Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review

Hello. Matt Guf for The House Snowboard Shop.
This is the Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket. It’s a pretty interesting color for the
name poacher. You think most poachers want to blend into their surroundings a little
bit. This is bright lime green. This is a Sig Fit Jacket, so this jacket isn’t super
gangster and it’s not super emo either. It’s for the average guy out there that
just likes to ride. Now, the 5,000 millimeter water proof material and the 5,000 millimeter
breathable material combined with the abrasion resistant fabric is what’s known as Dry
Ride Durashell. It’s a combination of the abrasion resistant and then the waterproof
and breathable membrane. Now, this jacket is going to be—it’s going to work well
in both wet and dry conditions and have a high output energy and a low output energy.
So you can sweat in this jacket and it’s going to breathe quite well, and you can be
in rain, sun, or whatever, and so it will stay fairly dry. Now, the outside of this
jacket has a lot of great features. Of course, it has adjustable cuffs, a contour-shaped
hood that’s fully adjustable, and lots of pockets. And the pockets in this jacket are
pretty unique because they’re fleece-lined pockets. If your hands get cold, stick them
inside. They also have [Inaudible at 1:23] waistband—it pulls on the inside of the
pocket—and a key ring. Attach your keys to that and you won’t lose them when you’re
riding. Now, the jacket also has a couple of chest pockets as well. They’ll have [buckle]
closures, but my favorite stuff is actually on the inside of the jacket. There is a full
media pocket as well. It keeps your wires on the inside of your jacket and your headphone
wire’s not on the outside in the elements. I’ve had speaker wire or headphone wires
freeze up on me. I’ve had them pulled out of my ears and things of that sort. Of course,
there’s going to be a powder skirt, and the powder skirt actually attaches to the
Burton Snowboard Pants. If you don’t have Burton Snowboard Pants, don’t worry. You
can just clip the powder skirt together and it keeps the elements from getting inside
your jacket. This jacket gets pretty hot actually in the studio here. I’m glad there’s pit
zips, of course. But what makes this jacket actually so warm is the 40 grams of Thermacore
that surround the inside of this jacket. There’s a nice soft fabric called Taffeta Lining that
keeps this jacket from being to [Inaudible at 2:28] or anything of that sort. And, of
course, there’s going to be a mesh-lined pocket inside to hide your goggles and things
of that sort too. So if you like an average fitting jacket with a lot of great waterproof
and breathable properties, the Burton Poacher Jacket is going to be a great jacket for you
to have. It’s bright green.

Antonio Breitenberg

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42 thoughts on “Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review

  1. iiottoii says:

    I liked the flanal jacket more : )

  2. Shaggy P says:

    If your poaching a mountain that only allows skies than you wanna stand out

  3. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @m0541 Guf is wearing a large.

  4. Firelord360 says:

    this is a good jacket and it actually keeps me really hot out on the slopes there are times when I have to unzip it completely to cool down and it always kept me dry really good for the price tag

  5. Jake Folmar says:

    I haven't bought a jacket in over 6 years. Something Ive noticed on every jacket Ive tried on is the stupid ass pit zips!!!!! They are the most uncomfortable thing in a jacket ever! Does this annoy the shit out of anybody else? I just ordered a ak 2l cyclic jacket cause it didn't seem as bulky, man I hope I can handle it. Anybody else want to elaborate further on this?

  6. QUAK Tornado says:

    I just bought this jacket. It's great but a little bit too big. I would suggest to get one size down from what you would normally wear. That way it will fit properly without looking like you borrowed it from your big brother.

  7. bigbigblue111 says:

    I live in northern japan and am new to snowboarding. I was looking at buying this jacket but was wondering about the fixed hood. Lets say its warmer out or I want to wear a helmet and not have the hood get in the way, does it condense down at all or just hang off the back? Do removable hoods do much better in this type of scenario? Thanks.

  8. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    It just hangs off the back, I have a smiler burton jacket and it does not get in the way when I am wearing my helmet.

