Caldwell Lead Sled and Lead Sled DFT Review

Caldwell Lead Sled and Lead Sled DFT Review

– Hey guys, James again for TFB TV. We’ve got a nice crisp, cool 80 degree October day here in Louisiana,
so I’m capitalizing on that. Doing some dad chores around the house, and you wouldn’t believe this but I called Caldwell to ask if
I could have a Lead Sled, and you know I told them
I’d do a little video, plug them because I’ve had
a lot of you guys asking for a little bit more
detailed accuracy tests in some of the reviews,
figured I’d give it a shot. And when I contacted Caldwell they were super cool about it, and they were like hey
man we’ll send you two. And here we’ve got the lead sled plus. Instructions, tool kit. (squeaking) Hey Krink. The Lead Sled comes to
you partially assembled, it will require only a few minutes using the two provided hex keys and stamp wrench to
fully assemble your rest. Thank you for the vote
of confidence Caldwell but you guys don’t know how dumb I am. This is gonna take a while. Alright they refer to this as the frame. Says assemble the front
weight tray to the frame. Sadly, not a lot of
pictures in the manual. Just a schematic, makes it
a little bit tougher for me. (paper crinkling) Well that actually
really wasn’t that hard. I’ve got this thing assembled, it’s pretty well made as you’d expect. I mean everybody knows Caldwell’s kinda synonymous with the Lead Sled. And even though they bribed me, you guys just saw it was
really easy to put together. I’m sitting here watching the game, maybe check the manual a couple of times. Now there weren’t as many
pictures as I would have liked. However it was straightforward, I didn’t even really need
to look at the manual and as I said I am really really
dumb and bad with my hands. So for you guys it might
take even less time. Let’s get this other one. Alright now this other box is substantially larger and heavier. The Lead Sled DFT, Dual Frame Technology. Wow this thing looks really sophisticated. Oh man, this is gonna be tough. Alright now this manual’s got more pictures, step by step. God, put the weight tray on backwards. Anyways this one the DFT
was a little bit trickier, but all in all not really not that difficult to assemble either. Took a little bit longer than the much simpler Lead Sled plus. I’ll give them both a shot at the range. (gunshots) Alright I’ve got the Lead
Sled Plus set up for this M4. Now you guys can see, if
you’re pistol grip shooters, you might be in a little bit of trouble. Especially if you’re shooting prone. Gosh or especially if
you’re shooting seated, and you’re above the ground. As you can see, my M4 right now is pointed kind of in an upward
arc, and that’s because the pistol grip on this M4 goes right into the main support rod here on the Lead Sled Plus. You can make the front
of the gun go up and down with this little wheel here, really nice very smooth action
but at a certain point if you’re shooting a
gun with a pistol grip, it’s gonna hit the support pole. So in order to avoid that, I’ve
gotta raise it up a little. So to get things level what
are you gonna wanna do? Well you’re gonna want
to elevate the back end. I suppose one way to do that is to maybe stack things in the little pouch here for the stock. Another way is this foot in the back. But right there that’s about as far as it goes. And I think that might put us on target. So I gotta say guys, this Lead
Sled DFT is pretty badass. I didn’t really understand
just out of the box what it did over the Lead Sled Plus, but when you’re dialing this thing in, it’s like dialing in a
medieval siege machine or something like that. You’ve got a crank here, that brings the front end from left to right. Then you’ve got a massive wheel right here that you can
see lifts it up and down. So when you have your eyes on the reticle in the scope, you can
just make these minute adjustments to get your shot on target. It’s pretty impressive,
very very fine increments. (gunshot) Next up we’ve got the AK in the Lead Sled, and this is gonna be a little bit awkward and not just because
of my shorts this time. This AK, the Banana mag you can see runs into the dual tubes on the bottom. So I’ve got this thing propped up, I’ve even got some wolf
a box of wolf back here propping up the rear of the Lead Sled just so we can get this thing on plane. So it’s gonna be a little weird but I’m pretty sure the
results are going to be good. (gunshot) Hey thanks again to Caldwell for sending me these Lead
Sleds, I’ll tell you this my final thoughts on them. I really think that getting the Dual Frame Lead Sled is worth it. The ability to move the fore-end of the Lead Sled back and forth,
the fine tuning adjustment and really having the two tubes so you can have a
magazine slip between them instead of riding on top of them, or your pistol grip for example,
it makes a huge difference. So for me, you know at first I was
thinking that the Lead Sled Plus would be sufficient for just
about anybody, it’s well made it’s simple however today I pretty much only used the Dual Frame Lead Sled. Anyways if you’re thinking about using a Lead Sled, I can highly recommend them. They are great, especially
for long days at the range, you’re putting no stress
on your shoulders at all, no recoil and you can really
get to the nitty gritty of the accuracy that your gun can produce. You can squeeze every last MOA outta your rifle in the Lead Sled. So I appreciate it, thank you Caldwell, thank you again to our sponsors Ventura Munitions and Proxibid. I will see you guys next week. (“Stars and Stripes Forever”)

Antonio Breitenberg

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37 thoughts on “Caldwell Lead Sled and Lead Sled DFT Review

  1. Fin says:

    That last scene was very pleasing to the eye.

