Come Down To Winnipeg – Skating At The Forks With Beards On Ice

Come Down To Winnipeg – Skating At The Forks With Beards On Ice

hello conference goers so I’m Nicole
Hacault here in Winnipeg I’ve got Brad Parkes with me and Jerry Aulenbach from Edmonton and we’ve just finished skating for beards on ice… Jerry
can you tell everybody why they should come to your beards on ice and what it
is… well this year I got 20 stops across the country and it’s a fundraiser for
shelter we just come out have a fun social skate go for lunch after and
raise some money… and now we’ve got conference coming up in Winnipeg in
September it will not be snowing like this… fingers crossed fingers crossed… but
Brad what is your favorite part about Winnipeg? I think just in a general sense, just how it’s kind of like a big or a small big city it’s got all the
amenities that you’d hope for and still being very affordable and yeah
it’s just a great place to raise, raise a family so yeah I think in a broad sense, that’s my favorite thing about it… ok for mine
it’s the fact that Winnipeg is a hidden gem that it’s very underrated people
don’t often think about coming to Winnipeg but we’ve got a lot of awesome
things here and awesome people and awesome energy what would yours be Jerry?
To echo that people love to hate on Winnipeg… ahh Winter-peg and all these
silly names but they’ve never been here yeah it’s true you got winter but you
also do awesome things in the winter to enjoy it, you know we could skate on the river
normally, except for this year, you got great arts, great food scene, the forks
here is awesome and the people are awesome obviously…
so for the reason that that trail is closed this year is because it’s the
first time in 20 years at the river trail it hasn’t opened up and it’s
because we had record-breaking flooding in the fall and so it’s just the river
froze really weird and it’s not stable and we can’t skate on it but
registration for conference should be opening up right away we’ve got the zoo
event that I am hosting and I’ve posted the link already for you and then you’ve
got a foodie tour that your family is doing that’s right it’s on the it’s on
the Sunday before conference begins and yeah we’ll be posting about that
pretty soon and have a whole bunch of fun restaurants to go check out cuz
Winnipeg has a ton of great restaurants and then I’ll be having a foodie video
coming out for you so just hold your horses we’ll get that video out right
away I know some of you are really eager to see that one… so come on down, book
your tickets and we will see you guys without the snow in September

Antonio Breitenberg

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