Canadian Goes to a Mexican Soccer Game! 🇲🇽⚽️ (Tigres Vs Cruz Azul)

Canadian Goes to a Mexican Soccer Game! 🇲🇽⚽️ (Tigres Vs Cruz Azul)

nasty mic here is the mantenimiento see know what is up guys I’m here in Monterey at El stabia universitário top diggers I’m here with my new friends what’s up Carlos very good and we’re also here with you guys excited for the game are we cheering for today tigress okay amigos I’m here in Monterey outside the stadium you guys know I went to one game before I saw Club Americas Mexico City [Applause] because there’s a lot of yeah I’m only filming my cell phone today because it’s hard to get big cameras in spaces like this so hopefully the quality is okay and you guys can hear me but it’s gonna be a fun night like torte taco restaurant right inside so guys paulina managed to get tickets for one of these nice boxes I’ve never sat in a place like this before so it’s gonna be a brand new experience I’m pretty excited the best email Mexico what’s the story gonna be we need predictions diggers two to one well what do you think I think it’s going to be like maybe three one three one of these means I’m gonna say 3-0 of Secrets that’s very okay what do you think three – three – okay it’s a lot of girls [Music] [Applause] [Music] man this [Music] hello [Music] so you order the beers here and they bring you a bucket with a beer opener how cool is that right so this is Tigre it’s the local team against Cruz Azul and this is the first cut of a season and that’s why they have this special dance the special show to start the game so basically Paulina’s work was able to get these tickets I just met Polina and Carlos tonight and they were nice enough to invite me to this game they know that they know the new travel so shout-out to you guys for that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we are sitting right behind me the crazy area they call them Tigres secrecy local like tigers and crazy and you can seem to have a pinch around that section and we are running right there so we’re going to be hearing the songs all night [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] three times Dylan has a manatee shot this is not good for los Tigres [Music] [Applause] well I said three nothing I said three nothing fingers [Applause] [Music] but at least I have cheater on we say can you say to one and I said three one so it’s [Music] half time 1:04 through that do Bruno Mars is coming everybody’s coming up [Music] [Applause] [Music] I guess this as good as the first game of the season but they sure love their fireworks here it’s crazy all right there’s only 30 minutes left we need to go here they got a corner [Music] [Music] what do you think are they in a store are the Tigers gonna start and hopefully [Music] took off there okay guys we need to us [Music] well guys it was a fun night but we’re at 90 minutes it is still 1-0 I think this might be the end for most vigorous last few minutes last chance for lost in guys [Music] I [Music] Oh guys sometimes you win sometimes you lose tonight we lost but it was still a good night and I hope you guys enjoyed that look and los Tigres and butter a nickel as always guys I’m Dan the new job see you next time [Music] [Applause]

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Canadian Goes to a Mexican Soccer Game! 🇲🇽⚽️ (Tigres Vs Cruz Azul)

  1. The New Travel says:

    What is the best soccer team in Mexico? ❓⚽️

  2. Frank Hernandez says:

    Dan , más te vale que hayas apoyado a tigres!😎

  3. Claudia Tapia says:

    Let’s do a road trip to La Baja. You are very welcome to come to Tijuana. We can do Tijuana-la Paz

  4. Rootless says:

    Your cell recorded a very nice video.

  5. Claudia Tapia says:

    No one leaves the stadium typsy😂😎

  6. E C says:

    So handsome

  7. Lidia Ma says:

    Azul, azul, azul😜

  8. Frank Mora says:

    I’m from Monterrey and my favorite team is tigres and the first time you go to a game is like magic.

  9. Adriana Lilly Sosa Flores says:

    Equipos maletas, no meten gol ni de broma.

  10. Jorge Soria says:

    Pierda o gane tu equipo una buena cerveza nunca esta de mas

  11. Paula Lott says:

    Dan, ve a Valle de Guadalupe en Baja California. 😊

  12. Alex Ruiz says:

    Tigres equipo chico

  13. Axel Gaytan says:

    The best team!!

  14. Finding Memo says:

    I have a boy crush on Dan and love his accent. I’m glad you have fun.

  15. Emilio Arreola says:


  16. Enrique Marquez says:

    I love it! it's the colors of IKEA!

