Capita Mercury – 2019 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the CAPITA Mercury. I’m a real fan of Mercury for me actually Taylor’s to my sorta style of riding a lot more than the award-winning DOA so I’m probably going to isolate myself a little bit here but this is more fun for me it rewards a type of riding I do that is more all-mountain freeride based so your step up to the mercury yes your hand a bit more when you get bit more stiffness a bit more stability more suited to that type of riding I can ride it in the park not as much as a DOA but for me that is where I spent most of my riding in terms of gunning it down a piste it feels more assured on its edge it feels livelier turn to turn so for me it has everything that I want from a board. I love the graphics a nice little reference to moon landings etc CAPITA do really cool graphics. This is the 5/9 I’ve got in my hand personally I’m 511 65kg so the five seven is more suited to my style of riding I can go down to the five five I just find that you’ve got enough an edge great stability in this board but it’s how much float you want so again just depends on how much off piste you’re looking to go for. I think you get a bit more float out of the Black Snowboard Of Death, so if you spending a bit more time in the powder that’s going to offer you more so All-Mountain freeride capability if you’re after a more sort of like gunship for versatile riding and you do want to get a bit of Park that’s where the mercury can come in and kinda fill that gap for you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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