Christian Surfers International Gathering 2018 Promo

Christian Surfers International Gathering 2018 Promo

Bonjour! We’re here in Hossegor, France the venue for the 2018 Christian Surfers International Conference I’m Roy Harley, the International Director
of Christian Surfers. Je m’appelle Philippe and I am the
European Coordinator for Christian Surfers. We have a simple vision as Christian Surfers, “That every surfer and every surfing community would have an opportunity to know and follow Jesus” and the really cool thing is we are a family on mission So we work on 38 nations and next year, we have a gathering once every two years, members and leaders from across the world will be gathering here in Hossegor, France for the International Conference. I don’t know anybody that’s watching
this that may have been here in 2004, we had about a 150, 160 people gathered not far from here, literally 400 metres or so. And we’re really excited because that had exciting developments for Christian Surfers in Europe and we’re really excited that, again, this will be the same.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Esteban Vasquez says:

    please come to Chile! amazing waves

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