Coach Kerr ’86 on returning to Duke Men’s Soccer

Wasiolek: Coach, you’ve been involved
with Duke Athletics longer than anybody else on this panel You came to Duke as a player, you left, played some professional soccer, uh, did an
assistant coaching gig at Duke, left, became a head coach somewhere else, um, and then
came back to Duke as a head coach. Talk about your decision to really come back here, in
this capacity as a coach. Kerr: Yeah, I was fortunate enough to, uh,
graduate from duke in 1987 and, uh, tried my luck abroad for a few years to play in
England, which was fantastic. Um, I got a little homesick, I came back, Coach Rennie, he had an opening as an assistant
coach in 1992. And, uh, I always had a feeling that at some point I wanted to get into coaching
and why not come back to your alma matter, some place where you really love dearly, to
give it a shot. It was that experience that really enthralled
me into wanting to coach at this level, meaning not necessarily pro, not necessarily youth,
but the college level. I thought that I could have a real impact on the way these young
men think and-and their values and their preparation for the next stage of their life and-and it
really excited me. I was fortunate enough to coach, um, two guys in particular that
are doing well, both have ties to Dallas. Garth Lagerwey played here for the Dallas
Burn, and he, uh, is now currently the president of the Seattle Sounders in the MLS.
And, uh, Jason Kreis who-actually I don’t know if you know this, I played for the first
Dallas team as well, with Jason Kreis, and I assisted him in scoring the first ever goal
for the Dallas Burn in 1996. So-[APPLAUSE] Jason is now the-the head coach of New York
City FC and, um, what a-it’s-it’s like the Yankees of soccer now and-and, uh, so he’s
got a big gig and [ph]- But going back to that experience, that really
kind of excited me about the potential to come and coach in college. I went back to
playing pro a few years after that and, uh, luckily got, uh, offered a job at the Duke
of the north, up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and, uh, spent nine years there doing by apprenticeship
so I could come back to Duke and, [LAUGHTER] you know, learn and-and-and, uh, cite [ph]
a few things for-for our program.

Antonio Breitenberg

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