Charlize Theron Kissed Guillermo at His Son’s Soccer Game

Charlize Theron Kissed Guillermo at His Son’s Soccer Game

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Charlize Theron Kissed Guillermo at His Son’s Soccer Game

  1. Tsun applicator says:

    best name ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BallerinaWick says:

    Guillermo, you are the man, playing' the man, disguised as another man!

  3. mario on a cross says:

    guillermo has a son wtf

  4. Karan Shukla says:

    Charlie is so down to earth

  5. Joey REY REY says:

    THE most beautiful woman on the planet is "one of his girls" ….Don Guillermo. DosX should make him the most interesting man in the world.

  6. Lmao rai says:

    Im sure she looked like this when i was 10years old

  7. IBGonzalez says:

    Lucky man and she's awesome and down to earth.

  8. 320speed says:

    Guillermo! Guillermo! GUILLERMO!

  9. Vijay Luhan says:

    Charlize Theron is an absolute goddess. Always loved her and fell more deeply in love with her watching Long Shot.

  10. Halil Gunesli says:

    Imagine you are hanging with your dudes , and Charlize Theron is running toward you yelling your name , man Guillermo is living life

  11. Marvicle says:

    Guillermo create your own YouTube channel. Instant milllion subscribers

  12. Gulya Swift says:


  13. Miljan Stanojević says:

    What a plastic/psycho she is…am scared for "her" kids.

  14. Hunky Hazley says:

    Jimmy, nobody watches this show for u, they only watch it for Guillermo

  15. Odd Flakko says:

    Guillermo must be so thankful to jimmy….. lucky sonofabitch!!!

  16. Ces Ferr says:

    guillermo is so cuteee i cant, he's like this neighbor who always greet you and make jokes

  17. Jon Smith says:

    Celebs are so phoney

  18. AIR JORDAN says:

    Down to earth.

  19. Julio Orantes says:

    Lucky Guillermo.

  20. PlasmaCoolantLeak says:

    Guillermo, you stud! Kissed by Charlize Theron, you lucky bastard!

  21. Hal says:

    Guillermo is the man

  22. César Díaz says:

    Guillermo is the man!!!!

  23. bm9tube says:

    This Guillermo dude has such natural charisma. Very happy for him

  24. Len Dog says:

    Perfect ! Wow

  25. Alpha Svn says:

    Instaliked because guillermo is in it

  26. new era says:

    Guillermo all the way

  27. Alfredo Benitez says:

    Bro Guillermo is a Mexican pimp

  28. SoLo Phillys Finest says:

    I really truly think Charlize has a thing for Guillermo after seeing all of the Oscar's and award shows everytime she smooches him and tells him how cute he is! Haha Guillermo be pimpin…

  29. Robert Sandoval says:

    Guiellermo is cool hand luke. Ladys man. Rico Suave.

  30. Joseph Draper says:

    In mexico they give 5 kisses

  31. Wei Ren Lim says:

    You lucky bastard…

  32. Debajyoti Bose says:

    Entertainment !

  33. Anubhav Sood says:

    She would do anything to be relevant the WALL hit her hard

  34. Sharath V says:

    G is for game

  35. Bob Johnson says:

    Wow she still looks amazing I’ve had a crush on her for years

  36. jjmalagon says:

    What a lady😍😍

  37. Paul Bryan Hernandez says:

    Guillermo is a pretty lucky bastard.

  38. sergio zabaleta says:

    Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo Guillermo for president and Jimmy vice 2020
    Guillermo and Jimmy 2020

  39. p0kerViK1N67 says:

    biggest gangstermove of 2017!

  40. Fernando Martinez says:

    She's one of my girls! Lol😂

  41. H M says:

    She loves giving attention to Guillermo. She know that she is out if his league. But she is kind enough to make him feel better about him self.

  42. Kenny The King says:

    Guillermo is the MAN

  43. Mauro Zarate says:

    she is the most beautiful women ive ever see

  44. R DUMB says:

    Guillermo needs his own show. DEADASS

  45. Brady says:

    There can't be a more beautiful woman on this Earth and Charlize Theron

  46. Meisterallerklassen says:


  47. 126cardinal says:

    Dam shes hot

  48. Mihir Savkar says:


  49. Trojan D says:

    Qur sabes.
    Mi gringa .


