-up ,thanks

  18. expense chitukutuku says:

    Good drills thank you

  19. Fm Wahid Zaman says:

    Good for Footbal player

  20. Rabi Hansda says:


  21. Satrio Anugrah says:


  22. Edwin Klose Lopez Vilca says:

    Estas wevadas van a ser futbolitas

  23. Margarin Cano says:

    gracias 🙂

  24. Nayeem Sikder says:


  25. Issa Diatta says:


  26. Trey Ibrahim says:

    thanks i like it

  27. Leah Brady says:

    awesome, thank you so much

  28. Lee Nicol says:

    Good place to be

  29. Zakariae El asmar says:

    Cooool Training

  30. Ισαάκ Αλέξανδρος says:

    Ωραίες ιδέες

  31. aeds ibn ziad says:

    تحضير بدني في الفترة الانتقالية لو سمحت )استدراكية

  32. Altıntepe Gelişim Futbol Okulu says:

  33. Vicente S. S. says:


  34. Sokhna Mbaye says:


  35. Octavio Grass Lovera says:

    Muy bueno estoy aprendiendo mucho

  36. JOHNSON USMAN says:

    Nice drilling,

  37. Fili Coral says:

    Amigo gracias x tus entrenamientos están muy buenos Saludos desde México


    Interesante me gusto saludos de Perú

  39. Afolabi Ayo says:

    I'm learning a lot from u an YouTube thanks so much ♥

  40. Alberto Augusto falanga says:

    Gosto muito. Futebol

  41. Ali Ahmadi says:

    Good and very nice

  42. الكابتن عبود العائدي says:


  43. Δέσποινα Αντωνίου says:

    You are so good daddy

  44. Elhadjousmane Ouattara says:


  45. Dùng hòang says:

    Hay quá

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