Coastal Now – Soccer NCAA Send Off

Coastal Now – Soccer NCAA Send Off

Campus gathered for a send-off. This is for the Coastal Carolina University Men’s Soccer team, which earned a berth in the NCAA Tournament and opens play against North Carolina State. So up and down this year and the guys just have got that resiliency, they never give up and they fought through the season, so I’m just really excited for these guys. (Band Playing) The players received quite a welcome, as they boarded the bus for Raleigh. This follows last year, when the Chanticleers did not get into the tournament. You appreciate it a lot more, you know, when you’re not in it and you look at all the good teams that missed out this year. Coastal is one of 48 teams with a shot at winning an NCAA title, but at this point, the squad is not thinking, big picture. Thanks guys. Very much a one game season and you know, we’ll just go out there, give it our best and, and we’ll see where the result falls. As many as a dozen CCU players have suffered injuries this season, but the team that won the Sun Belt Conference Championship is intact. We’ve got the same group we had over the weekend and you know, they’re, they’re well equipped and ready to play.

Antonio Breitenberg

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