Catski and sledding in Fernie – Pepp by Granbom

This is where it all started I realized pretty quick this little hill wouldn’t do it I had to escape to the bigger mountains After doing a few seasons in the alps getting used to the mountains I had a go on the freeride competitions I got stuck for years Trying to qualify for the Freeride World Tour After many years I finally did But to be honset it was more about this Then this After all years of competing and waiting for the perfect conditions I lost a bit of stoke This year will be all about having fun Go shred with my Friends And find the Pepp again I made it to Canada and met up with Stefan We are in Fernie BC This is my buddy Stefan One of the most stoked guys I know He reached the tender age of 48 But that dosen’t stop him from beating me in freeride competitions And yeah he started skateboarding last year He spent 19 winters here in Fernie And now he gonna show me why he got stuck here Lets have some fun I met Stefan probably I think it was 12-13 years ago We just been riding together ever since We been living together now for about three years just in the winter And it makes it super easy to go ride with your best bud when he is just at your house all the time Yeah we’re at Mammoth drop in’s And we building som small little jumps And we gonna play and have some fun Today we’re heading up to Harvey’s pass with the sleds Trying to find some snow It looks pretty promising Today we’re going cat-skiing with Fernie Wilderness Adventures First time for me and Stefan

Antonio Breitenberg

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