CAPITA Ultrafear – 2020 Snowboard Review

CAPITA Ultrafear – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hi, I’m Rob from snowtrax. Today here to
talk to you about the new UltraFear from capita. this is a brand new one
still in its packaging so let’s get it out and have a look at what it looks
like. So I’ve been really really impressed with the graphic this year
it’s really really nice I think it’s one of the best ones that they’ve done so
far. It just pops as soon as you start to take it out of the packaging you’ve got
a really nice sort of like finish across the board yeah definitely one of the
best graphics. A bit of a bit of a variance from what they’ve done
previously we’ve very primary like skulls but a lot going on this board and
again construction wise still the reliable trusted park board
that we want so it is a higher-end price point for a park board, but we do get a lot
of ingredients in there that make this super durable really really fun
responsive snappy exactly what you’re after from a park board. So with the Ultrafear we’re very much
flat in the middle of the board and then we go into a slight early rise, so again
it’s very easy to pivot it’s really really trusty when you’re on rails
there’s no kind of catching but surprisingly for yeah, for what is a kind
of reverse camber board at the tip and tail you do get a lot of pop out of this
and it’s very very reliable some people will naturally find that they’ll want to
go straight to a cambered board but this has got huge amounts of pop for what is
a reverse camber board. As I said before a lot of durability in the board you’ve
got sort of like Kevlar and cork in there for dampening so a lot of high-end
ingredients and again a super quick base so you’re not going to knuckle out really
really quick into the turn and it holds its edge out of the park really nicely
that’s what’s always always been nice about this board you can take out a park
and you can ride it and have fun on it but the park is its home that’s where
it’s really built for and that’s where you’re going to get the most out of it
so think about the percentage of your riding
are you a park rider if so fantastic highly recommend it. If you’re riding
more out of the park there are other boards to ride in the range maybe have a
look at a DOA or if you’re unsure just see some more of our videos for something to to whet your appetite. Thanks so much.

Antonio Breitenberg

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