Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard

Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard

Big L rest in peace, diggin’ in the crates,
y’all! What’s up – this is Matt Guf, this is The House Snowboard Shop, and this is a
Burton Whammy Bar. Which is kind of interesting they named it the Whammy Bar, because there’s
a bunch of vinyl records. Every time I see vinyl records I think of turntable-ism, DJ’s
and scratching, and not, not a Whammy Bar. But anyway, this is the Burton Whammy Bar.
This will make you do power ballads throughout the whole park. It has a lot of great extra
features. If you want to learn how to step it up; if you’re already like an intermediate
level rider, and you need technology, or you need a board to get you up another notch,
this is going to be it. So this isn’t really for the entry-level rider,
this is for that park rider that’s already out there five to seven days a week, grinding.
It’s part of the Hi-Speed Quad Tier program that Burton has, and it has a feel rating
of a 3. It’s going to be a little bit softer, and it does have the V-rocker in it. It has continuous rocker shape with V-rocker
in the middle. Rocker on the tip, rocker on the tail, and underneath the bindings it does
have Frostbite – edges that actually stick out, but just a touch. The shape is a twin shape, and it does have
a twin shape flex. It has a Super Fly Burton core, so there’s hard and soft wood laminates
from tip to tail, and it also has Dualzone EDG. Dualzone EDG transitions and changes
the wood grain to go perpendicular with the regular laminate wood core. It also has a
negative profile. Now from my previous explanations of a negative
profile, it’s a little bit different, I’m saying you’re right. Negative profile: the
wood in the core is going to be a little bit thicker underneath the bindings. It’s going
to be a little bit thinner in between the bindings, and thinner on the nose and the
tail. It gives it a nice, smooth transitional flex no matter where you’re at. If you’re
flexing that nose, flexing the tail, or trying to flex the middle, it’s going to give it
a nice smooth flex. It has a dual density Biax fiberglass; so
they beefed up the fiberglass. They still have saved weight because they’re using Biax
fiberglass, and the fiberglass strands run 90 degrees and zero degrees throughout the
whole board, that sandwich the wood core. It does have a super-fast, porous sintered
base. You’re going to want to wax this thing up every once it a while to keep it very moist
and keep it fast. The edges are rail-ready; the edges have already been beveled. You don’t
need to de-tune these things whatsoever. Not only do these things have rail-ready edges,
they also have the 1040 indestructible sidewalls. They’re two different angled sidewalls that
are virtually bomb-proof. Osama bin Laden was actually in his mansion surrounded by
10:40 sidewalls and, you know, he got bombed a lot, and nothing happened to him until a
sniper went inside and like shot him in the head. So these are pretty much indestructible. As for the extras: it does have Mid Spoon,
it has Scoop, it does have Ellip-Kick, Pro Tip and Infinite Ride. The Infinite Ride is
a process in which Burton breaks in your board for you. Burton puts your board in a machine
and it does what I just did for hours and hours on end. So when you get on hill, you
don’t have to break it in, Burton already did it for you because they like you that
much! It also has Pro Tip, which means the material
in the tip and the tail has been reduced and minimized to reduce swing weight, and for
a lighter board. The lip kicks are a flat process on the nose
and the tail, which give you a nice solid flat ollie pop, whether it be off a jump,
setting up for a rail, or even in powder. Like I said before, it also has the Spoon
system, so the contact points of the board on the nose and on the tail where the effective
edges end, and a little bit on the nose, actually spoon up. Do you guys remember that old Monorail [SP]
spoon board? I do, I had that in ’90, ’94 I think – great board. This one’s even better,
and it also has Mid Spoon as well. So that means that this Burton Whammy Bar’s edges
in between have actually been rocked up just a little bit. So when you’re squirreling around
on the bottom of the hill, you won’t catch up because of the Mid Spoon, the regular spoon,
and everything else that this board has to offer. That was a long video, but this is well worth
it, because this is the Burton Whammy Bar!

Antonio Breitenberg

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25 thoughts on “Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard

  1. iiottoii says:

    soar throat?

