Celebrating (almost) 10 Years in Roller Derby | #NoxSkates365

Celebrating (almost) 10 Years in Roller Derby | #NoxSkates365

Hey there derbyverse, it’s Nox and on September 17th of this year I celebrated my 9th derby anniversary. Yeah… On September 17th 2009 I had my very first
derby practice in Columbia, Missouri, my first week of college. I was 18 and I fell in love with derby and never looked back. And it completely changed my life so to celebrate
all the wonderfulness that has been this, ya know, it will be a decade of derby by this time next year, I am celebrating by skating every single day. So I’m not doing derby or park skating or
whatever every single day. It’s just- I’m trying to dedicate just
five/ ten minutes every single day, just put on my skate and do SOMETHING. If that’s just putting them on while doing
laundry around the house or playing with Harvey. And it’s been just a little over a month
since I started this and I’ve already gotten to learn so many new things, skate in different
places and with more people, and I’m already really excited about it. But I know I have eleven more months to go
and the winter especial is going to be rough, I’m already very sick of skating inside
of my house. But I’m trying to post all of my skate adventures
on my instagram so make sure you’re following me over there to catch it all. I’ve already kinda learned how to do the
moonwalk, I’ve been working on my spins, and my latest thing is 360s which I’m really
really excited about and has kinda like unlocked this, like “oh shit, I can actually like do stuff,
I just have to not be so scared” I’d really like to skate with more leagues
and do more derby-specific skating for this, ya know, celebration of a decade of derby. So if have any suggestions or any fun events
around St. Louis idk around Missouri I guess, I guess I could travel So idk if you have any ideas leave the in
the comments below and if you wanna catch me in the meantime
you can find me at any of these places. And make sure to roll over to NoxTalks.com
for all my videos, blogs and weekly derby news roundups. Let’s talk about roller derby!

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