Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

We’re gonna go have
a little safety meeting in the trees over there. A little ski chair. That’s good enough. Thanks. Good luck rolling a joint
that fast in the woods. Not quit as convenient
as just being able to vaporize it like
the way we do. I’m pretty good.
You need another one? I’m much better now.
Okay. If you are gonna
use cannabis, make sure you have
some food nearby, cuz you’re gonna
feel hungry. Cannabis is definitely
a performance enhancer. People who do anything,
any sport, any activity, any hobby,
can be using cannabis and do use cannabis. So everybody you know,
has their choice to do the things that make them
feel good and for me and for millions of people, cannabis is one
of those choices. My name is
Ross Rebagliati and I’m the 1998 gold
medalist for giant slalom in
snowboarding. First time snowboarding
was at the Olympics. I’m just gonna plug
in this Bullet here. Cannabis has been a way
to increase my appetite and give the munchies,
as they say. That’s been a good thing
for me, cuz sometimes I could go like the whole
day without even eating and then you know, wake
up in the morning with super low blood sugar,
and in a bad mood, and not excited about
the day at all. Cannabis has a lot to do
with my training, and my eating habits, and
being able to continue doing it on a daily basis
for long periods of time. In a lot of ways,
cannabis is my fuel. I consume mostly edibles. I loved the shakes
because I just can’t imagine in
my head having to eat something
that I had to chew. I just wanted to
get it in me. I’m not making a big
production out of the fact that I’m
eating something. I just wanna get
fuel into my body the fastest way I can. I tested positive for
cannabis in the 98 Olympics in Nagano
after I won the gold medal in the giant slalom
event for snowboarding. I ended up in the
Japanese police station being interrogated for
you know, the good part of the day. That caused
a media frenzy and it was a pretty
crazy time. We appealed the decision
and lost two times, and then it went to a court
of arbitration, where those
officials just basically discovered that
cannabis actually wasn’t on the list of banned
substances and so I was actually allowed
to keep my medal. You know, there was a lot
of attention on me for all the wrong reasons, and it really
wore me out. By the time I got back to
Canada, I lost like 15 or 20 pounds or
something like that. So, it was
a stressful event and the whole cannabis thing
took a long time for it to manifest to
where it is today. This is just from one of
my friend’s daughters who was probably about seven
or eight at the time after Nagano in 98, and
so she drew this picture of me and got it to
me and here it says, I hope my dad grows
up to be like you. It just was
motivation for me to like, keep going. Since 98, I’ve had problems getting
into the United States. Okay, well the first
paragraph, it’s pretty easy
to figure out. Rebagliati can go to
Salt Lake City to see the Winter Olympics next week
Oh, that’s. If he shows up at the
U.S. border with a note from his doctor saying,
he is drug free. At Salt Lake City, they didn’t want to let
him cross the border. Yeah. That seems kind of crazy,
doesn’t it? It was crazy and
it still is like that. Snowboarding was kind of
the outlaw sport back in the day, and cannabis
was definitely outlawed. For me to inadvertently
test positive for cannabis after winning
a gold medal in the sport of snowboarding, it was
a major controversy. I had huge
anxiety over it. I didn’t know if
I was even gonna use cannabis anymore. The support that I got
was overwhelming and it was great but
there still was a lot of people that weren’t
supporters. I mean, it was definitely
a case of politics. It was just a lot
of stress and not anything that
I was ready for. You know, I prepared
myself to win and that was about it. I didn’t prepare myself
for the day after. Right now, it’s probably close to six in
the morning. I usually wake up
sometime before five. Even though I enjoy
waking up, medicating is part of the reason why I
enjoy waking up early. It just kinda takes
the edge off. If I’m stiff or anything like that
from the day before, you can right away start
feeling more like your muscles are loosening
up and you’re starting to become
more and more flexible. I’m 43 now, so it’s kind
of like you notice that you’re not 23. These vapes are pretty
much 99% of how I medicate. I use cannabis-infused
medicated honey for my sweetener
in the coffee. I’m gonna put about
half a teaspoon. You get the good
qualities of the coffee in that it’s waking you
up, the caffeine’s waking you up, and getting
your circulation going. The caffeine actually
acts as a delivery system for the CBDs. It’s been really
exciting to learn how cannabis works with the
human body cuz we have so many receptors in
our body naturally, for cannabinoids and so when you consume
cannabinoids, it evens you out because you have
a deficiency in that, so if you consume it,
you can top it out. They’re like plugs with
nothing in them and so you just plug in all
the plugs in your brain. Your body is made for
cannabinoids. That might be
a controversial thing to say, but
it’s the truth. We wanted to use my
name and we wanted to associate it with my
Olympic performance but my last name is
just too long for everybody to recognize or
be able to pronounce and so it just turned out
that Ross’s Gold was the name that we chose. Right now, we’re just
sticking to glass and we do have hemp products coming out
in the United States. We’re licensing and
branding companies. So everything from
cannabis products and derivatives and
edibles and you know, the edibles in general
are coming down the line as what the future of
