“Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading” | Father Ted | Series 2 Episode 8 | Dead Parrot

“Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading” | Father Ted | Series 2 Episode 8 | Dead Parrot

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on ““Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading” | Father Ted | Series 2 Episode 8 | Dead Parrot

  1. Rosco says:

    Are these aloud to be published in Youtube?

  2. Zordania F. Awesome says:


  3. Yatty Yat says:


  4. WalkingBlues says:

    Are you gonna include the Christmas Special? Thanks for the this btw.

  5. Jamie Buzzeo says:

    Brilliant show 😀 such a classic! Love the fact the theme tune from Call Of Duty – World At War' was in in the mix! XD

  6. n95 says:

    What is the painting of a priest with his fingers in an electric toaster all about?

  7. TheTsar1918 says:


  8. abfab47 says:

    My favourite show of all time

  9. Endat Thaeman says:

    Picture your husband standing over you with his lad in his hand ready to do the business. Oh, I want you to get a good mental image

  10. Rev. Matt Ripper says:

    This is the funniest channel on you Tube!

  11. ancalites says:

    One of the unfortunate things about this show, great though it was, was how they started putting silly American references in the show to appeal to US audiences after it became popular over there, like when Dougal talks about Pop-Tarts and Lucky Charms (lol). It's really stupidly out of place.

  12. Sojourning TeddyBear says:


  13. depité senatè says:

    That nine is a savage. Pulled her gun on the modofokaz😂😂😂 laughed so fucking hard

  14. DarthWill3 says:

    Jack: N-N-N-N-Nan!
    Ted: No, it's "nun."
    Jack: NUN?!?
    (Father Jack screams in fright and runs for the window, breaking glass as he jumps out.)
    Ted: Bye, Father! (to Sister Assumpta) He's just gone for his walk.

    How funnier can you get?

  15. danndann says:

    I love dougal’s beddings

  16. William Acheson says:

    Makes me proud to be Irish!

  17. PrecXx B. says:

    Reality !

  18. Juliana Falcão says:

    My favourite episode! Never gets old!

  19. Sherry Miyano says:

    'I'm terribly sorry, I gave that up for Lent' is in fact my favourite standard excuse for avoiding unpleasant offices. Proves immensely effective, for some reason. Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone! x)

  20. Iluvcali Inthesummertime says:

    2018 still loving and watching father ted. Where was this filmed

  21. Josh Cook says:


  22. David Ringlein says:

    catholics and their PAGAN "holidays" given "christian" meanings. Funniest part of the series.

  23. The Plague says:

    lol my boys face at 5:08

  24. John Mackey says:

    God Almighty,what idjeet did the subtitle translation?Someone who couldn't understand Irish?

  25. geitmetsik says:

    12:35 I think this one the best Mrs. Doyle moments! So incredibly funny

  26. HalfAnon says:

    Mrs.Doyle and her falling over…and her obsession of serving tea…the priest father Ted calls to and shit happends..nice touch.

  27. Justin Reyez says:

    oh good Lord this episode is Soo funny

  28. The Thing On The Doorstep says:


  29. Brian Connolly says:

    Arnold whos Arnold lol

  30. davy wallis says:

    chair…curtains…floor….gobshyte !

  31. cool breeze says:

    fecking tripping withdrawals were halarious. grand. fantastic episode

  32. cool breeze says:


  33. The Modern Hermeticist says:

    God bless Father Ted and cifarettes

  34. norbertize says:

    Whoever translated this did a butcher of a job

  35. Robert Willis says:

    That was the smartest thing father Ted has ever done. Great ending.

  36. Padpaw22 says:

    If this show was brought back today it would be crucified by the PC people.

  37. CaptainLumpyDog says:

    Sacrifice? Arse!

  38. Pottor Fhasz says:

    Flopin hell, i just quit the bloody nails

  39. Maximillian Ford says:


  40. Siobhán K. says:

    My favourite episode EVER!!!! Brilliant stuff!!!! 🤣

  41. Glen Birbeck says:

    Have the Father Ted episodes spiked during the Holy Father's visit to Ireland?? Art from suffering – brilliant series!

  42. Jimmy Rustled says:


  43. MWorsa says:

    She’s been eating chocolate!

  44. Ethos Factory Films says:

    Dougles cigarette hands got me then…get me now. Every time. Ethosfactoryfilms/vimeo

  45. Nx Doyle says:

    I can't help but wonder if that skate was purpose-built for a sight gag.

  46. Andrew Shouse says:

    It feels like after "I remember!" That there was a deleted scene, something Jack was remembering.

  47. Bartje Bartmans says:

    The guy who added the subtitles has no clue about Irish slang or even plain English. Gob shite at 12:27 is subtitled as Don't chase…. jeez, share for chair, cartons for curtains and it goes on and on. Eejit.

  48. shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend says:

    Reminds me what I heard about the Former Governor of Texas USA Rick Perry -He Now works for the Trump Administration. Imagine Rick Perry having to strip Nekked & lay on the floor while his wife Whips him To Purge Him Of Sin .

  49. Big city Rat-race-shit-hole says:

    FECK!! GORLS!!!

