Can Jeno and Jaemin succeed jet surfing? [Battle Trip/2019.08.25]

Can Jeno and Jaemin succeed jet surfing? [Battle Trip/2019.08.25]

(Jaemin Day, Dreamy Tour) (Jet surfing) (15-minute car ride to jet surfing) (Songjeong Beach) (About to hit the rough waves of Busan) (They’re here!) We would look funny in wetsuits. (Their good looks light up the beach) (So handsome) We’re going jet surfing. (Fixated) – So cool. / – So that’s how you ride it. It’s so fast. (You can ride freely all over the water) That looks like fun. Wow! You don’t need to ride the waves. So cool. I want to do a jump on the board. (But they stretch first) (They have to stretch before going in the water!) Hold each handle with your hands. You can ride it on your stomach like this. Then with one hand, you press the gas to make it go faster. You pull on this to speed up. You pop up on your knees. Then you straighten your arms. Your right foot goes back. Then your left foot goes into the binding up front. Stand up slowly. (They learn how to work the boards) Now you can go into the water and ride. (Will they be able to conquer the seas of Busan?) Is that only for people that have gone surfing? You can learn easily even without any experience. – It takes a long time to surf. / – Yes. You don’t need to paddle with these. I’m nervous. (The waves seem rough from the start) (Jaemin is already revving his engine) (He fails to get going) It’s going to be hard to stay balanced today. (Jaemin sets off first) (He looks cool on his board!) (The board goes fast) He got on so fast. (Huh?) (Hahaha) Was it just me or did that remind you of a frog? That really hurts. You have to watch out for that. (Hahaha) You’re not supposed to ride straight into the waves. It really hurts. I can’t see ahead of me. Let’s try again. I like how you don’t have to paddle. That thing goes that fast? It looks exciting. It’s pretty hard to stand up. – Even riding like that looks like fun. / – Yes. It was fun. – So you have to stand up. / – He has it! Back foot, back foot. – Wow. / – He did it! There are straps for your feet. (Fixated) (Nervous) (He’s a bit shaky, but he finds his balance!) (He tries taking off his hands) – Too bad. / – It isn’t easy. It’s really hard to stand up. I think I’ll be able to stand. Do you usually surf? I’ve been surfing and I stood up in one try. I’ve been snowboarding too. But that was very different. It’s a lot harder than regular surfing. (Jaemin tries to get the hang of it) Jeno hasn’t stood up yet? (He starts his engine and gets ready to go!) (His engine turned off) (His engine turned off again) (He starts his engine and gets going for real!) (He jumped?) (A belly flop into the wave) That really hurt. (Out of it from being slapped by the water) (He gets focused and tries again!) – It’s so fast. / – Why is it so fast? It goes up to 45km per hour. (He keeps moving, but then the engine shuts off) (Slap) (A total mess) This is harder than it looks. (The waves are angry after the rain) (Jaemin is also at war with the waves) (Swept by the wave) Oh, no! (He keeps falling off after succeeding only once) He has to stand. (Reality, zoom) – My gosh. / – He’s so good. Seriously. That’s what I want to do! Why isn’t it working? (Everyone else seems so skilled…) Jaemin, let’s do this! (I’m going to get it this time!) (He gets on his knees) (He’s mastered up to the part on his knees) (He calmly puts one foot in the strap) (Jaemin tries to find his balance) (Let’s go) (He’s properly balanced) Oh, my God! Look at Jaemin! He did it! (He finally stood up fully!) (Looking cool) (Automatic applause) It took so long for me to stand up. (So cool) (Looking cool) (Freely riding on the water) (Excited) (Envious) (Jeno is inspired by Jaemin and tries again) (Getting competitive) (He gets on his knees in an instant) (Jeno patiently waits for his chance) (Does he get one foot in the strap?) He can stand up! He can do this! (He’s shaky, but he finds his balance) (He tries to stand!) Jeno is riding now. (Now, all he has to do is stand up) (He lets go) (He’s up!) He’s up! He should’ve taken it slower. You should’ve taken one hand off at a time. You get nervous once you’re standing. You end up speeding more. (Regret) (They’re really enjoying this thrilling activity) I’m getting hungry. Let’s go eat tripe! Let’s go!

