Cheapest sleds battle! What we’ve got for $1500?

Cheapest sleds battle! What we’ve got for $1500?

Guys today we are going to arrange another
winter battle! This time we’ve taken together the cheapest
sleds and we are going to test them in various conditions. Though their constructions are quite various
all they have price about 15 hundred dollars. Get comfortable my friends we are to start
right now! Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over
and you are watching review machines. You know we have so much snow this season,
so we decided to take advantage of it and arrange one more winter battle, cause previous
one was highly appreciated and thank you very much for that. If you’ve seen our previous battle, you
may remember that time we had all kinds of winter transport – sleds, motordogs and
2×2 motorcycles. This time we take only the cheapest sleds…or
rather winter vehicles with a seat for a driver. We tried to find machines with the lowest
price on the market. All of them cost about 15 hundred dollars. And I think it is quite affordable price for
a new machine. Well, today we are going to find out what
we have for such a price – a real winter transport or just a toy? Lets go! Firstly lets have a look at our competitors. Snowmobile Dingo by Irbis Motors, Motordog
BTS front seat, compact snowmobile tourist, mini sled Huskie, mini snowmobile Armada and
Leader Sigma motordog frontseat. Now lets look at some technical details of
each machine. First of all Dingo snowmobile, that’s produced
by Irbis motors factory. By the way it is the most expensive model
today, it costs about 2 000, but it worth saying it has a lot of options. 4stroke engine 150 cc, 9 hp, the total weight
is 154 kilos. Carrying capacity is also 150 kilos. Disk brakes, transmission with reverse, nice
dashboard, electric starter, 12 volts socket and wait for it… adjustable handles heater! Compact snowmobile Tourist has a dismountable
construction, and when it is dismantled you can fit it into a trunk of a regular crossover. It costs slightly more that a thousand dollars. The weight is 80 kilos and carrying capacity
is 100 kilos. The engine 170 cc 6 hp with a manual starter. It has a simple suspension and quite spacious
trunk. Mini sled Leader Sigma it is one of the cheapest
today, its price is slightly less than a thousand. It has a compact sectional construction with
a Chinese Lifan engine 8 hp. The width of the track is 500 mm, it is the
biggest in the class. Metal hood, disk brakes and head lights – that’s
all the main features of the machine. Chinese snowmobile Armada 150. It has 150 cc 4 stroke 13 hp, the weigh of
the machine is 130 kilos and carrying capacity is 100 kilos. By the way it is allegedly the fastest sled
its maximum speed is about 45 km/h. Well we’ll see it in practice. Mini sled Huskie. It is the cheapest model today its price is
only 800 dollars. It has compact and detachable design, the
weight is 80 kilos, carrying capacity is 120 kilos, we have here four stroke engine 6 hp. It can be fitted into a trunk and it takes
very little space for storing. BTS motordog with front seat attachment. It costs 12 hundreds dollars. One of the most powerful machines today. It has Chinese Lifan engine 15 hp. The weight is 150 kilos, the width of the
track is 500 mm, electric starter. After all, you may see in this video other
kinds of winter machines, cause it was very interesting for us to test as many vehicles
as possible. But first of all we are going to test the
machines with a classic snowmobile design. Well that were all the machines taking part
in the video and now lets speak in a word about the tests. Firstly we will have a drag racing to choose
the fastest machine. Then we’ll have a steep ascent and a section
with the deepest snow and rough terrain. But it is worth saying you shouldn’t take
our results as the only and absolute true. There are numerous factors, for example a
rider skills cut much ice, so the purpose of our video is not to find the best and worse
machine, we just want to show you as many details as we can in the real severe conditions. And now it is time for drag race! Unfortunately when our riders were preparing
for race, we hade some problems with Armada sled so we decided to begin without it. Yes its quite funny, because Armada is allegedly
the fastest machine today. Well lets start. All the competitors are standing in the line
and waiting for the signal. Three, two, one – GO! Firstly we see that Dingo has some problems
on the start, but then it moves quite rapidly and catches up with the others. The first race was won by the BTS motordog,
no great surprise cause it has most powerful engine! The second place was taken by Dingo, then
motordog Burlak and Sigma and tourist – the slowest machines. Now lets do one more start to find out if
our results are reasonable. All the machines seem to be ready…so lets
go! And now we see approximately the same results. The same performance as in the first start. So we have two obvious leaders Dingo and BTS. This time Dingo manages to take the first
place! The second is BTS, the third is Burlak then
Sigma and Tourist with Huskie the last. Well we have every reasons to say that Dingo
and BTS are the fastest machines, but they are the most expensive at the same time. Also we should mention motordog Burlak that
showed a good speed, but generally it doesn’t take part in our competition. Sigma showed an average speed and Tourist
and Huskie are the slowest machines, their speed is about 25 km/h. Now it is high time for hill climbing and
that is the hill. Dingo goes the first! No problem at all. Than tourist tries. Well…not so good. Lets change our rider for lighter one. Then goes Sigma. Well it is almost there, lets try with lighter
rider. Than we try the motordog Burlak. But we learnt in previous battle, that such
design is not very effective for hill climbing. Now Huskie is trying. Then BTS is going. As to Armada…this time it goes quite well. Well we are moving on! We found the place where there was the deepest
snow. It is loose without crust – the most difficult
conditions for the machines. BTS goes quite well. Sigma the same overcomes this section without
difficulties. Huskie also gets it over and Dingo shows us
the same result. Frankly speaking the snow is not so deep to
make problems for the sleds. Now we will try these machines on a rough
terrain with the same deep snow. The conditions maybe slightly different for
each machine, but anyway it is interesting to see its performance. Bts seems to be quite effective here and Burlak
also does quite well. As to the Sigma it has some problems here
it slightly gets stuck in snow. Tourist goes well enough but it keeps previous
tracks in snow that is always easier. Dingo makes some mistakes in maneuvers and
finally it stops as the result. Huskie show us a decent ride it goes in virgin
snow where it is slightly gets stucks but in general it is rather effective. And finally Burlak also cuts his way in a
virgin snow and to my mind it goes rather well despite few problems. Well, my friends I hope you liked our tests
in this video. In general all the machines have been decent
today despite quite affordable prices. Though It is hard to state which machine is
the best and which is the worse. But I hope we’ve shown today numerous details,
pros and cons that will help you to make a right choice. As always it is very interesting to read your
feedbacks, so please leave your comments. Thanks for watching guys, Consider subscribing
the channel if you liked this video, stay with us it will be many more interesting materials
here, good bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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12 thoughts on “Cheapest sleds battle! What we’ve got for $1500?