  2. Impossibear says:

    Krinkov is such a badass name for a cat

  3. Lul Lipop says:

    Does Mrs Reeves know that you wear her shorts?

  4. A_Seaworthy_Mouse says:

    Damn that's a tight ass daddy

  5. kiba vlood says:

    James can we get more screentime for the cat? ;"D

  6. Zabuza Momochi says:

    what's he point of these things

  7. Buck El Rodeo says:

    I've been wanting a lead sled. thanks for doing this video!

  8. Killabee-23 says:

    I love how he acknowledges his shorts hahaha great video james👌🏼

  9. Lee Miller says:

    Try a 10 round mag in your AK when you are bench shooting. I keep 2 around just for that reason.

  10. wbbh says:

    5 Round magazines, not just for hunting and they work perfect at the range on a rest.

  11. lon242 says:

    That DFT looks beast. And Krinkov is a damn good gun-related pet name.

  12. Mrgunsngear Channel says:

    they do work well

  13. Little Jenny says:

    Caldwell needs to step up their instructions with IKEA style pictures. 🙂 Even an idiot like me can follow pictures.

  14. Frank Stryker says:

    I've had the original for about two years now, use it on the range for setting up optics, works great for my Savage 10FP (.308), bought 10rd mags for both the AR10 and 15 to prevent mag contact with the frame, only issue I've had is it really sucks with a lever action 30-30, but I think I can live with that.    Great Vid!

  15. Terran499 says:

    To me I see older shooters use these to help. Personally these are perfect to help zero a scope faster. I personally would stick to using a bipod just because of the weight you have to carry around

  16. The Count of Monte Disco says:

    There is a picture on the box.

  17. Simon Vercammen says:

    do a henry martini run and gun that would be interesting

  18. Wilbo Baggins says:

    whens the next top 5 coming out?

  19. Az N8tive says:

    James the Vampire!

  20. Antoua B says:

    Went ahead and purchased the "plus" version of lead sled after watching this video. The tray on the plus can hold more varieties of weights and in that way it works better for me, and also it's much cheaper too. Great video and thx to generosity of Caldwell I could make an informative decision on which model to buy.

  21. Nick Roberts says:

    Hey u should get ur hands on a Norinco 201c 9x19mm and do a review bout it

  22. cgirl111 says:

    Now you know why 10 and 20 round AK mags are a thing 🙂

  23. megaconda07 says:

    so i have a question for anyone that can answer. i recently took my lee enfield that i had handed down to me to get cleaned up and to have military wood put back on it. well the guy got the wood. and bands in, and this confuses me, he told me he had to file down the wood to get the bands on, and that that theres a metal piece that attatches by the receiver and the barrel that holds the wood on that was removed. I mean i wouldve figured that since the wood and the bands were made to go on the rifle that it would just fit on. Am i wrong?

  24. Rheal Dingus says:

    How to tell you are in LA: Hermes Mardi Gras cup rolls into the frame at 1:30.
    Laissez les bon temps roulez!

  25. jonnytestnj says:

    Who names a cat after a gun? Total gun nerd move. My cats name is Mauser…

  26. Does It Matter says:

    So is James ex-military?

  27. brandi wynter says:

    Thanks for the video!! My sis and I were just about to buy either a Lead Sled Plus but saw this first and realized it wasn't going to work since most of our rifles are AR format. I love that Lead Sled DFT but there's no way we can afford that one. The Lead Sled Solo is the least expensive of them all will work with AR's (pretty sure) but I don't think it has what it takes to handle the .50 Beowulf and higher recoil bolt guns we would be using so I guess we're stuck again. Anyway, thanks for the video and saving us the hassle of getting that thing to the house and assembled before realizing it wouldn't work for our needs, you saved us a lot of swearing lol.

  28. tom krayg says:

    Really…cool and crisp @ 80? You need a dose of the the Great Lakes area next cool and crisp storm we have.
    Good looking product… but they have a terrible oversight of the pistol grip design….they also need a small trailer to take to the range. After fooling with the "siege" machine….I'm back to sand bags.

  29. Robert Jensen says:

    I got a better name for cats. I call 'em "targets".

  30. Andy p says:

    Hi James, a useful review thank you. Caldwell seem to have changed the front and rear cradles from pleather as per your video to rubber. Do you think this is an improvement or not please?

  31. Duc Luu says:

    Nice M16  !!  Must be from FNH 🙂

  32. Sean Matthews says:

    223 recoil? Pansy

  33. Tyler Hussin says:

    I cant believe Caldwell made these without considering the shape of some of the most popular rifles in the USA.

  34. TEST Fifty says:

    Just picked up the dual beam Caldwell thanks for the video

  35. Semi Auto says:

    Caldwell makes one called the “solo “ that’s made for the a r type rifles…….

  36. Nick Glenn says:

    I'm not totally against lead sleds but they really only test and zero the rifle not the shooter, a two piece front rest and rear bag would help you in your shooting ability far beyond a sled. Just my two cents lol

  37. tonyad95 says:

    Is there an adjustment for cant? It seems like you are shooting from an uneven surface

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