Carrie Brownstein Rates Crowd Surfing, Cowboy Hats, and Sheet Masks | Over/Under

Carrie Brownstein Rates Crowd Surfing, Cowboy Hats, and Sheet Masks | Over/Under

[upbeat drum music] – [sighs] It is definitely overrated. I was reading an article about something called being sober curious, or like flexitarian, these kind of neologisms
that basically say, I’m not this but wanna be,
is very frustrating to me. I think if you’re a
freegan, you’re not vegan, and that’s okay. You’re not vegan. People need to brand every experience. Freeganism is an old term, I mean, they’ve been using that since the Norman Conquest or whatever. I don’t know, I think
let’s move on from it. I think it’s very, very overrated. Veganism is great. Freeganism is just dumpster diving. [drum music] Those are underrated. A person that can pull off a cowboy hat is really someone with some confidence. I mean, people that work around horses, children on Halloween, ranchers, politicians trying to keep it real. It takes a certain kind of,
I don’t know, just stature, and I’m talking about sort of an internal kind of backbone to pull off a cowboy hat. When I think they’re underrated is the people that actually just, you don’t think that they’re
gonna be in a cowboy hat and then they show up in one. That’s a big move. That’s a big move. You show up to a funeral or a
job interview in a cowboy hat, and you know what? That’s a big day for you, and
you’re not gonna get that job. [drum music] Overrated. [laughs] It’s not that I’m against crowd
surfing, but I’ve done it. Okay, the first time I crowd surfed, I was at a concert called
Endfest in Seattle. The lineup was Pearl Jam, L7. And when L7 started, I was
like, that’s it, gettin’ up. First of all, it’s a little humbling. You have to ask someone, hey, would anyone like
to lift me up right now? I’m not a child, I’m not three, I’m an adult asking for
somebody to hoist me. That just takes a little humility. And then it’s just people figuring out, are you gonna do it are you gonna do it. Fine, you know, and then
someone reaches down. You step with a foot that’s
been on a grassy field, probably covered in manure or urine. They’re touching that
shoe with a bare hand. They life you up. And then it’s basically you just kicking and pummeling people all
over their face and body for .5 seconds. Then you fall to the ground,
and you try to get up again. Looks really cool in footage and stuff, and if you’re looking down on a crowd, you see someone crowd
surfing, it looks exciting. But trust me, that everyone
that’s passing your body around is really mad at you in that moment. [drum music] Those are really overrated. Get your hand down there in a plastic bag and pick it up yourself. Owning an animal is a responsibility and it’s also, it’s a job. Well, for most people
it’s not a full-time job, but it’s a least, it’s a fun job. I’m not saying picking
up poop is fun for me, but I think a pooper scooper, someone is making a lot
of money over something that could just easily be
done with a hand in a bag. [drum music] I mean, they’re actually underrated. They’re fun to buy. They’re fun to use. They’re communal, I
mean, don’t share them, but you can do the mask with your friends. They kinda feel good. I don’t know if they’re doing anything, but, you know, it’s fun to scare your dog by putting them on your face. You can’t put a price on that. [drum music] Oat milk is overrated
for sure, but I love it. It’s having a moment,
the moment feels too big, considering it’s just an oat. We were eating oatmeal for years. No one cared. Sure, it’s good to lower your cholesterol, but no one was making a big deal about it. No one was pouring oatmeal into coffee and calling it a new invention. And it’s everywhere. I ordered an oatmeal
cappuccino the other day, and they’re like, “Oh, an oat cap?” The oat milk lobby is so mad right now. But it’s true, oat milk is overrated. It’s taking up a lot of energy and space, and even the fact that I’m
talking about it right now and I’m gonna make this my longest answer, means that it’s overrated,
but I also love it. But I’m willing to embrace
something that’s overrated, and I’ll drink every day
for the rest of my life. Oatly, please send me free oat milk. Here’s my address. It’s one. [drum music] That’s underrated because
I’m pigeon-toed. [laughs] Okay, so when I was a kid, I had to wear leg braces. I’m sure this doesn’t exist
anymore, I was born in 1910. Your feet are like this,
and they put braces on. For a while I couldn’t walk. I just pulled myself
around with my upper body. I have great upper body strength. I mean, you should see these guns. But after that I had to wear
a shoe with a bar in it. Now, these are not attractive shoes. A lot of people, when you have a shoe, you don’t want anything in
between except the ground, but I had a bar. But it’s underrated
because look at me now. Pigeon-toed and proud of it, okay. Let’s embrace it. I don’t need a hashtag. I just need some respect. [upbeat drum music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Carrie Brownstein Rates Crowd Surfing, Cowboy Hats, and Sheet Masks | Over/Under

  1. Ian O'Neil says:

    who ever did that drawing at the end should go to jail.

