Car, Sled, Machines & Rotting Floors In the Abandoned Lapland Mill

Car, Sled, Machines & Rotting Floors In the Abandoned Lapland Mill

Hello and good day. Oh. I should be quiet. There’s a house near. Okay. Let’s move on. There has been storms so trees has been falling. I don’t know for sure what this should be. Mill, I’ve been told but I’m not sure. Let’s check it out. What do we find? Hope my squeaking jacket doesn’t bother you much. Lighting? Normal but I don’t dare to leave my backpack to anywhere. And I have to film with Canon because my GoPro cord was left home. It’s a bummer but let’s try to do best as we can with this and stay out of the focus problem. Huh. Whatever it is, it’s big and abandoned long ago; many, many decades ago; maybe like 30? 40? decades ago maybe? (years, not decades). Huh! If you can see that in the window, it’s a rusted milk can where we used to transport milk to places. I’m not sure if it’s vandalized but at least it has been collapsing. Maybe weight of the snow? Nice field. Nice breeze. It’s so hot but the breeze really is nice. Hmmm. Yes. Let’s go inside. It’s good exercise to carry around a 2-3 kilo camera because lens, mic, and camera itself and a 30-40 kilo backpack and all the heavy gear and … Good, good exercise! I changed the battery in my flashlight so we shouldn’t have that problem now. Car! And Santa’s sled! Heh heh! Which one do you like more: the car or the sled? Volkswagen? I don’t know. I’m really bad about the cars; knowing about cars. Another sled thingy. Great place for a picture. Took a few pictures of this car and sled. Some oil cans; Shell Oil cans. What’s this? Do you guys have any idea? There’s an old tool there. Place for a picture? And there’s a machine in there too. Maybe that machine was upstairs before. You never know. I have no idea. There’s some thing here that moves things. Huh. Stairs. Hmmm. Yeah I’m pretty sure this was a mill. Oh, let me get my flashlight so … You guys know better about these places so You can think better if it’s a part of the mill or not. What? It’s a new battery and it’s blinking! It’s odd … and what are these? It goes up. Really annoying. If we go up and there are some things in there. Maybe some grains or something from there. Stairs in there too. Let’s check out that first. There’s some tube here too that goes down. and something that goes even more down. More wheels … Oh, there’s some … Really! I cannot remember the English names to everything. HIHNA in Finnish. Whoa! Whoa! Some wheel. OH! That stair is rotten. Whoa. Really unstable floor. Huh. Looks kind of cool. Really have to be careful. Uhhh! This is really rotten. There’s a machine in there. Get off! (laughs) Really have to think about many times where to step in here. OH! Oh. Hmmm. This seems a bit more solid. My mic fell. Wait a second. Okay. Let’s continue. My mic just fell. I guess I didn’t tighten it up enough. Ooh! Interesting machine. Place for a picture … I think. Hmmm. Beer can. Really don’t recommend that in this kind of place. It’s full of traps and that there stairs, I won’t go even though I would like to see upstairs too. I think that is used in field work. You know that … These wheels are made of wood. What is this? Office? Bed there? I think there might be stairs too. Once … upon a time. Once upon, there was a stair in here but now it’s not. End of that. I’m really getting … nervous. Really have to feel my legs. How solid the ground is. Huh. Some iron part here. Tight pants ain’t really designed for this kind of ninja trying things. Traps everywhere. (*raspberry) Whoa! Just get off. Something fell downstairs. Okay, I think I head back. There has to be some sort of limit the line of risking your health for the sake of the film so I can make more films. Huh … but still. I’m interested to go upstairs. Everything is so rotten that every time I step on anything it breaks. I wonder if this … these last. Just like playing the most difficult part in a video game So, as nervous. Okay. Oh now let’s try if we can survive to get upstairs. I mean downstairs. Not upstairs again. Hmmm. I wonder if there’s downstairs. Ow! Poked my head. You baa … terd. Hey! This is kind of a saw. It was saw. Yay! It’s a big wheel. I don’t think there’s anything else here. Some carriages or what? Freedom! Ooh berries! I wonder if these were the poisonous ones. There’s only one way to find out. Oummm … So sour! More sour than lemonade. I mean lime or something. Okay. Well that’s about it. Let’s leave. Yes I think that was a mill … once upon a time. So let’s quit this episode right here. Uhhh … thumb up, of course and subscribe. I hope you liked this one and thank you for watching so … and share if you can some of my videos or this one. So … yes. Goodbye.

