Caminando por el US Open of Surf a competencia de skateboarding

Activate subtitles for your language I already went for my girlfriend and my friends. My jealous girlfriend gave me more pinches. In another video, I show you the reason. We are going to the skateboarding competition. While we walk, I show you the place. It is a very beautiful beach. Here we will line up to enter that place. We will be for a time under this strong sun. I’m going to record a bit of the competition
skateboards The skateboarding competition is over. A Brazilian guy won. In the women’s competition, a Japanese girl won. That girl only speaks Japanese. Look at this place that I am recording in this
moment. Some guys who competed, they walk around
here. That’s why there are many young girls
here. They want to take pictures with those guys. They are lucky guys. Here are some young people speaking Portuguese. They probably come with the boys
They won. We already saw the surfing competition. We have also seen the skateboarding competition. Now my girlfriend, my friends, and I already have
hungry. We’re going to a restaurant that we saw there. The sun is already getting into. Some places that are inside the event
they are closing them We are already hungry This is the bicycle path. Today there are more people walking than cycling. We already have fun here on the beach, it’s time
to eat. This is a beach in Huntington Beach. This city is south from Los Angeles,
California. Thanks for watching the video First person videos, around Los
Angeles California Exploring Los Angeles, with subtitles in
Many languages.

Antonio Breitenberg

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