CCM Hockey Super Tacks AS1 VS Super Tacks Skate Review

CCM Hockey Super Tacks AS1 VS Super Tacks Skate Review

hey guys Chris from hockey tutorial here
and today in this video I wanted to share with you guys a comparison with
the brand new CCM Super Tacks AS1 versus the previous generation of Super
Tacks I know sometimes when manufacturers bring out new equipment
you look at them and graphically you don’t see that many changes so what we
want to go into is what has actually been changed in this new as1 skates to
benefit your performance on the ice and to shed a little insight because if
you’re considering which one of these to go for hopefully this video will help
clear up some of those points so without further ado let’s jump straight into it
and see what’s been changed so as always we’ll start at the base of the skate and
then work our way up both of these skates the AS1 and the previous super
tacks use CCM’s SB black runners aside from looking much better than their
silver runners these runners have a couple of performance benefits like
being able to maintain longer edge life and being able to fight off corrosion a
lot better than conventional silver steel both of these skates use the exact
same runners aside from some tiny cosmetical differences in the colors of
the logo they both use the exact same runners moving up again both of these
skates are using the exact same holders which is CCM s SB 4.0 holder so
absolutely no changes from the base of the skate over here moving up from there
to where we typically see an outsole because these are CCM’s mono frame or
their one-piece boot frame it means that there isn’t an outsole the elimination
of the outsole means that the entire structure of this skate is one-piece the
benefits of having no outsole mean that all of the glues the clips the pins that
are used to attach the outsole to the body of the skate and then on to the
holder aren’t present in this skate so not only are you gonna be saving weight
creating a much lighter boot you’re also going to be creating a more responsive
skate because any of the movements or motions that come from inside the skate
from our feet are able to be directly translated onto the blade rather than
having to go through an outsole in all of the other various materials
associated with the outsole side note they also removed the vent on the bottom
of the skate I was really curious about this on the original super tacks skates
this was purely for aesthetics there wasn’t any performance benefits so
naturally they’ve removed that from the newest ones if you’ll remember back in
2016 when we first looked at CCM’s first one-piece boot frame we mentioned
that some of the benefits of the one-piece construction was that you’re
no longer getting an anatomical fit and a boot with thermal reactive
plastics and materials that’s going to take and mold to the shape of your foot
from the sides because of that mono frame 360 you’re also going to be
getting this underneath and also on top of the skate so all the different areas
of your foot are going to receive that Custom Fit that nice close contact with
your foot and the body of the skate resulting in an incredibly responsive
skate those traits have been carried on straight onto the new AS1 skates it
still has that 360 degree one-piece construction that means the base of the
skate the top and the sides are all going to be contouring and taking to the
shape of our foot aside from this some of the other benefits of the one-piece
boot frame is that it is incredibly stiff and rigid so it’s perfect for
those powerful skaters for an elite level of play a lot of benefits here
aside from it being very lightweight and it also being incredibly responsive the
quarter package and the newest ones has also been slightly stiffened in
comparison to the previous generation super tacks another subtle but extremely
beneficial change that CCM have made to the structure of the skate is if you
look closely at all of these sections over here where you have the CCM low
going and all of these synthetic leather materials you’ll notice that a lot of
them have been removed when you look at the AS1 versus the previous gen of
super tacks all of these different materials are referred to as non
performance components in other words although they look nice they don’t
actually benefit the performance of the skate its material so it adds weight and
it’s just something else to worry about in terms of durability or something
being damaged on the skate when we look at the new AS1 once CCM have removed
every single piece of non performance material from this boot if there is
something on this skate it’s there because it benefits its performance
the low going all of these colors the whole design of this boot is sublimated
into the Porter package whereas with the previous generation of super tacks the
CCM logo and a lot of detailing has been stitched onto the boot which is added
material non-performance components those are completely gone when we look
at the new as1 skate CCM have also made changes to the as1 skate to ensure that
it survives an elite level of play from a very powerful skater everything from
improving the durability of the eyelets in the boot to improving the stitching
along the sides of the boot to ensure that this skate lost and is able to deal
with the amount of strain that’s put on it from a very powerful player or an
elite level of play another very subtle but extremely
beneficial change that’s been made is cesium have actually increased the
height of the quarter package in the neck or the high ankle area with the new
a s once this has actually been increased by five millimeters the reason
for that is to provide general improvements in comfort and better