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96 thoughts on “Can Jeno and Jaemin succeed jet surfing? [Battle Trip/2019.08.25]

  1. dhikandr says:

    JenoJaemin!! ♥ *screaming

  2. anjis feby says:

    I love nct dream especially jj

  3. love yeri for better skin says:

    I clicked fast when I saw Jaemin and Jeno. ❤️😂

  4. Na Bila says:


  5. rio - says:

    coba sehari w punya wajah jaemin/jeno…..dah kubawa cewe sekampus buat ke rumah…..cape di tanyain mulu sama mama "dah punya pacar belum?,ga niat pacaran apa emang ga laku?" sampe orientasi seksual juga ditanya….ampun dah dikira gw gay

  6. buh tintin says:

    isn't jeno myopic or sumn? or it isnt that bad?

  7. J O says:

    NoMin contents😂

    I'm happy for them
    But at the same time scared
    Baby sharks du du du du du du 😂
    And back injuries or lacerations from rocks or corals😭

  8. Jasmi xD says:

    My fav vid and you guys know why😂😂

  9. Qing Zhang says:

    So Jaemin is good at everything

  10. helloctober 15 says:


  11. Nameless Kid says:

    Mr Na Jaemin what can you not do😭😍

  12. morning zz says:

    Looks fun

  13. noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT SUJU BTOB says:

    Waaaahhhhh. Surfing again!!!! ♡♡♡
    My babies look so good!!!

    Happy 3 Years ♡♡♡

  14. Sarah Grace says:

    i need to see their athletic side more :')))))))))))

  15. Sarah Grace says:

    i really want to appreciate jeno and nana :')) this looks so hard and exhausting since i'm sure they really want to do their best so they can capture the awesome moment. We need to remember they're tired since their schedule are alway full packed. Love you Dreamies!

  16. Equal Parts Carat And NCTzen says:


  17. Prince B says:

    Why is NA JAEMIN good at everything??!

  18. sea sonnieee. says:

    귀엽당 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  19. Selli Fatma says:

    Jaeminnn 💚

  20. Multifan says:

    I can't imagine if Jaemin goes on a trip with Jisung

  21. You Mee says:


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  23. Blake Harry says:

    Jeno and Jaemin, the better couple i love

  24. Bella Lee says:

    Wowww… NOMIN you're the death of me

  25. Mario Mario says:

    Whoah nice …

  26. marlenne tjahjadi says:

    After watched it, just remember about exo ladder season 2.. nana its like yeollie, never give up 🤗🥰

  27. Luiza says:

    Na jaemin 😅🥺

  28. Lxnchxn 2004 says:

    Wow😮they have my respect it seems really difficult and scary to me I’m really proud of them for embracing new experiences and doing so well at them💚재민 사랑합니다!!!제노 사랑합니다!!!Yo Dream

  29. BlipBop 127 says:

    My boys

  30. K says:

    Jaemin and Jeno’s determination I WANT THAT

  31. Irene Hana says:

    na jaemin, king of boards

  32. Maxine Lee says:

    I need Jaemin surfing vlog in NCT Daily

  33. Ana Carolina says:

    I'm so proud of them <3

  34. Zoe Frencello says:

    Couples honeymoon I dont get it? Lol.

  35. oh canada says:

    poor jeno keeps getting slapped since the beginning 😭😂

  36. Sophia Kim says:

    me:sees the title
    also me: knowing Jeno and Jaemin can do anything

  37. marknipulate says:

    what jaemin CAN do: almost everything
    what jaemin CAN'T do: let me live

  38. Joseph Solace says:

    I LOST IT when the background music was skillet 😂😂😂

  39. shinee-czen says:

    even at practice theyre both in sync 😍

  40. BaNANA Jaemin says:

    I knew jaemin could do it because of when he went surfing in English puberty go watch it international fans you can actually understand lmao.

  41. SMfandomaniac HeartHeart says:

    I want to watch the full ep.😍😍

  42. Feb Ri says:

    Jaemin jeno so amazing

  43. Ya-ha says:

    I feel so sorry for wheezing when the wave hit Jaemin 😂 2:10

  44. PAPER SICK says:

    Idk but they’re look like a couple

  45. Faezlin Lee says:

    Who that girl in 1:41 ?

