canada roller marathon 2019 (pascal briand vlog 272)

canada roller marathon 2019 (pascal briand vlog 272)

that was cool this week in canada , Pierre thank you yes in Québec, that was cool yes in Québec, Canada this canada roller marathon i like that 1st day what did we do Darren? we went to skate at the F1 circuit yes we skate directly, i landed and they bring me to the track what is the circuit name?
circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the Island it’s a f1 lap , there is a race per year the rest of the time it’s open to cycling and skating that was cool to skate behind the bike yes, you dropped me also^^ it’s cause we just arrived it was a good week cause we did the race bu we did a lot also we filmed a bit at olympic park yes the morning after that was thursday morning? thursday yes we filmed at olympic park , that was amazing did you saw the video? i went back there on friday we went to the skate park also ah yes we did skate there, you were good you surprised me i need to work my skate park
yes a little bit^^ we also went a bit in the center yep we visit the harbor the old montreal too the canal….
we also saw an old factory but we couldn’t go in with the skates yes the farine five roses the old building the day after that was cool we meet Kozmic she do roller dance that was nice she was world champion freestyle also she did roller derby also after?
yes she did and she is french in the evening we skated in parc maisonneuve for a little training cause during the event… the canada roller marathon can be done alone or in team so many friend decided to do it as a team it’s good for people who don’t feel ready to do a 42km straight so they make a little gang so they train for relay there also there was 2 teams training that evening saturday was the race…that’s nice formula as we have 100m with 8 skaters its amazing really cool also the 1km for the kids and a 3km open race with a sprint finish you got your second victory of the day and then the 42km that was cool with Jordan Belchos he did olympic games Valérie Maltais olympic champion Julien Armand , canadian champion Nicolas Labordes who is a columbian short track skater he had good acceleration also Pascal Briand ^^ i did my little attack but… you won anyway…congratulation yes HUgo was strong that was hard yes but that was particular it was not like marathon in Europe there was many attack the 7 first lap was super fast yes we were chasing after Jordan Belchos i accept to be role model cause i skate a lot in inline in 2014 – 2016 when i was training for panamerican games and there was not many competition in Canada, in Quebec adn it’s the 1st edition of the race it can help to bring top skater in canada so it’s important so for me i say YES directly the track is good i like to have small lap…And this one is 3km it’s small but not really small it’s good to be able to see the all lap and know when to attack to breakaway and yesterday we did the clinic…a good day of teaching that was nice…
there was lot of kids also it’s was cool atmosphere the clinic is excellent we learned a lot of great information to help to develop here this nice sport in canada we learned about the hip position the body weight transfert and today thank you for the visit…it’s wonderfull what is the name of this place? parc doncaster dans les laurantines it’s not one of the national parc it’s nice also but it’s a regional parc so it’s less in the tourism book so we saw nobody this morning here^^ we will be back next year we race, we see the city it seems that ;.Elton say he want to beat Hugo next year thank you Pierre for organising this thank you VRL and the volunteer we keep going for the trail?

Antonio Breitenberg

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9 thoughts on “canada roller marathon 2019 (pascal briand vlog 272)

  1. Steeve Dassylva says:

    Merci pour tes vidéo J'ADORE…mais comment fait tu pour enlever la pole de ta gopro …..logiciel et plugin ou un tutoriel …merci

  2. pascal briand says:

    English subtitle available

  3. Pierre Laurent says:

    Merci Pascal, c'est super chouette comme video ! 🙂

  4. Frank Van Gaeveren says:

    love it! not only images, nice to see Pete back and this french canadian is the max !

  5. Gabriel Nevarez says:

    Blessings and Divine Energy to All 🤩

  6. Andy Chen says:

    Is that the gille-Villeneuve Circuit?

  7. randy brown says:

    How is the tether to the camera invisible yet it casts a shadow?

  8. Derek Simmons says:

    8:53 You looked so effortless, but you were passing people like a jet airplane! I laughed out loud wondering if I would have been one of those people.

  9. Asif Patel says:

    Great going Yash… Keep it up!

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