  1. Black Labs Matter says:

    I want them all! Point me to the dealerships.

  2. Hyrum Lavoie says:

    Sled dog comparisons. Russian brand to the recognizable sleddog

  3. Dan Remington says:

    It would be fun to own one of these. I like the BTS Motordog!

  4. Roland Métayer says:

    I like the Dyngo snowmobile !

  5. 3BkdD says:

    Тренируй дикцию. А так отлично, постарался-перевел)

  6. gentile joshsaved says:

    Could you give me names of these sleds?

  7. Kurt S Siegel says:

    If you've ever ridden a real snowmobile you wouldn't want one of these make believe tinker toys,

  8. rider1616 says:

    Seeing how all of these machines are underpowered you understand why 2 stroke engines are much better. My Polaris Indy makes 48 HP and goes everywhere. Non of these make life than 15 HP and it shows. These would not survive in the north here in USA

  9. Jake Ross says:

    Are these what communists think snowmobiles are?

  10. Seedless Grapes says:

    The $1,200 one looks like the most fun

  11. Kingsoupturbo says:

    Pretty impressive for just 1500$ brand new, I would be fairly reliable as well with few moving parts and simple engines. The Dingo seemed to be in a class of its own, a much better CVT transmission as well. Those small snowmobiles would work well on very narrow trails for grooming here in Alberta where big expensive sleds cannot go.

  12. David Robichaud says:

    Behold: the worst snowmobiles in the world

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