Cheer on the Vietnamese soccer team!

It’s 6 o’clock in my spot everyone! About 1 hour more will have a soccer final between Vietnam and Indonesia I am recording this video so that you can feel the atmosphere in Vietnam right now. On the two sides of the road were many people selling headbands and flags to cheer the Vietnamese football team Vietnam has never been a champion, so today when the football team won the Seagame 30 finals, all Vietnamese people are quite excited. Those are the red flags with yellow stars. Trumpets, banners and tiny flag stickers are sold everywhere. I am heading to Nga 6 – the center of Buon Ma Thuot city. The place where most of the people of the city gathered there to cheer together for tonight’s game. These are red shirts with a yellow star in the middle, like the flag of Vietnam. This is a street stall selling durian cakes. I will buy it someday and recommend it to everyone. The cake is made mainly from durian fruit. Looks very attractive. You can see the city center right there. At the central culture house, there will be a live report of the football match. Vietnam and Indonesia. There were so many people waiting for the match. In front of the stage there are dragons from the lion dance team Most of the people cheering were wearing red and yellow stars. The host is welcoming the audience to cheer. Oh, a long blank row. Hopefully, there will be a lion dance. Wow, these babies are so cute to wear red and yellow flags. I went to the outer area where my husband was buying a headband and a small flag to put on his face. A head strap costs 10,000 VND And a Vietnamese flag-shaped sticker is priced at 5,000 VND. My husband chose to buy 2 head banners and 2 small flags with face stickers. Hi everybody! Do you see the bustling atmosphere? Everyone in the city has gathered here. A little show before the match. Next is the drum performance of the lion dance of the city. The drums make the spirit of people more exciting. Viet Nam Championships. The host is cheering for the Vietnamese team when they first started the match. Music show after the end of the first half of the match. The moment when the Vietnamese team scored a goal – all Vietnamese people were happy. And this is when the Vietnamese team won with a score of 3 – 0. Everyone rejoiced. Everyone gathered in the city center to celebrate the victory of the Vietnamese team. This is the Buon Ma Thuot victory monument located at the center of Nga 6 – a statue of soldiers and tanks. Everyone started marching to celebrate the victory.

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