Clean Diesel Sled Pulling – Emissions Intact Clean Sweep

(truck engine) – Truck pulling is a gritty sport. Smokey, loud. (truck engine revving) In your face, dirt flying. It’s an American tradition. Families have been doing this for years. Take a truck off the street,
turn it up as hard as you can run it down the track in
front of all your friends at the county fair and
show em’ what you got. But change is on the horizon. The EPA has shown up on the scene and made their presence known. They’re not in favor of
you taking a street truck and taking emissions equipment off of it and blowing smoke, making
noise and polluting. Here’s just a few examples
of what I’m talking about. It’s not hard to see
the writing on the wall. We’re going to get out
in front of this thing with a clean movement
in diesel motor sports starting with sled pulling. What you’re looking at is
our Project Clean Sweep. Clean Sweep was purchased
as a deleted 2012 LML. What we did from there is something that you don’t see very often. We took a deleted truck and we brought it totally back to emissions compliant. That means that we took
sensors that were corroded for the past three years cut the whole wiring out of them reattached the sensors,
reattached the emissions equipment re-calibrated everything and then took the truck on the Dino to see what kind of power we
could make and be competitive. (truck engine) On the Dino we were able to dial-in our Stealth 64 Turbo Charger,
and our extra fuel pump from ATS and a transmission
we built in-house. We knew the truck wasn’t
going to be top of the class horsepower wise, so we had to
make the whole package work. It’s a balanced setup, it’s a good truck for hooking up to the track
and putting the 620 horsepower that we made down the whole way through. We were very surprised
with our first few hooks how well the truck ran. It took a little bit of dialing-in a little bit of looking through log files and making tweaks here and
there, adjusting our start adjusting a few things along the way. But after half a dozen hooks,
Danny had this thing running. In fact, most of our hooks
were in the top three. With quite a few first place finishes out of our first few dozen hooks. Which brings us to Winnebago. Winnebago is your
quintessential county fair. We got 23 trucks here,
and they’re all here to bring their egos and their trucks noise and smoke and show
us what they can do. It was a tough track, trucks
were getting a real workout. A lot of guys were having a hard time getting past the 250 mark. And the Clean Sweep had competition too to the tune of 750
horse plus in our class. Danny had a hard time on his first launch. – [Crowd Of People] Whoa! You know, we do this every week and sometimes that happens. But he kept it together,
got back for round two and made a good clean pass
coming out of the hole and really a hard charge down the track that truck was biting. (shouting) Out of 23 trucks, Danny ran 2nd place to the tune of 305 feet,
a very respectable pass in a class like this. – What’s neat about it in an announcer’s point of
view, a fan’s point of view is that, it’s so quiet. And it doesn’t have any smoke to it. Everybody’s expecting a little
bit of noise, a lot of smoke and there’s just nothing. – We have 10 or so more hooks this year and we plan on hitting
every single one of them the same way, top three. Our goal with the Clean Sweep
is to show the community what can be done with an
emissions equipped truck. The Clean Diesel movement
is on the horizon and we are getting out in front. Our pie in the sky dream
is if the rules package we’ve built around an
emissions equipped truck. Rules are made to drive innovation forward diesel owners are interested in a sport with higher horsepower,
street driven trucks. A lot of those are going
to be emissions equipped in the next few years, the Delete movement is coming to an end. The high horsepower
emissions equipped movement is gaining traction. – To keep it intact, is awesome. I mean, you’re illegal
to drive it on the road versus, these trucks
technically are not illegal to be on the road. – Yeah, it is, it’s very
competitive, it’s pretty cool. I’m not hearing any sound,
no smoke going on the track that’s totally different
from you know, diesel world where all about smoke and
loud and sound you know makes power, but, that
thing does pretty good at no smoke, and all kinds
of power, so pretty cool. – Is it something you would
do eventually you think? – No, I like my sound, so I like loud pipes and making
noise, so probably not. Not myself. – I really think it’s
gonna to come to a point where we’re all gonna
have to go this route and kind of like the Clean Sweep and keep all the emissions in tact we’re gonna be looking for Duramaxtuner to help us out and hook us up because they’ve already been doing it, and they’ve already go their feet in the water. – Duramaxtuner and Calibrated
Solutions are out front. If you want to be part
of the movement, call us. 815-568-7920. (upbeat rock music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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