  9. Labdogdrum taekwondo says:

    I can't find the neon green one anywhere. Do you have a link to get the neon green one? my board is a k2 comet neon green

  10. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    Looks like we are sold out of that color way.

  11. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    Yes the Poacher is a little thicker with 60g of Thinsulate and the Launch only have 40gm, Therefor the Poarcher will keep you a little warmer. The best way to stay warm is to use breathable layers. (not cotton)

  12. Jake Plisken says:

    what size is he wearing and how tall is he/ weight?

  13. Jake Plisken says:

    how tall are you/weight? what size did you get that was too big?

  14. QUAK Tornado says:

    I'm 5'7" and weigh 127lbs. I'm not sure what size the jacket is, either small or medium. I'll check for you when I get home.

  15. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    large. 6'3'' and about 185lbs

  16. Gregory Mashburn says:

    if im 6'0 about 180 what size should i get? i like my stuff a little baggy but not to much

  17. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    I would suggest getting a large.

  18. Gregory Mashburn says:

    ok thanks

  19. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    The poacher has a Sig Fit which is a pretty good fit, not to tight and not to baggy. I would think that you would need a medium. I would suggest taking a look at the sizing chart on the product page.

  20. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    If you want to say warm its all about layers and keeping your core warm. My winter jacket it the same jacket I use as a rain jacket.

  21. Karol Karpiński says:

    Same here – S or M?

  22. QUAK Tornado says:

    Just checked – it's a small. You can PM me your email address and I'll send you a photo of me wearing it if you like.

  23. QUAK Tornado says:

    I'm exactly the same height and weight as you and I've got the small jacket and it's still really baggy. I definitely wouldn't go any bigger than small if I were you.

  24. QUAK Tornado says:

    I definitely haven't had any issues with being cold whilst wearing it. Obviously it depends on what you have underneath though. I normally ride with a t-shirt and hoody underneath.

  25. XBG4D says:

    Doesn't it have a 10,000mm Waterproof rating?

  26. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    Most of the 2012 poacher jackets have 10,000mm Waterproof and 5,000g Breathability. Some of the older Poacher jackets are 5,000mm, 5,000g

  27. Oliver Aaro-Hansen says:

    HEY guys, so im trying to figure out what jacket and pants i want. Im thinking either burton or foursquare from your websites outlet section. There are some good deals. Im an advanced snowboarder and cant seem to choose a totally awesome jacket and pants combo. Any ideas o suggestions for really good jakcets that look awesome?

  28. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    I can suggest some of my favorites if you tell me the price point you're looking for…

  29. Oliver Aaro-Hansen says:

    im thinking anything 150 or lower

  30. Oliver Aaro-Hansen says:

    i also looked at the special blend red gore tex jackets for 170

  31. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    Are you wanting to spend $150 on a jacket and $150 on pants for a total of $300 or $150 for both jacket and pants?

  32. Oliver Aaro-Hansen says:

    Either or. I could do both but really no more than 300. That is super max for both

  33. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    You can never go wrong with all black snowboard pants, they go with any jacket color/pattern. Below are a few of my favorite jackets and pants at pretty low prices.


    Jackets – Entourage ($104.95) or Freemont ($103.95)

    Pants – Cargo ($96.95)


    Jackets – Adams ($99.95) or PJ ($85.95)

    Pants – Draft ($111.95)

  34. Oliver Aaro-Hansen says:

    what about the foursquare trade? its just a shell though so will it be as good as the burton launch?

  35. Oliver Aaro-Hansen says:

    I really just want an awesome looking jacket under 150. the burton launch and the foursquare trade semem the coolest and best. but is the launch better cause its insulated and the trade is just a shell

  36. Matthew Deem says:

    what size are you wearing in this?

  37. The House Outdoor Gear says:


  38. projerkie says:

    and how tall are you?

  39. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    6'3 1/2''

  40. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    Guf is 6'3''

  41. MMOEarth says:

    can you tell how big of a difference is XL and L?

  42. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    About 2''

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