  46. Mongelyn Ehem says:

    Jaemin can surely balance well. Except on the holla hoop 😂

  47. vxCece15xv says:

    If they can succeed at surfing I can succeed at swimming 🤣❤

  48. bhevz mags says:

    Wahhhh…nana so cool..😍😍

  49. Ruatfeli Hrahsel says:

    Jaemin was so improve in English… I love him

  50. Tropical Dough says:

    I'm proud mommy 😭

  51. Michelle F says:

    they are literally on a date again,,, my nomin heart

  52. Neo Citizen says:

    Looks so fun

  53. H-suHost AROHA says:

    I'm scared of water but I love these things

  54. Suga's Pink nipple says:

    Jaemin looks like my mom in the thumbnail lmao

  55. kayla m says:

    6:09 LMFAOOOAOAO I CAN’T- 😭 why does this look like my mom trying to take a picture 😂😂💀🤡AHhaha

  56. Moon light says:


  57. Janice Silvia says:

    they look like twins here dksjhfgkjgh

  58. Huney.Hyunjin 1997Kookie says:

    Jaemin is the best all rounder at everything

  59. Maryana S.L says:

    omg jeno is just killing me

  60. — saturn says:


  61. ᄇioᄅeᄐa TM says:

    jeno sweetie…..

  62. La Stan Weir says:

    Jeno is my in the life 😔✌

  63. XxmayraxX 15 says:

    1:02 umm is one know talking about the song playing in the background???😕💜

  64. Niagara華子 says:

    They are so cute !

  65. keklol says:

    5:28 SONG PLEEEEASE???

  66. Stay Aroha says:

    This looks terrifying. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Congrats to them to be brave enough to try it 😭😂

  67. Catarina Dowsley says:

    Where are jaemin eyebrows

  68. luv jongin says:

    I love how Nomin basically have their honeymoon at the moment XD

  69. Tong Chanthapha says:

    Jaemin looks like one of those typical Californian surf boys 😭😂

  70. ˀˀ taerin says:

    poor jeno adkfnfn

  71. Isabel Von says:

    5:21 why does jeno look so smoL next to nana im 🥺

  72. x yaongi x says:

    vOicE cRaK

  73. Sofia Mohlin says:

    Ok but jaemin looking up at jeno when he talks is cute

  74. naaa taada says:


  75. Haruka 96 says:

    A big smile popping on Jaemin's face when he successful standing on the board

  76. Tae's happiness says:

    Then the actual couple name it's not Nomin, but Jaeno 😂

  77. sonagi says:

    Jeno gym buff jaemin jock

  78. Ikha Kartika says:

    Jeno :')

  79. j_jinaaa 073 says:


  80. KPOP MOCHI says:

    Basically Kbs ships Nomin and is giving them free dates. I Stan

  81. April Kim says:

    Hmmm boyfriendssss 💚

  82. Eyka Sha says:

    Please give me episod clue

  83. Naila Syifa says:

    제발 우리 런쥔도 초대해주세요. 런쥔이는 예능을 너무 잘해거든요.

  84. november says:


  85. Haru Hae says:

    Kaki nya nana kayak cewek 😁😂😂😂

  86. A. tiny girl87 says:

    our NaNa got the applause for his coolness & also jeno for trying his best and almost got it 👏🏻 both deserve it 👏🏻💚💚💚🔥🔥
    I mean is there anything that dreamies can not do ?! 💚👏🏻🔥

  87. jan ym says:

    0:24 he is so hella fineeeee

  88. Cheyenne Cheng says:

    when jeno belly flopped, my heart did the same :< 3:43

  89. janeyaaa imnida says:

    Why so perfect Nana? 😍

  90. Tiara Ko says:

    yes they can do everything

  91. J P says:

    나나❤️ 제노이❤️

  92. fckinglove says:

    Jeno is so good looking 😶😯😯😯 he's not that cutie jeno anymore ✨😯

  93. sage rose says:

    you looked so amazing babe!!!

  94. joe tg says:

    SM obv ships them more than we do 🤭 look at SM, making the two go on dates

  95. Cherry Leung says:

    Jeno's nice body🤤

  96. mel. says:

    jenos body omg

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