Com rolamento de patins fiz uma base giratória!(diy)

turntable to help me with my projects on the table has a board that I always use as a base I made a hole in the center of my board in the center of the other smaller one I put a screw I’m reusing the smallest one I used to press cheese it works, but … Marlos gave another idea. much better let’s use the center piece of the wheel after studying its operation we saw that it is super simple just screw it straight, without the rubber that came with it open the circumference of the larger board to fit the sheave carefully. need to have an exact opening glue bi component quick-drying I can move them without letting them go I’ll use it for filming. is ready. always recycle. be inspired by: kiko prado and Marlos Camilo subscribe to the channel and share!

Antonio Breitenberg

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