  50. ndiogou niang says:

    You gotta like Charlize tho….for someone her Caliber to spot Guillermo and go to meet her……

  51. ellitestar says:

    Guillermo 4 Prez!!.. 👌👍👍👍

  52. Ar Fa says:

    Charlie’s amazing!

  53. Ed Curtis says:

    God I love her voice its so beautiful.

  54. Abhideep Singh says:

    'one of my girls' 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  55. Paul M says:

    Guillermo definitely plows

  56. Sam Adam says:

    sorry, a little what??? @0:41

  57. Max Ukas says:

    I dont write this too often, but damn…She is SO hot……….daaaamn!

  58. Sergio Valente says:


  59. Iam acutepie says:

    Guillermo could do her

  60. godmac28 says:


  61. Ricardo Ignacio says:

    "One of my haynas" – Guillermo

  62. Neil Brown says:

    Am I the only straight man on the planet that wouldn't want her to kiss me?
    Not that she would I'm just sayin'…….

  63. AppleYou says:

    She’s in love with him

  64. Robert Rivera says:

    Love her more than ever after listening to that story. Salute Ms Theron.

  65. Andres Tapia says:

    Guillermo that bigote puttin in work. O.G.

  66. Djozze1 says:

    Guillermo just leveled up in my book.

  67. Jj Mench says:

    No wonder Trump wants to deport Guillermo!’n

  68. David Fahey says:

    She can kiss me any day of the week…😝…

  69. w23857980 says:

    I live in LA and I never ran into Charlize Theron or Guillermo.

  70. shadowlesswarrior says:

    Guillermo is the American dream

  71. jorge garcia says:

    He needs his own show

  72. шоколад молочный says:

    Самая красивая женщина в мире

  73. Erick Velazquez says:

    We all know Guillermo clapped them cheeks! 😂

  74. DaveMcIroy says:


  75. Musa Karadaoglu says:

    Its Football not soccer

  76. Rey Gomez says:

    gottt dayyyum im a little short m3xican man too.

  77. Chaos Tade says:

    Guillermo is the definition of just being lucky in life. I dont think he is what he is because of his inteligence and because he tried and worked hard.

  78. Duvy Boss says:

    guillermo es el puto amo

  79. Jagroop Dhillon says:

    Out of all late night sides Guillermo and Geoff Peterson sit atop the pantheon.

  80. Frank Mata says:

    She's a babe.

  81. Nat Wolins says:

    I wonder if she is a cool as she comes off.

  82. Justice Warrior says:

    If you're a latino this is funny..
    If you're WHITE you're a sexist misogynist PIG

  83. Duncan Winter says:

    Charlize kisses me…I m taking her home…

  84. Amar Bahi says:


  85. RyanKC says:

    And now Guillermo is being ruthlessly pursued by ALL the soccer moms.

  86. GRIM ONE says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is a G’ for making Guillermo famous.

  87. Dania Elshafie says:

    Jimmy is jealous
    Guillermo is a treasure

  88. Dania Elshafie says:

    Jimmy is jealous
    Guillermo is a treasure

  89. Amazing Supergirl says:

    They kiss on the red carpet so it’s not like it’s new ❤️

  90. Mike Studmuffin says:

    she looks like she should be my wife

  91. Duti says:

    What? Suckker? Soccer?? FOOTBALL!!!!

  92. Breen M says:

    I can't believe Charlize Theron has a crush on Guillermo… this is the real proof that us 2's can get a 10 with the correct attitude.

  93. gonzalo arroyo says:

    Thank you South Africa for this beauty!!!

  94. Remyjar says:

    Ah aha Charlize one of a kind love her

  95. Arthur Mah says:

    Guillermo is a big man in the campus, what a lucky duck….get a hug and kiss from lovely Charlie theron… a soccer game….thumbs up guillermo

  96. Randall Bryant says:

    Now I'm jelly of him.

  97. Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos says:

    Guillermo is the best person on Jimmy Kimmel show

  98. Javier costa henere says:

    Go have a beer with charlize, jimmy and guillermo must be the best experience in the world.

  99. Nathen Lasley says:

    Whos still watching in 2019

  100. Uriel Ramirez says:

    I would love to take her out for dinner or just a walk in the park. why am I not a handsome actor God? poor me😭

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