  2. Joe King says:

    wow thats a white room! what detergent are you using?

  3. Zoë Bell says:

    i want this to go forever

  4. bravetherainbow says:

    freeganism doesn't involve paying corporations for things and THAT'S DESPICABLE

  5. Earl Lemongrab says:

    Those illustrations at the end continue to be the single worst thing in my YouTubing experience. I would pay to have them removed. Not much but, like, $5 for sure.

  6. CheesecakeLasagna says:

    TIL pooper scooper is a thing. Just use plastic or paperbag and pick it up, people.

  7. hermetically sealed says:

    CAN YOU HOIST ME i would wear that shirt

  8. Kevin Smith says:

    Freeganism is great. Veganism is just dumpster diving for rich people.

  9. The Heart Of A Blackbird says:

    I wonder how she rated Quasi

  10. The Heart Of A Blackbird says:

    I'm kind of grossed out that she's obviously whitened her teeth but didn't have them fixed.

  11. Wesley Gonzales says:

    She has great comedic timing for someone who spent most of her life playing a guitar

  12. meatmxn says:

    She said concert instead of show…..POSER

  13. violet chantress says:

    Love her

  14. RegularRy says:

    crowd surfing is definitely underrated if executed properly

  15. Priscilla Mcdade says:

    this was a portlandia sketch in itself

  16. Anthony Villenas says:

    My middle school emo gf (I was 7th grade too) was pigeon toed too!

  17. Zelgaro says:

    When your son gets a dumb tattoo you don't blame the tattoo artist, you blame your son.

    Carrie ruined Sleater-Kinney, not Annie Clark.

  18. Rachael Mulvihill says:

    She’s incredible

  19. Kieran Petrasek says:

    She is the best

  20. Mr. Fish says:

    Janet Weiss

  21. Curtis Burns says:


  22. MrChrisStingray says:

    Carrie is a cutie. She looks like the cool philosophy professor.

  23. jordan c-e says:

    ‘oh an oat cap?’ lololol

  24. demogorgon music ltd says:

    You’re overrated

  25. lupowins says:

    She says she needs some respect, then you do that illustration of her. You’re some cold ass SOB’s.

  26. bestaimee says:

    Masterfully done. Love me some Carrie Brownstein.

  27. Parker says:

    Lmao she makes a great point with cowboy hats. I would kill to pull one of those off.

  28. Nick Perry says:

    hey pitchfork, my 12 year old cousin loves to draw. his art teacher says he's one of the best of his class. can y'all hook him up with a job? it seems like you can use the help. you don't even have to pay him that much.

  29. Dburnage says:

    she really knows how to sell mid-tier pretension

  30. WolfgangAmadeusfuk says:

    "I don't need a hash tag, I just need some respect" – Carrie Brownstein 2019 love it

  31. JuicieGiraffe says:

    y’all need a new lighting tech

  32. Camp.Spaceship says:

    this is why I don't watch pitchfork anymore.

  33. Jack C says:

    Am I the only one bothered by the lighting

  34. coldengrey12 says:

    Most accurate depiction of crowd surfing ever

  35. Pin Head says:

    Do Sylvester Stallone

  36. StevenM801 says:

    crowd surfing is pretty awesome tho

  37. malenotyalc says:

    She is so beautiful in her perspective, mannerisms, and voice – not to mention she is super cute too 😉

  38. kelsey says:

    i had no idea she had a rock band until like a week ago… such an impressive career

  39. joe kimberlin says:

    total respect for Carrie..But….if i gotta use a plastic bag every time i clean the cat box? well…pour me some oat milk and call me a sober-curious freeginist, ..power to the poop scoop!

  40. I do stuff with movies and maybe tv shows says:

    Literally anything Carrie brownstien says sounds like a Portlandia sketch

  41. cardigans98 says:

    She's highlarious

  42. Kenneth Uyabeme says:

    "you should see these guns"

  43. The Charlie Ramirez says:


  44. Shmizzle Shmazzle says:

    Hey dummies it's not possible to milk an oat. You probably been drinking semen.

  45. poke frosch says:

    So funny.

  46. thoth zombie says:

    Cowboy hats, Mike Gira of Swans, and Orville Peck, nuff said.

  47. seeeteee says:

    i want her heavy sigh as my ringer

  48. Mil Hip says:

    Thanks for enabling more pretentious assholes in our world.