  50. Big city Rat-race-shit-hole says:


  51. Moonlit says:

    This show reminds me of The Young Ones. I love it!!🍷

  52. Salty Gaming says:

    Father dick burn oh shit

  53. Rebecca Haines says:

    The on-hold nun has a beautiful voice! I love this episode. "ARNOLD? WHO'S ARNOLD?!"

  54. only257 says:


  55. ed klunar says:

    Dick Burn

  56. Howzit says:

    Still the funniest thing on earth, and it will always stay funny

  57. Atta David Yaw says:

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  58. Mikepeter Gumball says:

    Just in one episode it would have been brilliant to see George Carlin playing a priest , very costly but oh what a episode it would have been , perhaps an American priest visiting for two weeks from the USA , It would have made a great hour long special.

  59. Robbo from Cronulla says:

    Fek! Drink! Girls! Doesn't get old.

  60. Sean Brogan says:


  61. IBrianrish says:

    Sacrifice ? ARSE !!!

  62. Andrew Hoak says:

    god ive never seen a clock at 5am before XD

  63. Michael Coleman says:

    Ted ,id like a pop tart! Wouldn't we all!

  64. david mason says:

    Gobshite !!! Does anyone say that anymore

  65. david mason says:

    Nun aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh

  66. david mason says:

    Before the ice bucket challenge lol

  67. Ian Sanders says:

    The subtitles are terrible

  68. Noises says:

    0:50 I didn't know the lady who plays Mrs Doyle could sing. (As any good singer will tell you, you have to be able to sing pretty well to pretend to sing that badly.)

  69. Tineke Williams says:

    Hahahahaha, feckin great hahaha

  70. George573 says:

    Finally found this show again. Thanks for posting bless you

  71. James McKenzie says:

    This episode is pure comic gold, a timeless classic. Up there with the first episode of Black Books and the first 2 seasons of Monty Python + their films.

  72. prakash rao says:

    Sacrifice? Arse!!!! Hilarious

  73. Shayne Ritter says:

    Arnold? Who's Arnold…dont tell me I'm still on that feckin island…HE'S NO FRIEND OF MINE

  74. Michael O'Donoghue says:

    My Dad gave Me a £1 to buy an Easter Egg, thinking it would only cost him a few Shilling at most.
    I bought an Egg and Chocolates combination.
    It cost him 19 Shillings and 6 Pence.
    When I got home I handed him the 6 Pence change and Mother the Easter Egg and Chocolates.
    Father was speechless, but couldn't say a word against Me because Mother was Delighted.
    She kept the Chocolates but I got the Egg.
    Best Easter ever.

  75. Peter Taylor says:

    Dick Burn here .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. elena 240 says:

    How is Dougal rollerblading on grass?

  77. John Mullen says:

    LoVeLy fAgS

  78. lavender fields says:

    When they were seeing shit lol

  79. Helene Papageorge says:

    I'm wondering if this episode was dedicated to Mel Gibson

  80. CB Lancin says:

    lovely fags hahahaha

  81. Zen Madster says:

    Holy crap lol He's sober!

  82. Lisa Eggen says:

    Note the portrait @ 11 minutes. It would appear to be a priest with his hand in a toaster! Gotta love Father Ted!

  83. Austin Forant says:

    10:48 200 pounds! I'm not trying to buy cocaine

  84. Brian Hebert says:

    I can only guess the guys who made the giant beer glass, giant cigarette, and giant roller skate were confused when the beauties of their hard work were shown in this episode.

  85. Walker G says:

    Bless you for putting full episodes on here for free

  86. The Channel says:


  87. mjproebstle says:

    first time seeing this genius. brilliant!

  88. Prussian boy says:

    If someone says there irish just bring up this show

  89. Prussian boy says:

    I have a conspiracy theory that this show was made as english propaganda made to make the catholic Irish look incompetent

  90. lavender fields says:

    ' the pope', " he's no friend of mine" lmao

  91. Gregory Edgerton says:

    Je veux une tasse de the'.
    Je suis amoureux de la maitresse de maison.

  92. Robert Hunter says:

    I love this show. It's hard to find good quality where I live. Makes me wish I could visit Ireland.

  93. Peter Fitzgerald says:

    Why don't they let Father Jack sober. He can even speak more than feck, arse and girls.

  94. Prudence Sidecafe says:

    The housekeeper is so great.
    I love her.

  95. Gab Badd says:

    How I have been able to live my life without knowing about Irish comedy….I have no “fecking “ idea!!??. ( I love Mrs brown’s as well).

  96. Mandobird1 says:

    Feckin' funny!

  97. Bryan Butcher says:

    I have watched every episode multiple times over the years. It is classic. My maternal grandfather was an Anglican priest and as a little kid I was fascinated by the black shirts and collars that he wore. They were exactly the same style. He also wore very very very ….. black socks.

  98. Matthew Lindahl says:

    As an American, I know fags are slang for cigarettes, but it's still funny hearing a priest say "I'm giving up fags for Lent."

  99. TheLordUrban says:

    Interesting. In the U.S. we call a priest’s house a rectory.

  100. Johnny Cats says:

    Does… does he have a He-Man & the Masters of the Universe blanket?

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