Burton – Custom Flying V Snowboard İncelemesi I SPXTV

Burton – Custom Flying V Snowboard İncelemesi I SPXTV

Hello, I’m Bülent Yücelen In today’s video I’ll be explaining Burton Snowboard’s
Custom Flying V model Burton snowboard’s Custom model is
manufactured for many years without changing it’s name or model. We can consider this model as flat custom. This snowboard’s base shape is flying V. The reason why Burton called this board a custom snowboard is that it has a very special place among the boards they produced. They asseble the materials very complicated in the factory. It contains carbon material and the wood is not just one piece. hundreds of wood are knitted together like a weave, The result is a custom snowboard that
thousands of wood pieces are connected with eachother in different directions. Custom snowboards are actually inside burton’s all mountain boards But you can find custom models are in top levels. Lightness level is equal to Burton’s Super Fly 2. Super Fly 2 has a good lightness level. Super fly 2 is one of the lightest model of the last years
among Burton snowboard models. The reason why Custom is a flying V it’s about flying V base shape. As an example, You can see the S shape under the base. The reactions of that kind of snowboard, This is valid mostly for snobe. It is actually an All mountain board,
you can use it both on abundant snow or on the track. The reaction it will give you on the trail is Because the board’s shape is like this… When you put your weight on it the board will touch on the ground from couple of points. This will effect your speed or your rotations. When you put the board like this Think about that you are on this snowboard. and you want to rotate it, it is touching the ground from the center of it. Because of that, it will rotate so easily. it will make the rotating easy for you. At the end of the day, because your rotational movements are easier,
you can get ten percent less tired because it is a custom model, you will always get the best performance the structure of the wood, the lightness of the board with the use of carbon gets this board closer to the top level boards. you can use this board on the trail or abondent snow. The flat boards are actually directional boards. It’s not a twin cut If you fold this board from the middle like this. Nose and tail wouldn’t be similar. The tail of the board will be shorter. The nose will be taller. I can show you easily. When we put our hand span on the tail where the channel ends There will be 4 finger space left. But when you do the same thing to the nose you’ll see it’s taller. The advantages of this while snowboarding The board gives you more controlled turns on the trail. Because of the lenght of the nose is taller, It will make a surf effect on the abondent snow
it’ll prevent you from sinking. and make your rotations easier. The biggest feature is being a directional board. it is a very light board in it’s classification. The last thing I can say about this board is that it is a collectable board. The custom model is a very special board. It’s been manufactured to give the highest
performance in every situations Either on abondent snow or pledge. This board is manufactured to give the highest
performance on every surfaces. And it’s been produced in the same way for years. See you in the next videos.

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “Burton – Custom Flying V Snowboard İncelemesi I SPXTV

  1. Mustafa Balaban says:

    iyi gunler;
    freestyle icin hangi board'ı onerirsiniz?

  2. İbrahim Yelman says:

    Ben yazmıştım custom flying v anlatmanız için böyle bir video yayınladığınız için teşekkürler 2016 serisini geçen yıl almıştım mükemmel bir board herkese tavsiye ederim 6 yıldır snowboard yapmaktayım

  3. João Costa says:

    It seems a very good in depth review. But since it's not in english, I dont understand. Please do these videos in english. It looks like you guys know what you are talking about and you can have a lot of success with these reviews.

  4. ali tuğrul doğu says:

    degerli spx çalışanları,snowbord'a yeni başladım 1,85 boy /115kg/45ayak numaram,hangi bordu tavsiye edersiniz??ölçü olarak ve marka model olarak

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