  49. Jake Stampfl says:

    real punks dont ask someone to help them crowd surf. they just climb onto the crowd themself.

  50. Fiona Riches says:

    "the oat people" got me DYIN

  51. Zachary Byram says:

    the drawing at the end looks like contemporary ruth bader ginsburg

  52. Noah Krier says:

    bro this woman is so funny , like her interviews are so much funnier than freds

  53. Cheap Thrilll says:

    Freeganism is underrated, and if she loves cowboy hats so much, she should move to Arizona.(not Phoenix)

  54. Crazy prayingmantis says:

    Crowd surfing is the fucking best!!! it is the most underrated thing ever.

  55. Daria Moonslut says:

    She’s so cute I love her.

  56. meatrace says:

    What in the everloving fuck is oat milk?
    I count myself singularly blessed to not have whatever that vomit-inducing garbage is in my sphere.

  57. Harry Abma says:

    Good God. Pretentious much? Neologism? Lol. Pseudo intellectualism should have it's own telethon. Maybe they can cure you from being an obnoxious snob.

  58. Orlando Pockets says:

    i rate carrie brownstein 4 yawns.

  59. Matthew James says:

    haha she's so great, she should do more comedy stuff, stand up or more writing

  60. Galdjlajf aljaljdfladjfla says:

    Lol. I think Annie Clark lifted her personality.

  61. kaitlyn simmons says:

    I would like to see the guns 😉

  62. Grace W says:

    i love this woman

  63. Ricky Alfaro says:

    One of the most powerful Over/Under interviews.

  64. James Richie says:

    Please send me free oat milk.

  65. Elias Ravn says:

    Politicians keeping it real. Oh my god hahah

  66. sober leech says:

    She belongs in a Woody Allen movie.

  67. Janine D. says:

    Taking on the oat milk lobby. So bold.

  68. MrSpinel says:

    She doesn’t know how to crowd surf correctly that’s why

  69. Phillip Thilman says:

    that illustration added 20 years

  70. Adrian Mendoza says:

    Nice. She is right about Oat milk

  71. Isabella Mansfield says:


  72. oliver says:

    time to rewatch all of portlandia again i guess

  73. Tommy M says:

    I strangely agreed with every word of this

  74. Aidan Weiss says:

    The Crowd Surfing bit had me dying laughing

  75. icedgirl says:

    the pigeon toe answer lol

  76. Philip Demers says:

    100% wrong about crowdsurfing and nobody would do it to their bogus new record, so …

  77. AlmaSpiteful says:

    She's hot as fuck. And smart, too.

  78. Rene Duplantier says:

    Cool how someone with a lot of money criticizes people who eat out of garbage cans 🙃

  79. francesgum says:

    Carrie Brownstein: underrated.

  80. Lemwell7 says:

    freganism underrated af

  81. Lemwell7 says:

    I like to use the term 'avengetarian' instead of fregan

  82. Lauren Neher says:

    Big fan of this

  83. Yuliya Blokhina says:

    Carrie is so beautiful, graceful & charming. She has a lovely clear voice too. I felt so sad that they made her wear that nasty orthopedic shoe to correct her foot when she was a child. I did notice that she was pigeon-toed when I was watching Portlandia. However that irregularity only adds to her charm. This is totally the case when a supposed "defect" makes person more attractive and endearing.

  84. Ruthy says:

    Carrie is hillarious Love her

  85. Thomas Birkland says:

    ENDFEST! I was at that show!

  86. G B says:

    I miss Portlandia.

  87. madonnasponytail says:

    lmao I knew Carrie would take this seriously and have a thoughtful answer for each one

  88. Keith Lyle says:

    Over/Under is the best!

  89. gabize says:

    a pitchfork me faz perder o respeito por qualquer artista

  90. gabize says:

    "i ordered an oatmilk cappuccino the other day" (my next poetry's book)

  91. caroline says:

    omfg the thunder timing

  92. Lexa Woods says:

    "sheet masks: they're communal" CARRIE LMFAOOO NO

  93. johnny memory says:

    I see the exercise, and healthy eating is really paying off.

  94. James Escobar says:

    She is such an attractive person, love her!

  95. Spooky Mulder says:

    Found a cowboy hat in a dumpster once. Lol

  96. Thomas Miller says:

    I miss pre-portlandia Portland.

  97. JohnnyVanilla1 says:

    Probably could have used some music, yall

  98. Lydia Newson says:

    She says, "oh yeah, can I get an OAT CAP, like that's everyday coffee lingo. I love it!
    Carrie is portlandia.

  99. Corn on the cob Bob says:

    Of all women she is my favorite. She is the funniest and most underrated.

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