Antonio Breitenberg

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62 thoughts on “Car, Sled, Machines & Rotting Floors In the Abandoned Lapland Mill

  1. Georgina Pantoja says:

    Hi Janne! But We are need πŸ‘€ other excellent video πŸ˜‰ , please be careful ✌☺

  2. Karin Evans says:

    Hmmmmmmm. Yeeeesssss. I hope your tetanus is up to date.

  3. tolaakson says:

    Picture taking parts bother? Nah, quite the opposite, it's interesting to see how you frame the shots.

  4. Marlene Riegel says:

    Hello again, your English is pretty good, we tell you what we call it and you let us see your country through a Cameras eye. I am learning quiet a lot from watching you and your adventures. Keep them coming, but please be careful, not Video is worth getting yourself injured over. As always Have A Good DayπŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ¦‹

  5. Hope Dunkel says:

    Love the car, picture taking does not bother me.

  6. Racheal Lange says:

    Like my husband always says "Everything is edible..but some things only once.." He is right,but very careful.. as he likes to hunt mushrooms..He only collects the ones he knows 100%..I just go rock hunting while he goes looking for mushrooms…yep I am a rock hound.weird to most people..I just love crystals,and fossils..I have loved them all my life..

  7. Michael Kaiser says:

    look for mine and audits my brother

  8. Sharon Legnon says:

    Hi Janne!!!! Be careful. That has definitely been vacant for quite some time.

  9. Laura anne Hess says:

    You need repelling equipment on, scary rotten wood. Indiana Jones you are. LOL Be well.

  10. Sarah A says:

    That was a pretty awesome decade mill. Lot of neat machinery.

  11. Luisa Martins says:

    Be careful please πŸ™‚

  12. Sheri Jacobs says:

    Hello and Good Day Janne

  13. Shelley Tribbey says:

    Worried about that floor! Very brave of you to risk life and limb for us! I loved the upstairs and all the wooden gadgets. Please be careful! Yikes!

  14. Sheri Jacobs says:

    I love the car

  15. Sharon Cassidy says:

    You worry me Janne it was an interesting place. How old was that place?

  16. Eileen Omega Patrick says:

    Love your videos, but please take care keep safe

  17. Benniloco says:

    I love the car! But I'll take the sled! As long as it comes with horses! πŸ˜‰ Loving it so far! πŸ’– Back to the video! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  18. Benniloco says:

    Love it when you take shots while filming! πŸ’–

  19. PokemΓ³n Hunter says:

    Janne…. brother…. ninja Jones….Loved the explore, Squeaky jacket and backpack are part of your trademark! LOL just like β€œhello, and good day β€œ, and also β€œshoes! saw! rain deer!, and my pants are tight β€œ! Lol. Freedom….. mmmmm berries! Lol. Gave thumbs up as always!

  20. E.T. Explores & More says:

    Looks like not the safest place to walk. πŸ™‚

  21. L L says:

    πŸ‘©β€πŸ­Hey Janne πŸ‘ I liked the sleds..a reminder of sliding down hills in the snow as a child!..Have a great day!⭐β™₯️

  22. Caddl1970 says:

    PUH.. to be honest.. in such building never walk on "nonbar-supported areas..
    look from down below where the big basr are..
    if you can see it from the next level in the house..
    There you can motly walk safe,if they are fit and stbile.

    Hopefully never something happens to yu like
    breaking throug ceiling/floor or unstabile metal construction ..aso.

    Beafe out there dear Janne πŸ™‚

    But a really cool mll maybee a sawmill or so??

  23. Caddl1970 says:

    That sled was common in the midle or late 1800 in europe.. and the states too..
    Nice find..
    The car look like from the 50-60-ties??
    First sight i meant it is a trabbie (from former East-Germany GDR) but that coul not fit maybe real??A old car from a over the USSDR to Finland fleed east german family?? ..
    Like that :

  24. Rachel Gervais says:

    One dangerous place and amazing place to visit but watch those holes

  25. Des Kennett says:

    Really interesting but a little dangerous πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨πŸ‘πŸ»

  26. caroline gorner says:

    Great find, please stay safe

  27. sgpch1983 says:

    looks like a saab, lada or skoda if i had 3 guesses.

  28. Flying Pictures says:

    Yeah Janne tons of interesting stuff there, could have close ups of all the equipment . It was great Thank you.

  29. Sherry Carter says:

    I like when you take pictures, adds an interesting element and gives us a chance to see something that interests you a little longer.

  30. hehheee 1 says:

    HyvΓ€ vidiπŸ‘

  31. Jennifer A says:

    Nice shots! Yes, take photo's… It makes it better to me. Hope your well. Hugs to you, Janne.

