Burton Method Snowboard

Burton Method Snowboard

Yeah… Thas a good one! Whats up I’m Matt
Guf and this is the House Snowboard shop. This is actually the Burton Method. This is
part of the Heli package and tier of the Burton series. This is top of the line. It has UltraMeth
construction. This is the ultimate riding machine. The research and development department
at Burton pretty much had no end to what they could do. They put their brains together.
They explored exotic materials, and this is what they came up with. It has a field rating
of a 5, right in the middle, that’s great. But this board is for the advanced rider who
wants the top of the line stuff. This is pretty much the Ferrari of the snowboard world. It
has a spring-loaded flying V Rocker shape, camber underneath the feet, reverse camber
or V Rock in between the bindings, and reverse camber on the nose and on the tail. The Method
is a directional shaped board that has a twin-flex. The tail’s going to be a little bit shorter
than the nose. It does have an AlumaFly core with multi-zone EGD and a negative profile.
Inside you have an aluminum honeycomb that is 90% air by volume. This is stiff and light.
The fiberglass is very unique. It’s called the S-2 Method skin and it has carbon I-beams.
You’ll see inside those carbon I-beams. It’s pretty much the backbone of this board, those
carbon I-beams are with the S-2 Method skin. The base material is a space-age Teflon, but
no one else is doing that. Teflon is possibly the world’s most slick surface that they put
on pots and pans. They also put it on the base of snowboards and I don’t think any other
company is doing it besides Burton. The edges have the frost bite edges. So underneath the
bindings, the edges are actually going to extend out just a little bit. Other than that,
they have the 360 wrap, grip and ride edges. The sidewalls are pretty interesting as well.
They’re called slim walls. They’re not cap walls, but they are kind of similar. They
are going to hold up and they lose a lot of materials using the slim walls. The tips and
the tails also have what’s called a ProTip. The materials in the tip and the tail have
been reduced to reduce the amount of weight and swing-weight as well. And you won’t have
to worry about breaking in the Burton Method because it is an Infinite Ride board. There
is a machine at Burton that breaks it in for you and you won’t have to. This is the Burton
method and it’s the ultimate riding machine. You can’t get any more high-tech or light-weight
than this. Burton Method.

Antonio Breitenberg

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25 thoughts on “Burton Method Snowboard

  1. Alex Adams says:

    You play around with that 1500 dollar board like its a toy…. it pains my ears, and my soul, hearing you abuse that amazing snowboard.

  2. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @monkey298 I will talk to him about that, and we will be getting him a carpet. Thank you for your concern

  3. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    @Dnme88 This board is more of a super tool then a toy.

  4. anphelps27 says:

    No offense to this guy, but I think we all like Dave better. Matt Duff or Guff or whatever his name is seems like he is reading a teleprompter or something. Dave seems like he just pukes board knowledge. No offense Matt, but we want Dave back dude.

  5. anphelps27 says:

    @monkey298 Shut up. He didnt do anything to hurt the board. Chill out.

  6. Steffen Pedersen says:

    @anphelps27 somebody has sand in his vigina! ;P

  7. Drake Svoboda says:

    sure, but how does it perform

  8. Alex Adams says:

    @thehouseboardshop super tool is putting it too lightly…. with the feats of engineering that have been manufactured into this "board" (if you can even call it that) this is easily one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind.

  9. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    Is this board good for like slopestyle comps with big kickers and rails and if not can you tell the names of some good slopestyle boards.

  10. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    This board is really made for doctors and drug dealer… Its not going to be you best slop style board. Check out the Camber Custom, Gun park pickle, Ride buck wild, rossignol jibsaw, Ride DH and the Nitro T1.

  11. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    I have been looking at the DH and the Custom X. What about the new machete GT i have seen pretty much all of Rides next years boards(which are sick) but the one that caught my eye was the machete gt. I have done some research and it looks like a solid board.

  12. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    The GT does look like a solid board. I really like the hybrid rocker profile. My only gripe is the new Machete GT does not come in a wide version.

  13. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    Not much of a problem for me tho i have the burton ruler r boots size 10.5 with shrink tech so i should be fine

  14. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    oh yeah and how about the dc ply is that board good at all. I am really just looking for a board with tons of pop but can handle jibs as well

  15. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    and what about the ride arcade. There are too many boards out there haha

  16. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    Yeah there are a lot of boards out there these days… I almost got the the Arcade myself, It is a great board. Its a little on the stiffer end but the micro rocker keeps the board buttery and playful without sacrificing edge hold at high speeds. Over all a great board especially for the price.

  17. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    Can you give a list of a few good park boards with tons of pop with stable landings can handle rails and BIG kickers. I really want a board for next year that will help me advance my park riding i looked at the ones you recomended for me before and some of them seem good.

  18. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    They Ply would also be a great board for jumps and rail also check out the DC MLF.

  19. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    What size board are you looking for?

  20. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    For kickers and slope probibly around 154-157

  21. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    here are a few more to check out: DC Tone Snowboard 156, Capita Outdoor Living 156, Ride DH2 Wide Snowboard 156, Nitro Pro Series Eero Snowboard 156 and the Rome Bjorn Mod Snowboard 156.

  22. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    How about the arbor relaspe 155 its cambered and i love arbor.

  23. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    The camber will really make the board more stable for jumping but it still a pretty soft board.

  24. 22Soccershoos22 says:

    what is the difference between the custom x and the regular custom

  25. The House Outdoor Gear says:

    The custom X is stiffer and is better suited for jumps, boarder x and Half pipe. The regular custom is a little softer and will be a little better in the park.

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