Cha-Cha Schooled – Snowboard Movie from Georgia

Cha-Cha Schooled – Snowboard Movie from Georgia

What are you eating? Orange. Hey! Get up! Susan… They are dickheads. They drink so much. I only eat chips… and drink tea. Nazaré. C’mon Nazaré! Gudauri! Noo! I have it stacked there, dude! You see, Susan. I am doing fine. Susan, I am doing fine. Susan, I am doing fine. There is a steamboat coming for us. It is coming. Or we will freeze to death. We are saved. We don’t freeze! You better offer him a shot. Shot? Marek, pull it out. Holy shit. He knows what we offered him before. We offered him 10 bucks, dude. I will communicate it with him. This guys seems alright. How many dollars? 10? Five, five. Five? Perfect. Madloba. (Georgian Thank you) I didn’t expect that intersection over there. Come and see. Come, come and see. We got it for sure. (rhyming) We drunk as f****ck. We’re going to party. Where sausages are. We’re looking for chicks. Tonyyy, come home. TONYYYY!!! Pre-pre-pre-pretzels, no freerides, we don’t give a shit about that, we only eating only pretzels. (rhyming hard) 10 o’clock in the morning? (rhyming) We are still fucked up. (rhyme boi) The sun went down. Honza bled out here. He left his trace here. We’re having great time. We say hello, beaver! (rhyme) Have some, dudes. The bong is full, come on smoke it out. Without chicks, without chicks. There are shitloads of beer, duuuude! Marek, that’s alright, that’s alright, dude. (sarcastically) I am sanguinic. I will remember this. Take out the pepper. It’s alright, Marek, I will avenge you again. Wooow! We had 250 shots of cha-cha. I am all good. Digger! There is the digger! It is Hubac, not digger. (rhyme) We’re sitting on your brain. @sararuzova I enjoy throwing up. I really enjoy throwing up for you here. Party ride! Marek I have to take shit, open up! Alrigh then. So we’ll drop it all together and see what we can make. Turn it off. Turn oooffff. … I think my liver will be hardened. No. No. I did not drink on this trip.

Antonio Breitenberg

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