  32. Cassandra Elkins says:

    Omg be careful!!! Awesome old place tho

  33. BUDDY LIGHT says:

    Do you ever run into snakes?

  34. Ms Rae Olson says:

    Yes I love your squeaking jacket! loll

  35. Ms Rae Olson says:

    Casting it from my phone to big screen soo much betterπŸ’‹

  36. Ms Rae Olson says:

    Janne get out of there before you fall through..lolll

  37. Ms Rae Olson says:

    Janne grab onto that WHEEL loll πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„

  38. Ms Rae Olson says:

    OMG you soo hilarious , you wanted to know if there's a downstairs well as soon as you fall through you're going to find out

  39. Ms Rae Olson says:

    Oh my God one more comment get into that car drive the hell out of there loll πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜„

  40. Mary LeBlanc says:

    I like the sled best so cool. Not much left of the old car. Interesting stuff. Maybe this was Santa's summer place? : ) Beautiful quiet property. You took quite a risk walking on those rotten floors! Scary

  41. Joey Jumper says:

    Hello and Good day Janne,
    Omg! Janne, you really should not go walking on some of those floors…you looked scared at times and I was, thinking you were going to fall.
    Not carrying an extra 30 kg,s on your back might help the situation…
    Do you tell someone where you are going to be looking so they know where to look for you if they don’t hear from you?
    Any whoo…. keep the great adventures up but keep safe doing them!
    I love to see the things around your country πŸ’–
    Best Wishes 🌼

  42. Teresa Branson says:

    I think this place is like a griss mill

  43. Kristy * says:

    Janne your like a kid in a candy store. Just filled with joy at all that you survey! I like that you take still pictures. Hope you sell them. So much stuff in there but also lots of holes n rotten wood. Please be safe we worry about you. Great adventure.

  44. PoliceChaplain Misty says:

    Just keep doing what you love to do best.I like the picture taking while your exploring.stay safe in all you do

  45. Space Rangers Recording Studio says:

    Thumbs up

  46. Debra Watts says:

    Hi Janne, good video an a good find!

  47. Jayne Maggie Follin says:

    I was holding my breath watching you climbing on rotten floor, plz think first Janne, don't get hurt…

  48. Henry Ardoin says:

    "Janne" Check out the angel oak tree , in Charleston South Carolina!! It's on Johns Island!! πŸ˜‰ xoxo… πŸ˜‰

  49. Henry Ardoin says:

    "The stories she could tell.!! πŸ˜‰

  50. Ms Rae Olson says:

    Janne you could always leave backpack with me I will guard it will be safe with me ok..πŸ’‹

  51. Ronald Daub says:

    Grain mill,, silo… Vaxhaul car

  52. Ronald Daub says:

    Grain chutes

  53. Ronald Daub says:

    I would like to go back in time and see the people doing whatever was done at the places you go to

  54. Ronald Daub says:

    It also took a big steam engine or a large gasoline engine to turn those wooden wheels and the belts I bet the engine is long gone but from seeing your last video at the Sawmill by the river the engine could still be around?

  55. Shirley B. says:

    I love the sound your leather makes and when you take pictures
    and your camera too! πŸ‘ž;)

  56. Jason Williams says:

    When I go into abandoned buildings though rare.. I am okay as long as things are sturdy but this last time I walked into the old brick house in my home town, I heard a lot of alarms and whistles going off in my head because it was unstable.. it survived over 160 years of winters but due to vandals as well as natural causes breaking the bricks and mortar apart causing it to fall and thus the supports going as well.. vandals have tossed what furniture was left into the flooded basement.. they shoved an old piano over and dragged an old refrigerator into the right area.. they put a log between the first floor and second floor so it's pretty much holding up well on the right side… but people go into these abandoned places to steal copper wire but this place didn't have much.. and they would steal door knobs and old bathroom sinks.. they even stole the banister from the main stairway.

  57. Michael Miller says:

    The Sleigh!! #1

  58. Ro Jaws says:

    Nice video and thanks for sharing it. But I must admit I worry when people explore collapsing buildings alone. Please bring a friend to these kinds of adventures just in case.

  59. onlythetruthnolies says:

    Well rotten, just how I like them most.πŸ‘

  60. John Doe says:

    You should wear a safety helmet! Hope you always carry a first aid β›‘ kit with you too. Oh berries!

  61. Comrade -__- says:

    One of the more interesting places, Janne. I thought it odd that there was a plough on the upper floor. lol

  62. brian bloom says:

    I realy like your video's but you walk like a horse. fine some grace will are unstable walking.

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