  17. Brian Sieve says:

    That was fun. Sorry Nuevo León, Cruz Azul is my team. The best is at 4:30 that's a famous Boca Juniors chant: Boca mi buen amigos! Love it

  18. Shotty Ethan says:


  19. One Shot Adventures says:

    This was so fun to watch. I love going to see sports games when I travel, it shows you a whole other side to a country! Atmosphere in the stadium looked insane! So many fireworks haha

  20. Leni Hartati says:

    well enjoy the game 👍👍👍

  21. Moises Levi says:

    Tigers stadium is old and ugly looks like a stadium in Central America

  22. Here Be Barr says:

    You know I remember having major issues bringing even my g7x into the Chivas Stadium. Had to find a 2nd entrance, and stuffed it into my pocket hahahaha. Great stuff, nothing like soccer in Mexico.

  23. Dolly_ Ivonne83 says:

    Nice shots! 🍸🍷🍻
    Congratulations for this video 👏👏😘👍 XOXO

  24. cesar Perez says:

    Las aguilas del america 💪🔥🔥

  25. tysh g00d355 says:

    ya'll just a bunch o' bums, by the way Dan there's lots of junkies there in mty so choose your friends..

  26. oswal rivers says:

    Buen vídeo amigo.pero ariba América Águilas👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. oswal rivers says:

    Lástima de afición pinche equipo maleta que no le da alegría a su público.👎

  28. Adrone vallen says:

    🤢Veo pura amargura en ese estadio

  29. Giovanni Edwards says:

    In México you party when you win and you party harder when you lose. Nice vlog and I'm glad you like my city.

  30. Lu Ca Mendoza says:

    Very Welcome to Monterrey ¡¡¡ This City is Your Home Now ¡¡¡

  31. Alejandro Carranza says:

    Club De Fútbol Monterrey – Rayados

  32. Emeli Pim says:

    Hola youtube que pasa?, estoy viendo comentarios mios que puse en otro canal, en este vídeo, soy yo o pasa algo raro?
    Por otro lado saludos dan te ves muy bien, muy feliz, un fuerte abrazo

  33. Victor Perez says:

    3:25 not soldiers, just a marching band. Kind of like a post show in an American Fotball game

  34. murrey hall says:

    I like how everything is sooo colourful in Mexico. The old buildings, their colourful parades.

  35. fernando gutierrez says:

    Are you still in monterrey. If you are let me know I can show you around and give tips. On what to do and were to go

  36. Carlos capetillo says:

    Me encantan tus vídeos… Saludos

  37. John Edward Jones says:

    Once again. So glad you are back in MX…Soccer game perfect spot to feel that special MX SPIRIT.

  38. Michelle G says:

    Debiste haber ido a el de los rayados

  39. Marline Harrold says:

    Thanks lots. 😀

  40. moco Pando says:


  41. Yomero c says:

    hey just for the record is football not soccer……..

  42. Ramiro Corzo says:

    Tigres equipo chico

  43. Chupacabras says:

    If you are still in Monterrey, ask how to go to Grutas de Garcia, or look for it in the WEB Sure you will stay fascinated.

  44. MrForthepunx says:

    Nice video man! thats sanicolas de los garza

  45. Krema 16 says:

    Tu ya eres águila, no es posible cambiar de equipo.

  46. Valdez says:

    La mejor afición de mexico

  47. Erik Alejax says:

    You need go to "San Pedro"

  48. scaryeoman 1417 says:

    Deberías ir a San Pedro garza garcia esta a unos minutos te sorprendera lo moderno que es
    Y sus grandes edificios

  49. Antonio Montalvo says:

    You should come to Chihuahua now that you're nort!

  50. Enrique Arriaga says:

    Yeah Tigres, saludos desde Monterrey

  51. Vitriolo says:

    Just to let you know, Tigres is an average team. The top dog is Chivas from Guadalajara.

  52. puerta door says:

    debereías de venir a San Luis Potosi
    donde se dan las mejores semillitas del mundo

  53. Jonathan E says:

    Awesome! I went to América- Cruz Azul at the Azteca in the end of October with my friend and two others, my friend now lives in Monterrey but he is not originally from there, and he is Americanista so…It was 0-0 but still an awesome experience. I would really love to go to the Monterrey derby between Rayados and Tigres one day.

  54. natti natti nattramn says:

    que lástima que perdieron los tigres, me gustaría que hubieran ganado para que sintieras el volcán en erupción

  55. Alex AL7 says:

    The best fans, te best estadium, The best Time, this is Tigres!💛💙😍🐯

  56. B C says:

    olor a miados rompemadres

  57. B C says:

    para los que solo vinieron por el gol 6:36

  58. Live Riuzak says:

    Equipo chico vs equipo salado.

