Cable Park Womping and Barefoot Disasters | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E4

Cable Park Womping and Barefoot Disasters | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E4

Antonio Breitenberg

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67 thoughts on “Cable Park Womping and Barefoot Disasters | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E4

  1. Redbird Romannose says:

    Country dude showed em wassup

  2. PMD2 says:

    Can someone send me the link to the suit he wears in the beginning I wanna get it

  3. Arthur P says:

    The groms are sicked

  4. Chris Schneider says:

    I can’t wait for the next one after seeing the kayak at the end

  5. Freckles Media says:

    Poetry at 4:20

  6. John Mark Dobbs says:

    Im glad you don’t say BUTT’n anymore lol

  7. armel pujol says:

    Spectacularly 😱😱😱😱

  8. Bill B says:

    Best episode all season

  9. Elliot Oberlin Murray Osborn says:

    lol the campers r crocs

  10. oli ruse says:

    funniest vid ive seen in ages yeww

  11. bolex73 says:

    Dope…ha! the fat dude has all the skills!…but why is all the water so dirty in Texas?

  12. Six Degrees says:

    Seagull O’Brien!

  13. Robbie Byron says:

    Arms straight and knees bent when skiing Jamie!

  14. Social Net says:

    YEEEEEEW BEATENPATHCO on instagram has crazy carnage just like this! HEAVVVVYYY

  15. Alex Sullivan says:

    Guinness world record for most board transfers on a single wave?!?!?

  16. tyler hlavacek says:

    Jamie u do know catch surf makes wakesurfers right I have one and it’s great I wish u made a signiture one

  17. Andrew Simmons says:

    I laughed so hard watching them fall lmaoooo

  18. Sir Rob Shrake says:

    That was awesome iv never tryed barefoot sking before..well done bra..well done..aweaome trip.

  19. Juhwen Balaoro says:

    Yeah jamie keep up the good work

  20. sapnoo ke manjeel says:

  21. Léo Vatel says:

    11:13 WTFFFF

  22. Tim Dynon says:

    That was the funniest barefoot I have ever seen hahah

  23. brtn13 says:

    That looked like epic fun guys! I was laughing so hard at some of those barefoot slams! 😂🤣🤙

  24. Griffin Sheridan says:

    Blahahahaha….. awesome sauce as always! Yewwwww!

  25. Bosnian Hero says:

    sub me

  26. TheSilverSurfisher says:

    You guys are the New Surfing/Watermen version of Jackass…Jamie being the equivalent of Johnny Knoxville ofcourse…Gotta Luv It!!

  27. Asunyth says:

    I love redbull so muchhh😋

  28. Will Hann says:

    Another sick video!!!!

  29. Kemo Sabi says:

    Just Another Day For The Boy's!

  30. Radical Rat Gaming says:


  31. SG ninja gaming says:

    Hey Danny I am your subscriber next video please take my name my name is Natik hussain

  32. max borst says:

    Why does his laugh sound like a segul the whole time lol

  33. Jay T Prod. says:

    I love this series so much

  34. Roman Izaboss says:

    "Who's the BEST surfer?" The one having the MOST FUN!!!!!

  35. mbgleeson11 says:

    Funniest episode ever. Keep this coming

  36. qwerty123627 says:

    seems to always be half long till its full? this wave pool must be paying ya a fortune cause it looks chat!

  37. Gummie Bear says:

    So nobody else saw that shark at :20 seconds?

  38. schnipsy C says:

    water color is a bit sketch

  39. Joshua Teitelbaum says:

    omg lol 🙂 (as per the usual). That honey bear sure can ski! 😛

  40. Прикол Иваныч says:

    ух ты, я тут лишний, 7 лимонов подпичиков

  41. The Poopies Channel says:

    So much fun redbull thanks so much

  42. Goomer says:

    Scotty reminds me of the Legendary Wrestler "Macho Man", oh yaaa. 0:55

  43. Snm779 says:

    I got your odysea skipper 5’6 and I can’t wait for it to get here!

  44. SurfinSanDiego says:

    I think poopies nuts hit him in the back of his forehead and bloodied his septum. Tomahawks will do that if your in a Speedo.

  45. Nathaniel Foley says:

    So I’ve been thinking about getting a surfboard, I ride like 3-6 footers so I was thinking a fish but I have a low budget any ideas?

  46. Eli Richards says:

    These videos are so dank

  47. Kas Kahea says:

    Yeh Damo 🤙🏽. Big island style.

  48. ana mae villarba says:

    Gusto nyo ba kumita kahit basa bahay lang? Tulad ko fulltime mom naghahanap bg extra kita kahit nasa bahay chick here

    Para kumita ng 10$ to 300$

  49. kai montgomery says:

    Brah poopies in the mansion

  50. Joey Biasotto says:

    Why does Jamie’s laugh sound like a seagull?

  51. James Ferrell says:

    Scotty looks like he’s wearing a condom

  52. Cameron Griffin says:

    Oh Spider!

  53. the_masta says:

    Too bad the water is filthy. Looks like a flash flood came through

  54. ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:


  55. Stephen Glagola says:

    Literally the best content on youtube. I love the recklessness and just having fun. Hit me up lets catch some waves

  56. joswhitfie says:

    barefoot had me laughing heeeeee, looked fun

  57. guitar911rock says:

    footy is more like 35 mph but whatever works;)

  58. Wolfgang Eberding says:

    you are so sick

  59. Jon Borg says:

    4:20 We brought the wompers, we got the boys, we got the skis, we got the toys. Jamie O'brien, a true poet

  60. Julesie Bear says:

    I wish they would spend a bit of their budget instead of using the same band/same album for every season

  61. Taze Noom-Duckworth says:

    0:03 did you hear a bird?

  62. JustLetMeDrive says:

    come, surf our cholera

  63. Selenator4Life says:

    I guess all the water in Texas is a nasty grey-brown color… even in the wave pool.

    Wha sup wit dat ??

  64. Magic Yeti says:

    Ska D got fggn WORKED

  65. Coline Rose says:

    I think that jamie o'brien is the best

  66. Grayson Lindau says:

    Clicking pause at exactly 0:17 every video

  67. Krysta G says:

    My favorite video yet, I laughed so hard I peed alittle lmao

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