Burton No Fish Snowboard 2011

Burton No Fish Snowboard 2011

Burton No Fish Snowboard Review Hello! This is Matt Guf here, for the House
snowboard shop and this is a Burton No Fish. I know you guys have heard about this because
I have. This is a snowboard that comes with no bindings and isn’t intended to be used
with bindings. It has an S-Rocker shape meaning that it has Rocker and Camber. It has Camber
on the tail and gradually Rocker on the nose, to keep your nose up for powder and that’s
what this thing is for. This thing is for the steeps. This thing is for the fresh. This
is not for the park; this is not for jumps, it could be. I’ve seen a couple do it, but
this is for the surfer inside of you. It does have a tapered shape. It’s actually tapered
so much that it’s tapered 25 millimeters at the tail. It does have a directional shape
flex, so the tail is going to be a bit stiffer then the nose, which is more resolute. It
does have a Burton power fly wood lament core with a negative profile, which means that
it’s a litter bit thicker in the middle and gradually tapers off to the nose and tapers
off to the tail. It does have the Triax fiber glass response; glass inside of it. The glass
is at 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees, and at zero degree directions. The base is the
center wide open base, which means that it’s going to be fast. It means that you can wax
it and it’s going to hold wax inside of it. The edges, yes it does have edges, have the
classic grip and rip edges in the sidewalls around it. Now, what’s great about this, besides
that you can ride it in powder, it that it has an adjustable leash you can actually take
this off, if you want. You don’t have to have this thing on it, you can walk your dog with
it, but it does have this. This can be removed. This bungee-cord-type strap can be removed,
and I highly suggest using it when using this. It does have a freedom stance, so you can
put your feet pretty much any where you want on this. It does have a convex base, a concave
top, and it also has Pro Tip, which means the tip of the tail was gradually tapered
to reduce the amount of weight. It is a part of the Burton Infinite ride, which means that
here is a machine that has broken in this board for you so you don’t have to do it.
This is the Burton No Fish, for the powder lover and surfer in you. Go out there, enjoy
the deep, and enjoy the steep with the Burton No Fish.

Antonio Breitenberg

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