O little town of Bethlehem how still we see the light Tell me the first story of Christmas Rudolf the red nose reindeer? who was Jesus’s
mother? Joseph? okay tell me that story of the first Christmas it was Jesus being born
in Nazareth. tell me the story of the first Christmas Jesus was born and then
three three and wise men thank you brought brought Gifts to him gold,
frankincense, and myrrh and then the Angels sang to shepherds and then they
came. Tell me the story of the first Christmas Jesus was born. Where was Jesus born In a
manger in a farm. Does Santa ice skate No he’s to fat. Do
you do you think Santa was there at the first Christmas Yes. What do you think Mrs. Claus is going to
get Santa Claus for Christmas A treadmill. What are you hoping to get
for Christmas… Are you good at ice-skating… What’s your name… When’s your birthday… What’s your
favorite part of the Christmas story When the angel Gabriel came and told the
shepherds that Jesus was born. Have you been naughty or nice Definitely nice
well kinda nice. We hear the Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Antonio Breitenberg

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