Choosing Kids Roller Skates & Inline Skates | Buyer’s guide |

Choosing Kids Roller Skates & Inline Skates | Buyer’s guide |

Hi and welcome our kids skate guide. Where we will look into what you need to know before you buy the first pair of skates for you child. First of all we have to different type of skates. We have inline skates and roller skates. Also know as quad skates. But no matter which one you choose it’s a fun activity for you and your child. And it strengthens their motorical skills and balance. And it’s a good exercise and they get fresh air. Both inline skates and roller skates share some of the same characteristics. Here at SkatePro all skates come with rubber wheels and not plastic wheels. Rubber wheels
provide way better surface grip compared to plastic wheels. They also come with a really
good ancle support which offers good stability and control. Some of the differences between
the skates are that for instance with inlines it’s easier to build up and maintain speed. Because of the narrow wheels you have less roll resistance. Their also usually light in construction. So we recommend these, if you plan to go on a longer trip with your child. When it comes to roller skates, the wheels come in pairs. This gives you a broader
foundation to stand on which gives you a better balance and more stability. They also come with a toe-stop to set off with. Because the wheels are a bit wider it gives you more rolling resistance and this prevents your child from suddenly getting too much speed and roll away from you. When it comes to choosing the right size the rule of thumb is to always go one size bigger than the regular shoe size. But always go in and check the
sizing guide on our website. Most of the skates can be adjusted in size and this makes sure that your kid can grow with the skates. They can be adjusted in different ways. For instance this one has a screw in the back which you can change the size with. But other have a
button that you can adjust them with. To prevent injuries we recommend a full set of skate protection. Consisting of a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. We recommend a good skate helmet like this which protects really good in the back. The reason for this is when you fall on roller skates is usually backwards. Some of them can even be
adjusted in size, such as this one. Most of the wrist guards comes with two plates. One in the bottom and one in the top. This gives you more stability in the wrist and prevents it from breaking. When choosing the size always go in to the website and check the sizing guide for the product. So to sum up: Decide whether your child should have an inline skate
or a roller skate. And always remember skate protection. And go have fun!

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Great info, thank you sir

  3. Corn Dog says:

    I'm buying some skates and I'm a size 9 women… I'm only 11.

  4. Ava Rockrohr says:

    Hey………. I don’t get fresh air. I blade in the basement…

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    I also don’t wear any protection. I never fell on blade. Not even when I started.

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    I’m buying a rollerblad and I’m only 6 and I’m going to rollerblade the next weekend when I cut my hair but I don’t no what size I’m going to wear

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