  2. BroFresh.ional Shredder says:

    [email protected]%* OSAMA.. I SHRED HARDER!!!! I WANT THIS BOARD!!

  3. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @trdnismoguy In the pass Burton has tried all type of rocker. This is what Burton states about This years V rocker- "Continuous rocker between your feet and in front of your feet towards the tip and tail creates catch-free playfulness and improved float from peak to park." It kind of sounds like you talking about My favorite Shape the Flying-V which is a mixture or rocker ,Camber, v- rocker. Camber, rocker in that order

  4. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @TheUrbanSnow The Whammy bar is a great park board with V rocker and a twin shape and flex. But the Dominant has P Rocker (flat between you feet and a little rocker in the tip and tail) and a direction flex. It will definitely kill it in the park and in the pow.

  5. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @Po0rH0b0Guy They are both great park boards the The biggest differences is the hero has frostbite edges and the Whammy bar has Mid Spoon (which is a small convex base between your feet for super loose catch free feel for jibs. The convex shape also adds a little pop.) If your really into rails and boxes I would go with the Whammy Bar

  6. VIsubby says:

    @thehouseboardshop Like my wammy bob marley paint scheme. Board rides the hill and the park good. Not your ideal back country board..or even black diamond runs. Loose board great for the park and forgiving.

  7. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @Po0rH0b0Guy if you like riding rails more than jumps in the park I'd choose the Burton Whammy Bar because of the Mid Spoon, Rail Ready Edge Tune, and Ellip Kicks.

  8. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @goodnowjo If you like rocker, I would say its a great board.

  9. TonatihuL says:

    I jus bought this board in a 155cm.. Im 5 9' and weigh 170.. Is that good size for me??

  10. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @TonatihuL At 170 lbs a 155 will make a good freestyle board.

  11. applejuice205 says:

    hey if im 200 lbs will this board be sketchy for me to ride

  12. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @applejuice205 What size feet do you have? V-Rocker is a little sketch to begin with. Have you ever used a rocker board? if so which one and how did you like it?

  13. applejuice205 says:

    @thehouseboardshop i got size 11, and i yah, i rode my friends whammy bar for a couple of runs and i loved it, but idk if it will break after awhile cuz of my weight

  14. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @ThePoopy313 Have you check out the Burton Joystick? It's alot like the whammy bar but It comes in a 156 and 159 wide which is better for you size 11 feet.

  15. DJ Dopekut says:

    this graphic is so dope

  16. Bailey Toma says:

    Just ordered one

  17. TheKido28 says:

    would this be a good board for a once a week park rider? ive been snowboarding for about 3 years and my hero is a vrocker but its too small. im 130lbs and 5'8 with a size 11 boot. (i know im skinny hahaha) but i need a new board and bindings any recommendations?

  18. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    The Whammy Bar would be great for a once a week rider. That's more time on hill than 80% of people who consider themselves snowboarders. You fit in the middle of the 150cm's weight range, I'd choose that.

    What other companies do you like? It'll help me narrow down my suggested board & bindings list for you.

  19. VIsubby says:

    Why do you say there are frostbite edges when you clearly told me it doesn't have frostbite edges…I have the marley whammy so does it or doesn't it…you confuse me bro. Everything

  20. VIsubby says:

    Matt said it broad and loud on YouTube 2011 or 2012 model go look stop giving false advertising dude

  21. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    The Whammy bar does not have Frostbit edges. Where did he say that? If you want V Rocker with frostbit edges you would need to get the Joystick.

  22. VIsubby says:

    hey bro with 1 time a week get the blunt not whammy for an every week thing…whammy bar is more advanced rider blunt will suite u well and with I beams for snap on ollies

  23. Mr23Skillz says:

    This might be a dumb question but which board is Going to have a softer flex , the 2011 whammy bar or the 2012 signal park rocker?

  24. Simon Kidson says:

    Hey! Does anyone know the price of this board back when it cam out it like 2011?
    I was thinking somewhere around $250? 
    Peace to the middle east!

  25. Jonathan Kosyjana says:

    ummmm hendrix deep purple wtf lol

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