Canucks Training Camp – Behind the Scenes

(intense drum music) – I haven’t spoke about
expectations or goals for the last two years, but when you look around the room today with the
team that Jim has assembled, I think it’s important
that we touch on it today. Our goal is to make the playoffs, and we don’t mind saying it. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we play the game. And it’s the daily process
that’s gonna get us there. The practices, the workouts,
the video, the daily grind. I know camp can be hard at times, but let’s embrace it. Know it’s gonna make you better. Know it’s gonna make the
group better as well, and it’s gonna get us where we want to go. (upbeat rock music) – This is what we’ve been
waiting for a long time, you know all summer, and
this is what we work for to get the whole group together
and the coaching staff. It’s nice for it to start
getting a little serious. (puck dings goalpost) (scraping against ice) – Let’s get out there,
let’s get out there. Let’s be sharp. (whoosh) (cheering) – It’s a real excitement around. You can feel it just from the guys that have been here for awhile. You know down to the
guys that we traded for and signed as free agents. It just feels a little
bit different this year. That a baby, Myesy, atta baby. – Yeah, I’m super excited. You know one thing I’m
definitely not gonna change is I’m just gonna come in and
I’m just gonna be physical and I think once you start doing too much. You know once you get
bumped up the lineup, you start doing too much. I think the best thing for
me is to stick to my game. – It’s training camp time,
something we’re waiting for. By the end of the year,
we’re always looking forward to a little bit of off time, but then by the time it
rolls around right now, I think everybody’s chomping
at the bit to get going. – We got some new faces on
the team, higher expectations. Like I know what’s gonna
happen at the training camp. It’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be tough practices, but it’s good to set the standard directly ’cause this is how we want to play. A hardworking team. – Quick feet, quick feet, quick feet! Don’t let ’em get there,
don’t let ’em get there. Go, go, go! Drive, drive! This is nothing yet. (ice scraping) Talked about our group about
having a positive energy, knowing, embracing that
training camp’s hard. They all know that the
first skate of the year is a tough one, especially
with the test at the end. Petey’s on a mission, huh? – Yeah, yeah, once I signed here I heard how hard training
camp was gonna be. Starting with that five mile bike test and then the first skate, we knew it was gonna be a good one. And then finish it off with
the five 40 seconds at the end. It was definitely one of
the hardest skates I’ve had. – I can’t talk. (laughing) Can only answer yes or no. (laughing) – That’s my answer then. (whistling) (cheering) Good work today, gentlemen. Good work today. We’ll see you all tomorrow. Good job, great job. Atta way. Oh hey, Ferly. How was it, Ferly? – [Ferland] Hardest
practice I’ve ever had. (Coach Green laughs) I’m not even lying. (Coach Green laughs) – Ferly said the hardest
practice he’s ever had. (laughs) Atta way Myesy. – Atta way. – [Coach Green] Day
one’s always the hardest. (anticipatory music) – All the D are active
in the league right now so if we could catch ’em
when we first touch the puck and really sprint to offense right now and beat their people off the ice, here, here, here, and here, then we’re gonna open up
the ice for ourselves. So we’re passing the puck. We’re moving our feet. We’re jumping to openings
and it’s a sprint up the ice and we catch their D on
the wrong side of the puck then we get a scoring chance right there. You’re gonna see right
here, Baertschi and Bo along the boards. You’re gonna see bumped
up the puck from D-zone. We jump out of the pile. We’re in full sprint mode. Bo’s crossing him over. Baertschi is sprinting up the ice. We chip it ahead. Bo passes the puck, moves his feet, and we’re attacking the net. We’re going right to the far post. We sprint up the ice and we
end up back in their D off. So speed kills, we wanna
use speed at all times. (upbeat rock music) (celebratory yell) – Bullet! – For me expectation is always high and we got a couple pieces. We got the young guys who
are getting one year older and are expected to take a
little bigger role, and yeah. I like our mix. I like our group a lot and can’t wait to play some hockey games. – Goldy, did you just high-step it there? (upbeat rock music) (grunt) You went to the net
hard… I was like uh oh. – I knew that something’s
gonna happen, right. – [Stecher] Couldn’t just let
you cut, just held my ground and you hit the goalie. (upbeat rock music) (whistling) (anticipatory music) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) – Gives you a chance to
kinda play in a game. It’s been five or six months here, so we got our first real game on Monday. So, it’s nice to kinda
get your feet wet here. (crowd clapping) – Thank you so, Maxim look. Thank you so much! Appreciate it. – You got hand cramps yet? – [Young Boy Behind Camera]
This is the best day of my life! – Hi Canucks TV! (calm music) – Another teaching point,
we wanna close quick. We want to eliminate, but not
at the risk of losing guys. So they come and spin off you. If you’re not right on ’em, you gotta contain ’em and then close off. Good job we don’t lose ’em. Second layer jumps in. Cut the back of the net. Teaching point, cross-check
on the hips without a penalty. Stick on the ice. Come up with the puck. – Doing actually pretty
good the last two days. Me, him, and Goldy have had a couple good possession
time in our practices. He’s a really well-rounded player. I mean, he can play up
200 feet in any situation. He’s super strong on the puck. He wins a lot of face-offs,
and there’s nothing really to not like about his game, so. – I think it’s gonna be great. I mean, him and I are
always talking on the ice, always seeing what we can improve on and what we can do to
get an edge on everybody. He’s a great player, smart player. (upbeat rock music) – Switch me, go, go, go. – [Coach Green] Goldy had a breakaway? – Him and I, I told him to switch. – Center swing.
– Center swing, I came around. Perfect seam. (crowd goes oh) – Oh yeah! (stick banging) (players talking to each other) – Ahh! Nice play, Millsy! Good play, Breezer. – I like that in the corner there, Millsy. A little deception. Little (woo), little shimmy-shake. (crowd goes oh) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (whistling) (crowd cheering) (anticipatory music) – [Broadcaster] First
preseason game as the journey begins here in Victoria. – Ah, it’s pretty cool. It’s good to knock some rust off tonight and to do it in front of friends
and family should be fun. This has all come full
circle over the years. I was gone for awhile, but now
I get a chance to come back. With training camp here, it’s pretty cool. (crowd yelling) – [Broadcaster] From beautiful
Victoria, British Columbia, the capital of our fine province, the site of Vancouver’s
training camp this year. The Canucks taking on the Calgary Flames. – [Announcer] Number four, Jordie Benn. (crowd cheering) (dramatic violin music) – [Commentator] Puck
comes back to Brisebois. He lets it go, rebound, Eriksson scores. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Teves down
from the left point. Makes a move behind the goal, Josh Teves comes in for
another shot, he scores! (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Here’s Horvat. Now centering pass, Horvat scores! (crowd cheering) – You’re gonna hear this
a lot this year, buy in. First thing that comes to
mind for me, being committed. To yourself, to your teammates, sacrificing personal goals to win. Doing whatever it takes
to help the team win, and you need everyone to do it. You need 23 guys to buy
in to win in the NHL.

Antonio Breitenberg

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