Burton Custom X – 2019 Snowboard Review

Burton Custom X – 2019 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Burton custom X. The go anywhere board it is in Burton’s mainline and it’s really aimed aggressive riders that want the board to take and go anywhere just as at home in the pipe due to the immense edge hold, on piste really quick turning board just a perfect go anywhere board. So in terms of riding this is cambered snowboard directional shape twin flex so it is slightly setback for that nice aggressive camber feel so it’s really aimed at riders that know a bit more what they’re doing how to handle the board and ultimately a lot of the tech in this board is aimed good quality riders driving the power from underneath the bindings and really getting the most out of the board so a little bit about that tech Burton obviously have their 600 gram core or dragonfly core which one is a tip to tail down the board really nice lightweight core nice and lively to get power up the board what Burton also do that most people overlook is the multigrain direction underneath the binding area because what that is where the wood core runs tip to tail you actually get sections underneath the binding where it runs the other way across the board gives much more sort of like power to your edges and it works in conjunction with their frostbite edges Carbon highlights that run out of the board everything geared underneath the binding to really deliver that power that aggressive all mountain riders really want. So in terms of sizing the custom X I’ve got a one five six here on five eleven about 65kg it’s a really versatile length for me I can ride it in the park obviously in the pipe where it really does perform that’s where I would like to ride the custom X but out on the mountain it gives me the nimbleness on piste but I still feel like I’ve got enough length to actually go in the soft snow get that lift, really attack of powder lines in the trees it’s just a good fun aggressive board seasonnaires, advanced riders will really enjoy riding this.

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “Burton Custom X – 2019 Snowboard Review

  1. Alexander Schmitz says:

    Hey, my last Board was the Burton Custom Mystery and I really loved it.. Which one is the most similar? Maybe the Custom X? I like to do hard and deep Carves with Powder Sprays, ..so I cant see anything ..only a big Cloud of Snow.. I love <3 poP and flat Tricks like Buttering and fast spinning on small Jumps..Stuff like that.. I ride the Genesis X … And I am about 184 cm… Which Board in which size ( maybe 156 / 158??) would you recommend for me? Greetings from Germany

  2. wind says:

    it says for the 150 and 154 model they are designed for the same weight/height, should I go with the 154 so it will last longer as I grow?

  3. Nicolas Oulevay says:

    Great review and details

  4. GoUpAnDBounCE says:

    I’m 6ft 200pounds what size board would fit me best with the custom x

  5. ciccio bello says:

    My friend, why make review such as this based 95% on marketing BS .. why won't you describe REALLY how it rides?! because bad reviews are a nono yes?!Pe??So mi$leading…. This board is decent on powder only- FOR IT IS A TOTAL DOG on groomers .. nobody has had the balls to say that until now! $o basically you g€t a one-trick pony you will be able to use only the day after a foot of snow.. forget hard packed snow, forget ice NO EDGEHOLD ON ICE WHATSOEVER. BU¥ERS BEWARE

  6. Craig64 says:

    191cm/210lbs (kitted up) and ride 166W CX (Genesis X EST). This board absolutely rips on piste. The CX is a ride that requires your complete focus and attention. Bare in mind the CX is not a board for the novice rider. It's frighteningly quick, extremely powerful, super stable and brutely aggressive. However the more you ride the CX, the more you'll fall in love with it.

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