wrapping around the high ankle area in the skate so these are going to be those
changes that you may not be able to visually see but are gonna make a
massive difference with your comfort and your ability to perform well on the ice
as these skates are aimed at an elite level of play CCM have also made changes
to ensure that the body of the skate on the as1 will last a lot better than what
we saw previously with the super tacks what I mean by that is along the
forefoot or front of the skate in this section over here
CCM have improved what is referred to as the vamping in other words this is a
piece of incredibly durable and hard material that’s added to this section of
the skate to ensure that during tight turns or just aggressive play the body
of the skate stays off of the ice and isn’t scratching adding to the skate
breaking down prematurely so this added section of material over here will help
to improve the durability of the skate making sure that this thing is going to
last you as long as it possibly can moving on to the high ankle area or the
neck as I like to refer to it of the skate this area over here CCM have made
some changes to the size of these soft padding around for the high ankle area
they’ve increased the size of it because as we said earlier the structure of this
quarter package is slightly stiffer than what we saw previously increasing the
size of this soft padding around the neck of the skate makes sense it means
that while we’re turning very aggressively playing we don’t have to
worry about experiencing discomfort in the high ankle area of the skate because
of the increased padding that they’ve given us in AS1 Taking a quick
look at the tendon guards of both of these skates with the new as1 CCM have
made some changes to improve the durability of the tendon again these
changes don’t appear to be very visible when you look at the back of them but
the durability in this area has been improved while not compromising on the
tendons ability to flex taking a look at the new tongue of the a.s ones this is
CCM Tritech flex tongue now it still maintains a lot of the benefits that we
saw on the previous super tacks tongue still giving us that same familiar feel
but with the added benefit of better forward flexion without compromising on
the level of protection that we get on the ice from there taking a look at the
liners of both of these skates with the as1 CCM gives us their total drive Pro
liner which has a lot of those features that you’d expect from a high-end skate
which is its ability to be able to wick away any moisture through the
perforation or hole at the base of the skate but also maintaining a good level
of comfort the abrasion pads along the sides of the miners to be able to
withstand the wear and tear of continuous play throughout the week
which is a slight upgrade from what we saw on the previous super tack so you
can expect these liners to be able to last a little bit longer than what you
saw previously they also have a slightly different scheme in terms of the colors
going on inside there which I actually tend to prefer from the previous super
tacks it’s a lot more subtle a lot more stealth and it’s also going to have some
great performance benefits in terms of how it’s able to wick away moisture and
keep you comfortable on the ice last but by no means least is going to be the
insole for these skates CCM have made a serious upgrade in this department
these are cesium’s brand new author move custom arch support insoles now although
these things may just look like the regular insoles when you take a close
look at the base of the insole that’s when you see a lot of differences it has
customizable arch inserts that you can remove based on your arch type if you
have a high arch a low arch and medium arch these are going to make a humongous
difference on your comfort on the ice but not only that the benefit of having
these is this puts your foot in better contact with the base of the skate being
able to have a personalized arch support inside the boot means that all of the
areas of your foot that you need to have in contact with the base of the skate to
be able to generate a good level of power to be able to skate efficiently
powerfully quickly this is going to play a massive part in that and it’s why it’s
such a phenomenal upgrade to see CCM has made it incredibly easy for any player
to pick up one of their new insoles and change their arch support based on what
they need you’re able to very very quickly take one arch support off and
insert the one that suits you best just holding and feeling these new insoles
feels completely different to anything else we’ve seen from CCM the back
portions along this area over here are incredibly stiff and rigid and the front
sections over here are incredibly soft and foamy with the perforations or holes
to allow any excess heat and moisture to exit the boot massive upgrade here
as always guys thank you very much for watching this video if you want to see
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massive thank you to CCM hockey for making this video possible and if
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hit us up in the comment section down below and we’ll get to those comments
the more comments that you suggest the more content you want to see the more
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catch you in the next one guys take care

Antonio Breitenberg

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    – The other question is: When we pick a EE skate, do we have to size down? For example, at bauer, I wear a 9.5 D nexus but i find them bulky and a bit too wide, can you please tell me, if Super Tacks would fit, which size and width I should get? Thanks !

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