CHICKEN GIRLS 2 | Annie & Hayden in “Surf’s Up” | Ep. 3

CHICKEN GIRLS 2 | Annie & Hayden in “Surf’s Up” | Ep. 3

( music playing )( music playing )( seagulls squawk )Good morning, sunshine. How do you like
my mom’s house? Your mom is Robin Robbins? Robby:
Can’t see the resemblance? You surf? – No.
– No? Or not yet?♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
( music playing )Edward: If you find anything
in there besides Diet Coke or pistachio
ice cream I wouldn’t trust it. The only thing I know
how to make are reservations. What, you’re one of
Frederick’s buddies? – Frederick?
– His mother let’s him go by that ridiculous nickname,
Flash. Yeah. What’s your name?
Thunderbolt? I’m TK, sir. Thank you for your hosting. Well, it is my pleasure, but, uh, I’m afraid with
my shooting schedule I’m not gonna be able
to see much of you kids. Oh, hang on. For crying out loud. My AD just called in sick. She’s probably out partying
late last night. What’s an AD? Son, you strike me
as a sharp kid who knows how to read
a schedule. How’d you like a job
for the day? Normally pays 80 bucks, but I’ll give you 90
on short notice. Sure. What about Flash? Frederick’s not cut out
for this kind of work. All right, let’s grab you
some shoes, we’ll pick up breakfast
on the way. You like green drink? You’re gonna learn
to like green drink. Let’s get some green drink.( doorbell rings )( knocking ) Surprise, we’re here
to do all your chores. We already did
all of our chores. All we do are chores. There’s plenty left
to be done. The downstairs toilets
haven’t been cleaned in ages. We gotta do what
we gotta do. Point it to the toilet,
sir. – Come on.
– What exactly is going
on here? We’re going door to door
to help kids with their chores so they can go to the arcade. I haven’t been
to the arcade in ages. If you can beat me
at skee-ball, I’ll double your allowance. Double my allowance?
Deal. – What about me?
– You’re on chore duty. It’s already a terrible
ski weekend. The toilet’s overflowing! It’s a flood! Run!( music playing )Oh, oh, okay.
Here’s Flash. There’s also TK
and also Ace. And I wouldn’t say
they’re our only guy friends. I mean, I definitely
would say that they’re like… the guy version
of the Chicken Girls, but, um, you know. Oh, okay, and here’s
PowerSurge. Now PowerSurge is
the anti-Chicken Girl, and definitely they are
incredible dancers, but– Okay, okay, enough of the… goings on at Attaway
since I escaped. Listen, Ellie,
I gotta explain something
to you. If you wanna be an icon, you’re not gonna have time
for classmates, and dance teams,
and random kids
with silly nicknames. Speaking of which, we’ve got
to do something about yours. My name? Uh, I like my name,
I think my name it’s– Provincial? Do you think
I’d be where I am if I hadn’t changed my name
to Robin Robbins? Your name’s not
Robin Robbins? Roberta Roach. – Oh–
– It doesn’t play. Okay, I see. So, you’re suggesting
that I should change my name to Ellie Ellies. Let me break this down for you. This is my wall of success. If you listen to me,
you can have your own wall, but it’s gonna take
a full commitment. You’re gonna have to ditch
that old, drab, dreary
life in Attaway, just like I did,
and make space for a brand new fun,
fabulous, successful life here. Now the question is,
are you in?– ( humming )
– ( strumming guitar )
You’re disturbing the peace,
Danny. Hey, Sandy, sorry, I got this new riff
in my head. I didn’t realize
I was being so loud. No, I’m just teasing you. This town is way too sleepy
to notice anything anyway. So, how’s your break going? Pretty slow since the band
broke up. Well, I guess you can go
fulfill his dream of being the fifth Beatle. Oh, I didn’t mean it
like that. Sorry, no more Miles,
no more band, got it. Anyway, I’m getting
a couple people together. Really? For, like, what?
A new band? Something like that. You know, these things
don’t happen over night. That’s actually not bad. – What?
– Never mind, um,
I will call you if I need a guitarist. All right, catch you later. ( strumming guitar ) ( knocking ) Kayla, if you think
you’re joining PowerSurge, prepare to enter
a world of pain. For once, this isn’t
about dance teams. We’re doing chores for kids
so they can go to the arcade. Perfect! You finish cleaning out
my garage and shine my dad’s
golf clubs while you’re at it. I have some shows
to binge watch. I told you girls
she wasn’t gonna
lift a finger. Come on, we have
work to do. Hang on. As much as I hate the arcade, it does get my baby brother
out of the house, and out of my hair,
so truce for now. Thank you, Birdie!( music playing )What are you doing? Rise and shine! Well, that’s one waste
of water. Aw, did someone have
an accident? – Uh, no, well–
– TK’s missing! He went to set
with Edward. Wait, where, with who? So, this is what is called
an independent film or an indie you’ve
probably heard it called,
right? So ten years ago
I was off filming
big features like “Loch Ness 3,”
“Aerospace Man,” – remember that one?
– Yeah. Yeah, okay, but now,
it’s back to basics. Just me and a skeleton crew
making art together. This is the coolest
thing ever. Should I see if the boys
and Flash are up? Oh, all my son ever
wants to do sleep in late and play video games. ( both chuckle ) I do see a lot of myself
in you though, there’s nothing quite like
young ambition. am I right? – Good morning.
– Hey, Lauren, what’s up? – Here’s today’s sides.
