CAUGHT Red Handed!!

CAUGHT Red Handed!!

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I wanted to have an activity that I could do with my family. We didn’t fit it
in yesterday on my birthday, but we’re going to fit in today. I’m like straddling. What do I do? Don’t make me regret doing this. You guys are gonna be good? Yes. I do trust you,
but don’t ruin my trust. Good morning. Good morning. Want to know what the best part
of having a birthday is? The next day, you got to eat chocolate
cake for breakfast. Thanks for babysitting
last night. Went out to dinner with Cory
and Shanna from the LeRoys, and it was so much fun. We stayed in the restaurant
for four hours. They were– They were like wiping up. It was just fun to like
talk with adults, and we have so much in common. It was just really fun to talk. Hey, you want to enjoy
some cake for breakfast? It’s not healthy. You have to ruin everything. You spit on my eyeball. You ruin everything. Come on. You guys pour milk
in your cake too, don’t you? If you don’t, it is not nasty. It’s delicious. No, it’s nasty. It’s good. Okay, Shari and I
are having problems today. What? I’m just so tired. Cranky Pants. You spit on my eyeball. You were judging my breakfast. So Mom sign me and Abby up for a one-hour gymnastics
back hand springs class, but Abby didn’t want to go,
so Mom’s just taking me. I’m not quite sure
if I’ll learn it today. I’ll probably just
get better at it. Yeah, I’m really excited. What am I gonna do? Do I need to rest back,
straighten up? I’m so– I’m like straddling. What do I do? You are like in the middle
of a ## parking. I know. Move forward.>>Kevin–
>>The kids are so annoying. Kevin’s like why>>are our kids so annoying?
>>Dad looks like from behind, he looks like he’s going to
work in like a coal miners. Why did you bought– If you don’t like it,
why did you buy me this clothes? I didn’t buy them for you. Look at him. He looks handsome. Leave him alone. I didn’t say [inaudible] cancel. You look like a little kid,
like the 1900s. You look handsome. I wanted to have an activity
that I could do with my family. We didn’t fit it
in yesterday on my birthday, but we’re going
to fit it in today. We are going ice skating. What in the world? I need help. Hold my hand. No. You got that. No! Hold my hand. No. Well, I can’t fall,
’cause I am holding a camera, and I will not
break this camera. Hey, do that again. Not every family activity is
enjoyed equally by every child. I don’t know if Russell
really likes this or not. Their excitement is
like overwhelming me. Oh, she’s getting
her confidence. Guess what I spy. My biggest piece of advice
to parents is become really good friends with
your kid’s friend’s parents. Yes. Because I’ve noticed
Chad talks to you. Oh, he did. When he won’t talk to me. He tell me things like,
I told Shanna the other day, and I’m like, how come you
didn’t tell me that? Oh, Chad. It’s like a support system,
trying to raise your kid so… I’m really glad. If you can’t talk to me,
go talk to Shanna. All right, you guys. Do not make me regret
this, all right? And if you guys can be good
and have fun while I’m gone, then we’ll do this again. Yeah? Okay. All right. I’m gonna go give this lecture
to the kids upstairs too. So this really cute sweater
that I’m wearing, Shanna got it for me. Shanna and Kesley got it for me
for my birthday yesterday, and I was like,
it’s my colors. I have my colors,
and so I already had this. I’m like, it goes
perfect with it. So cute. We are going to go out to dinner
to get some Indian food, and then there’s
the Dry Bar Comedy. I’ve never been to it, but they’re hilarious
on Facebook. The Dry Bar Comedy. I’m pretty sure
I’m saying that right. Anyway, we’re gonna go out,
get away from the kids. The kids are ordering pizza, and they’re gonna
watch TV, movies. I said, you can watch Marvel. Let’s be clear
what we can watch, and what we can’t, and Shari’s gonna be
home with them, and they’re all
gonna stay together, and we’re locking
the bedroom doors. So we’ll be good. Okay, don’t make
me regret doing this. You guys are gonna be good? Yes. Kesley and Chad