the industry looks like. Using cannabis
with sports, if you’re not used to the
idea of using cannabis doesn’t seem like
the right thing to do but once and you learn
about how it works, you realize that it’s
definitely a good idea. I got onto the World Cup
Tour, and that’s when I realized it was gonna
be a different story. I was competing
against guys that were a 100 pounds
heavier than I was. There’s no weight class,
and the heavier you are, the faster you can go. I had to go from
like 170 to 190. I mean, some people
can’t stop eating. I’m not like that. I can barely get
food into me. I just don’t feel
like eating. For me, the cannabis really helps
increase the appetite and get me into the gym,
get that motivation, keep the motivation
going for years on end. You know, you go from
your high level with people cheering for you. You get that rush
of being on TV and then you’re done. I think a lot of athletes
can get a depression, cuz regular life’s
just not the same. We’re almost like
soldiers, in a way, where what we did was so
not like reality, that when you get back to
reality, it’s just tough. So I found that I just
kept working out. It’s my way to
kinda stay into it. Cannabis is definitely a
performance enhancer, and it definitely
did help me. By the time I arrived at
the Olympics, years and years later, I was
stronger and faster and I think that the gym is
the main catalyst and staying in shape and
eating and cannabis can be a part of
that healthy lifestyle. Good workout, guys. That’s pretty much like
day hundred in a row. I’m actually just
starting to feel the effects of the coffees
that I had earlier today. When you eat something,
it usually takes about a half an hour to
45 minutes to start feeling it, which is
probably about as much time as we’ve been gone
from the house right now. For an athlete,
the cause of most pain is inflammation of your
joints and your muscles after a workout and you
can reduce that pain and sometimes completely kill
it altogether through an anti-inflammatory and
if you can get through a natural source like
cannabis, for example, which actually has
one of the strongest anti-inflammatories that
have ever been found, I just figure that’s
gotta be a better source than taking an Advil,
for example. Okay, let’s go. Okay, so we’re heading
into the main parking lots for
Whistler Blackcomb. We’re gonna go park over
beside Rebagliati Park. Ready to go. I got the munchies
right now. Okay. Turkey bacon. Yeah. Hi. Hi.
How you doing? Good.
How are you? Good, thank you. Could I get one of
those Panini’s? Mm. A little tomato in there. Oh, man, that was good. Man, do you see
how hungry I got, after I had
a couple of vapes? It’s like boom,
I gotta eat now. Otherwise, I probably
wouldn’t have realized I was hungry until
it was too late. What’s too late? Low blood sugar. Probably a lot of crimes
are committed on low blood sugar. I ski raced until
I was 15 and then that year I started
snowboarding and I never skied again and
that was 1987. I bought skis
two years ago because I was
impressed by the advancement that
ski technology took. It’s just different and
so I’ve been away from
skiing for 25 years, and I was just so intrigued
by the new technology and I still love
snowboarding but now my passion is skiing. So, it’s just
the way it goes. Cannabis is interesting
in a lot of different ways that you
wouldn’t expect. For example, when you’re
going fast on skis, your mind is actually
processing things faster than it would normally, which creates
the illusion that things are coming at
you more slowly. So it gives you more
time to make decisions. When you’re competing for
1/100th of a second, you can’t really
overlook anything. It’s healing time. More like pain-killing
time, too. Yeah.
Your knees sore? Yeah. Tell them what
happened to you. I broke my femur
paragliding this summer. They prescribed me
morphine and codeine and all these heavy
painkillers and I just chucked them. I don’t even mess
around with that stuff. You can’t feel when your
injury is bothering you when you have such
strong painkillers. It masks the pain. I just use cannabis
as a painkiller. It’s a lot faster. You still feel the pain,
but it makes it bearable. Yeah.
Even though you can still feel. This’ll seriously help. So smooth. I think a lot of athletes
who retire from sport in one way or another have to sort of
reinvent themselves and figure out what it is
that motivates them and for me,
it was sports still. Like, in the wintertime,
I’d ice skate ski. So that in the summer
time, I can be a strong road biker,
right off the bat but at the same time,
I’m road biking so that I can be fast on my
skate skis in the winter. I’m just like, cross
training constantly for like different seasons
and different sports. I think, cannabis is
the whole reason why I have the energy
to do that. People who do anything,
any sport, any activity, any hobby
can be using cannabis and do use cannabis. So everybody you know,
has their choice to do the things that make
them feel good and for me, and for
millions of people, cannabis is one
of those choices. It’s exciting times for
me. It’s kind of like when
I got involved in snowboarding, before
we were allowed to snowboard, and then it
just blew up, and then went to the Olympics and
now, it seems like the whole cannabis culture
is doing the same thing. We’re at the dawn of the
lifting of prohibition and I can’t think of
a better thing for me to be doing right
now with my life. There she is. It just goes
back in the bag. There it goes. If you lose that
motherfucker, let me tell you,
you’ll go crazy. You don’t want
to lose it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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