Hello guys! How are you? Hope you’re having a great day that everything is going super well my name is Carito and today I’m going to explain you how to do the change when we’re skating forward and we want to change the skating backwards or viceversa if we’re skating backwards and we want to do the change forward so today I’m going to explain you and before starting I wanted to explain you that if you want to know when I’m uploading the video faster you have to do click down here in the notification bell so that YouTube will let you know that I just uploaded new video and you can watch it faster and well said these, let’s take our saktes and let’s go to start with the video ok, we wil start forward and what you have to do is super easy just turn your left leg and then right one this way for going backwards the same, we’re going to take some push and what we’re going to do is turn our right leg first, then we open without touching the heels and then we turn left leg do this exercise several times so that you can control the movement don’t forget to bend always your knees and that the heels don’t crash well guys, this is all for today’s tutorial hope you like a lot this video share it with all your friends to let them know more about this change and so that more people can do it give it like subscribe to the channel and follow me in my social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because I upload different things in each social network and I would like to me closer to you also put down here in the comments what do you think about the video, if you already practice this change or if you have some doubts and you want to know something else about this change, of course that you can leave it down here in the comments and if you want to watch other kind of videos write it in the comments too so I can read them, see you next week, send you a kiss and have a great Thursday!

Antonio Breitenberg

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