alone in your room. No. That is– I know you’re just
trying to be funny, but that’s like not funny. We’ll lock all the doors. You guys only get
one chance for this. That’s right. If you blow it, never again. That’s exactly my thoughts. She still hasn’t had
her first kiss yet. How will we blow it though? You blow it by watching
anything inappropriate. You blow it by– Like the new Netflix series. Yeah, no Walking Dead, just because I don’t want
the little kids to be upset. No. [inaudible] to do it when Mom
and Dad are in the room. Time out. Did you hear what I said, Chad? No. Don’t do anything
you wouldn’t do if Mom and Dad were in room,
or when Cory and Shanna. That’s true. Why don’t we do this? Have the little kids– How about Shari
sits in the middle? Great. [inaudible] Have the little kids
go up to Mom’s room, and watch their show. That’d do what? Have the little kids
in Mom’s room? No. She’s not gonna love that. No, and just remember
that Kesley’s Dad, Cory, could bench press you
with one arm so… I already know that. Should we practice? Oh, I talked about [inaudible]. I want to see Cory and
Dad do an arm wrestle, because they both go
to the gym every day. I think Cory and your dad care. That’s just because Dad’s scared
because he’s gonna lose. I sense a challenge coming. We’re going to be late
when we do it. That’s gonna be
the next challenge video. He’s like, no, we gotta go. Look. He’s already left. He’s already left. Okay, don’t make us regret this. Make us be proud. Okay? So, no Walking Dead? I want all of you kids to find a movie you
can all watch together, because I don’t want any of the kids like going
off into my room. What if they play a game
and– Play a game. Get that Monopoly,
and come over here and play. There’s lots of things
you guys can do.>>Say–
>>We can’t watch it though. Say, I understand where
you’re coming from. Say, I do understand
where you’re coming from. I don’t understand
where you’re coming from. Please. Well, maybe we just
need to call it off if you can’t handle it. I think if Chad’s
obsessed with Walking Dead, she won’t be watching it
in the first place. If you can’t handle this,
we’re not going to– You’re not a Mom. You’re not a Mom. I know you can handle it. I do trust you,
but don’t ruin my trust. By what? Watching it? By making the kids upset, and pushing them out just
so you can watch– Remember, Kesley’s here watching you. The whole point is for everyone
to enjoy themselves. Okay? [inaudible] need to go? Yeah, I’m gonna go. So good luck. Pizza’s here. Chad, come get the pizza. Chad,
come get it. Hello. Hey. Hi. There you go. You use your dog? Yeah. Yay! Have a good one. You too. Oh wow. There’s like 3 of us… All right. Oh, these are the dessert pizza– They’re warm. Oh, those are so good. These all ready? Let’s see. I think they are. Reese, do you want
to get the kids? Yeah. Reese is more responsible. Pepperoni. Cheese. I’m guessing this is
a cheese too. Cheese. Okay, let’s eat. Did Nollie eat the pizza? I saw it happen. Oh my gosh. Like liver problem. She’s like sick,
because she eat that stuff. Oh gosh. She’s already vomitting. Oh, ew. I love Philly
cheesesteak pizzas, and cheese pizzas. What is your favorite
kind of pizza? Okay. I did my homework
while you were gone,>>and I monitored these two.
>>I’m gonna be [inaudible]. I made
sure they did not get– No, don’t show them those. Please don’t. You almost made
me throw my phone. Okay, so they started off,
they started off pretty good. Like Chad, Chad’s just awkward,
but he’s good. And then he got even closer. And then they got even closer.
Hey, it wasn’t– It wasn’t just me. And then they woke up. What do you mean
it wasn’t just you? Who else? I wasn’t the one
that was just moving. Yeah, if you look
at the picture, Kelsey stays at the same spot. All right. Well, the house
looks pretty clean.>>You guys–
>>You should see downstairs. Really? It looks like,
I haven’t been downstairs, but it looks like the house is
in pretty good shape. Okay, [inaudible] through. Erase your pictures. Just show me then. Thanks for watching, guys. Bye.

Antonio Breitenberg

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