– Thank you. This is Lauren.
TK’s gonna be filling in. Uh… Ethan, Mike, let’s soften
this light up, we’re shooting in
natural light today,
guys. Natural light everybody! How’d you learn
to become a director? Uh, watching, listening,
asking a lot of questions, just not stupid questions. ( chuckles )
Señor Senior says there’s
no such thing as stupid questions. Well, Señor Senior was
obviously never in the movie business. See, more questions asked
means more time wasted, means more money spent. The real question is
what kind of stories
you want to tell? Um, well, a while back
I made a web show called
“The Keys.” – Yeah.
– But I just put it
on YouTube. Hm, gotta start somewhere,
am I right?( music playing )– ( grunt )
– Up. – Something like that?
– Yeah, that’s fine. Looks like you’re almost
ready for the water. Yoo-hoo! – Oh.
– Harmony, what are you wearing? Looks like she raided
my mom’s closet. Rhyme, darling, I’ve been
looking for you all morning. We have places to be
and people to see. ( both chuckle ) This is Hollywood,
no time for lollygagging. If I say dance,
you dance. Show me your moves. All right, kiddos,
it’s showtime, lights, camera, action. Let’s change our names
to roll off the tongue
a little better. She belong to you? Uh, yeah,
that’s my sister. Well, she’s got a real
knack for comedy. I’d love to have her
come in and read for a show that I’m casting. It’s a procedural
family show. Multi-cam. A multi-family, what? Oh.
Where are you two from? – Attaway.
– What-away? Attaway. Sounds like the middle
of nowhere. Well, here’s my card,
give me a call. Of course, Edward,
I’ll do my best to keep them entertained. Okay, bye. All right, boys,
we’re going on an adventure. Wait, you mean we’re
finally leaving this house? I’ve got about 30 errands
to run for Edward and guess who’s coming
with me? Oh, you know what?
Just go without me, I’m just gonna stay here
and watch something. Dude, what are you
talking about? Hot girls willing to
drive us around L.A. You’re coming, come on,
let’s go. Today was great,
we lucked out with
that surf. Yeah, I never thought
I could be a surfer. Dance is hard enough. Well, I think they’re both
about hand-eye coordination. Sorry, I just, I thought– No, no, no–
it’s just, back home… – I’ve got a–
– A boyfriend? Right. Uh, whoever got you
that bracelet, he’s a lucky guy. Well, this past week
I’ve realized that we… I need to break up
with him. Whoa. ( Rhyme gasps ) I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Robby,
it’s just complicated. Today was really amazing. See you at dinner.( music playing )( indistinct chatter ) Nice work, Dru, seems like you have
the whole town here. Not a bad idea, right? Maybe you should
write about it for the “Attaway Appeal.” Good thought. Do you
have an official quote? You know, let me think
of something while
I’m on my break, but for now
can you cover for me? And also, please make sure
my little brother, Troy, does not get into
any trouble. – Sure.
– Okay, thank you. Mm-hmm. What’s up, bro? ( sighs ) Well, nothing,
just at the arcade, without my girlfriend, who ran away to California. Sounds like she’s not
that into you. Can I get her number?♪ Spray perfume on your pillow
when I’m out of town ♪
♪ And you leave love letters
in cursive ♪
♪ All around the house ♪♪ No need to eat in
’cause you’re taking me out ♪
♪ When you get me flowers ♪♪ You rip them right out
from the ground ♪
♪ And everyone wants somebody
who looks at them like that ♪
♪ Like the way
you’re looking at me ♪
♪ And everyone wants somebody
who never hurts them back ♪
♪ Unless I want to fight,
baby ♪
♪ You’re so freaking cute ♪♪ I think I could get
used to you, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Got me like, ah, ah, ah ♪Can’t. Clean. Any. More. I– I can’t feel
my fingers. I have Windex
in my hair. My eyes are burning. It’s the last house
on the block. Come on, girls
Look sharp. We’re not gonna be
like those chicken heads who left early for dinner. Are we even in
Attaway anymore? – Is this Millwood?
– I’m scared. – ( knocking )
– ( dogs barking ) Hm, I guess nobody’s home. – Luna?
– Jules? ( whimpering, sniffling ) Edward: Cut!
Good work, Madison. ( bell rings ) All right, that is a wrap
for today, folks. This was the coolest
day of my life. I wish Frederick cared
as much as you do about what his old man did. Well, listen,
this is for today, plus a little something
extra to get you home. You’re not going home? No, no, I got a premiere
and a hot date tonight. – You know how it is.
– ( both chuckle ) Hey, listen,
you did great today, why don’t you come back
tomorrow? – Okay.
– Great. ( whispering )
Sorry. So, did you have
a fun time with my dad today? It was awesome. Well, we went driving around
with Babs. So much fun.
You should’ve come. I didn’t know what
your dad does is so cool. Me either. Well, I’m glad at least
one of us got to hang out with him
today. – Flash?
– I’m sleeping. You look like you’ve seen
a ghost. I feel like I did. Who was that? Jules, my first crush. We were inseparable growing up and then his dad got a job
in Philadelphia and I never heard
from him again. And now he’s visiting
for ski week? Yeah.
Just for the week. I’m freaking out. That is wild. What are you gonna do? Hey, hey. What we do when
we’re freaking out? We huddle, right? All: One, two, three. PowerSurge! A little better?( music playing )

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