  59. VIBRANT WORLD says:

    Increible la energia del estadio, aunque los Tigres perdieron jajajaja

  60. Tim Gonzalez says:

    I would of said Cruz Azul 1 Tigres 0……I win!!!!!!! Looks like you had fun Dan. Have some menudo in the morning… it will cure the hangover

  61. Young Acid says:

    Ajjajajajjajaja que oso que veas como abuchean a los tigres
    Mejor ve a ver a los Rayados

  62. Melannie Just Like That says:

    Tigres has the most fun, family oriented stadium vibe in all of Mexico. There is nothing compared to going to a game there.

  63. Omar Gutierrez says:

    Tigres small team :v

  64. miguel garcia says:

    In fútbol you put the local team at left Tigres is at home, if they score one goal then the score goes like this Tigres 1-0 Cruz azul

  65. Knick Knack says:

    Tigres rules!!!

  66. Adri CTC says:

    The best Team in Mexico 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯

  67. Daniel cruz says:

    where is Nari?

  68. Siempre Rayados says:

    A la Verga la u

  69. NotAnotherVlog says:

    Yes!! Tigres

  70. Rodrigo WB says:

    ¿y tu playera de las águilas Dan? ¿where is your Aguilas jersey Dan?

  71. darth skywalker says:

    Monterrey fc rayados

  72. Santiago Garcia says:

    A Cómo se divierten. Es todo saludos Cuidense

  73. OP Phenomenon says:

    Nice!! Cool having a Canadian in Mexico

  74. Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    I live in Monterrey but I've always go Cruz Azul since I was a child
    So please don't sub estimate the blue power, so there you go your 3-0 you Canadian boy Lol…

  75. Tigres Uanl says:

    u should go when tigres in on a final is way more epic

  76. FinnBoy 61 says:

    fue al mismo dia del partido que fui yo jajajaj

  77. Williamgamer 1414 says:

    Vamos Cruz azul

  78. francisco DENVER TIGRE 1 Ramírez Ignacio says:


  79. Julio Chavez says:

    I always thought that the ambient, atmosphere in the Mexican stadiums was the same, truth is…there is no other stadium like Tigres. If the the stadium were 75K capacity it would be a sell out every 15 days. FOR SURE!


  80. Esteban Rey says:

    NO, el mejor equipo es Monterrey, tigres es mas chico que su estadio jajajaja

  81. Luis Oswaldo Carrillo Sandoval says:


  82. Cali says:

    Y Tigres terminó campeón!

  83. Lozano Valdez says:

    Se parece a mí primo

  84. Kannabis Zativa says:


  85. laura peña medina says:

    Perfecto!! Te toco ver al mas campeón de Nuevo León 👍🏼♥️

  86. Ashley Herrera says:

    Estoy aprendiendo inglés y me ayudan muchos tus vídeos… Ese juego de tigres te logré ver desde la barra (así se le dice a los chicos de la porra) y creí que te confundía con otra persona. ¡Que locura!

  87. Demetrio Juarez says:

    😁😁😁😁 tigres chico de Rancho😁😁😁😁

  88. Jose Omar Rodriguez says:

    Me hubiera gustado que vieras como se vive un gol de Tigres en el estadio universitario

  89. Liz Rdz says:

    No hay nada mejor que ir al estadio universitario para ver a los Tigres!😎

  90. Enedino Pena says:


  91. sakamoto tatsuma33 says:


  92. utubevallarinos says:

    Quelle folie! 😂

  93. Javier Hernández says:

    Y tenía que ser la mejor afición de México 😍🐯

  94. Alberto Jaramillo says:

    tienes que hir a San Pedro, es el lugar más rico económicamente de Monterrey

  95. Michelle Duarte says:

    Tigres equipo chico, pero qué chingon que haya visitado Monterrey, pese a quién le pese somos las mejores aficiones de México nos la pelan.

  96. Cecy Gi says:

    Dan, hubieras regresado a ver a los Tigres, fueron campeones de la temporada😃👍🏻

  97. misstubbie13 says:

    ¡Arriba La poderosa Máquina Celeste de la Cruz Azuuuuuuuul!

  98. RG xdxd says:

    Los dos mejores equipos regios Tigres y Rayados like si le vas alguno de los dos 🤠😎

  99. luis fernando Martínez says:


  100. luis fernando Martínez says:

    Que Pinche vergüenza llevar a un extranjero a esa pocilga , pobre bato , llegando al hotel ha de haber pedido cloro y desinfectante para bañarse , sin mencionar un litro de perfume para olvidar ese olor a mirados.

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