Chloe Kim: Creatively Dominant Snowboarder Develops Carefully | Beyond the Bib

Chloe Kim: Creatively Dominant Snowboarder Develops Carefully | Beyond the Bib

Hello I am in Breckenridge, Colorado getting ready for Dew Tour so you know I don’t have to worry about qualifying
for the Olympics just get to ride and have fun so yeah that’s kind of the goal I was in a lot of pain for a while went to
physical rehab for a few months and then you know I did stuff for my knee but
then I didn’t realize the importance of taking care of everything else and I’m like alright I need to take care of myself yeah I think I got it sorted
I’ve already seen such a big difference in my riding and how it feels Announcer: “Chloe Kim set to drop in the defending champion of the Dew Tour fifth Dew Tour appearance and talked about being in Saas Fee learning a new trick what does she have in her bag of tricks now?” Louie Vito: “Talking switch right now right into a Cab 9 which is a difficult trick into the switch back three.” Announcer: ” Wow I love that combo right into the inverted 5 Louie Vito: “Perfect line” Announcer: “Chloe Kim frontside three this is easily the best run we’ve seen we saw her do this run in practice oh, a big kicked out tail high frontside air and that’s it that’s going to be a monster score.” I’m really you know honored to be a part
of the woman’s snowboarding progression there are so many amazing women
snowboarders right now that are just absolutely killing it, Anna Gasser with
the triple that’s so sick I think progression means just pushing
the boundaries and seeing how far you can go and how much you can do. Yeah I definitely plan on bringing the
double 12 in to contest kind of been calling the double the untamable beasts
of mine right now because I don’t know how it’s gonna go I’m sure it will go up
I trust myself.

Antonio Breitenberg

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