China Uemura Wahine Surfing Classic helps a great cause

China Uemura Wahine Surfing Classic helps a great cause

No boys allowed in the water…Those were the rules this weekend at Queens Beach in Waikiki. KITV4’s Roger Mari has more on the 19th annual China Uemura Wahine Surfing Classic and what it means for the contestants and the man who puts it all together year after year. The competition is comprised of 16 different divisions including short boarders, long boarders, and body boarders. It’s a surfing contest to showcase the upcoming talent in women’s surfing. “A LOT OF THE KIDS CAN LEARN HOW TO COMPETE IN THE EVENTS AND WORK THEIR WAY TO BE CHAMPION SURFERS.” Over the years, China has seen a growing interest in women’s surfing and the competition is getting tough. “OUR DAYS WAS OH WE GET ONE GIRL IN THE WATER, LET’S PICK HER OUT NOW THE GIRLS ARE GETTING SO GOOD, THEY’RE PICKING OUT THE GUYS NOW.” “I JUST LIKE IT BECAUSE YOU GET TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN BECAUSE LIKE WE DIDN’T HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS THE MEN DID BACK THEN.” standup. Of all the surfing contests China is involved with, it’s the Wahine Surf Classic that has special meaning.” “I’M HELPING OUT THE WOMEN AND CHILDRENS SEX ABUSE TREATMENT CENTER BECAUSE I’M TOTALLY AGAINST IT AND I HAD A FEW FRIENDS WHO WERE INVOLVED IN IT.” “LIVING IN HAWAII, WE WANT TO TRY AND GIVE BACK AND PERSONNALY HAVING TWO DAUGHTERS I WOULD NEVER WANT TO SEE MY DAUHGTERS DISRESPECTED LIKE THAT, I THINK IT’S A GREAT CAUSE WE REALLY APPRECIATE CHINA HELPIING OUT WITH THAT.” While they’re all out to win, there seems to be a sisterhood created by this all-females surfing contest. “IT FEELS REALLY COOL AND YEAH, I MAKE A BOND WITH OTHER GIRLS, TRY TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM AND SAY GOOD LUCK AND STUFF.” It’s one man using the waves of Waikiki to spread awareness about a serious issue while teaching girls and women to be the best surfers they can be. IT’S SUCH A GREAT CAUSE AND I LOVE JUST THE FEELING OF LOVE ALOHA THAT HE JUST TRANSMITS TO EVERYONE WHO COMES IN CONTACT WITH HIM.” YOU GOING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL SURFER? I HOPE SO SOMEDAY.” Roger Mari KITV4 News China’s next contest will be the 31st Annual Long Board Surfing Classic on July 30th through August 2nd at Kuhio Beach in Waikiki.

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