Calgary Foothills FC 2017 PDL season review – Total Soccer Project

Calgary Foothills FC 2017 PDL season review – Total Soccer Project

yeah do you know what in the cold light of day it’s a Premier Development League and our job is to develop players and also put
our club on the map and I think when you look at it back to back years we’ve now
what we gained one more point than we did last year before we went on the
playoff run this year we’ve got 28 points and finished level with Portland
Timbers under 23 so I think their goal difference favored them and that’s why
they host the playoff game so back-to-back top of the table playoffs
that have to be a positive because we want to make sure that our local players
are put in a caliber where we’re competing whether I’d like to have gone
on a platform absolutely I thought we had a scored this year that
could have challenged I think it hurt us to have to travel because we actually
have to drive those no flights we couldn’t book the flight in 48 hours or
a 24 hour time window so we had to make the decision to drive and so when that
goal the Highlanders scored cost us more than just you know finishing level on
points it cost us the opportunity tells the
playoff game and that hurts but ill form from a bigger perspective we’re now
shown that we’re a quality franchise that now the Sounders and the Timbers
and Lanie right they’re all coming up there and given us a respect that we’ve
earned so that has to be a positive yeah I mean I think we became very good
winning one goal games that is the sign you know you look at the Chelsea to this
world that can Bayern Munich’s that win championships based on one goal games
and we did it with you know I mean look at a Limu sees one the goal against the
Sounders the 4-3 thriller come back when were three no down on our home opener
that a highlight you look at going down to Portland Timbers having lost to them
for nil 24 hours prior and then we beat them to one the very next day in the
ninth third minute so I think this this season has been littered with a lot of
highlights and I mean that you know we haven’t gone on the Cinderella run
defensively we did last year but probably our season games might be more
spectacular in the way in the manner in which we want them this year
so right now Bruno’s EBI based on my conversation with Colin Miller FC
Edmonton he’s gone straight into a training camp with them he was one of
their Academy players he’s at green and gold the University of Alberta and came
to us for the summer it did in great as Bruno’s one of our star performers and
they’ve invited him in and that looks like they really want to get him as part
of their four season so he’s got big decision to make
I’ve had a couple of soft inquiries tally moosie Dominic Russo is always on
people’s lips but you know he had a stuttering season due to injury
right which you know we had to adapt to it he will gather interest but I mean as
and when the CPL comes around I’m sure there’ll be a few more guys like Dylan
Powell E&B north over there’s going to be things happening for them guys I’m
sure of it

Antonio Breitenberg

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