Clean Sweep Emissions Intact Sled Pull Truck – Summer 2016

Clean Sweep Emissions Intact Sled Pull Truck – Summer 2016

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Danny Voss. I just wanna update ya on the Clean Sweep. It’s been a very busy week here at Calibrated Power Solutions. We started out in Ogle County,
which is my hometown fair. We were pulling against
about 12 trucks in the field. We were the very last pull of the day, and we ended up first place. The next day, we went to Yorkville. We lost by that much. It was a long day and I got fourth place. Still not a total loss. We got our precious data
logs, which we really want. We went back to the lab, so to speak, and analyzed a few things
and took that research and went into McHenry County. We entered the diesel shootout, which is a series of
three different pulls. The first one, we got first place. And the second one, we
finished second place. (truck motor revving) It’s gonna be another busy week. We’re gonna be in
Milledgeville, Illinois tomorrow night, and then on Wednesday
we’ll be back at it again in Boone County, and then again we’ll see ya Thursday at Boone County. This is Danny Voss. Thanks for watchin’. (truck motor revving) (quiet upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “Clean Sweep Emissions Intact Sled Pull Truck – Summer 2016

  1. Garrett R.C. says:

    power and clean?

  2. m peters says:

    You guys should try and get kyle michael on the podcast after his big win at scheid's. I know you are suppose to have shane kellogg on but it would be badass to hear from the guy in the duramax shaking it all up

  3. Vectrum0013 says:

    have you thought about adding water/meth injection?

  4. Brandon Williams says:

    how many miles on the truck

  5. TurboDieselDan says:

    "Wanna hear the Boon County mating call?"

  6. bikerbrego says:

    I just bought me an 07.5 lmm it’s all stock. I’m parking my lbz with full delete stealth 67 turbo. I’m going to use the lmm to tow my 5th wheel now but I want to keep the emissions intact. I want to keep the hp around 550 or so. I’m going to send my stealth 64 that snapped the shaft back to you guys for rebuild if possible. I was thinking about using the 64 turbo in my lmm. What do you guys recommend ? The truck has 104,000 miles

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